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Nike Kobe 11 EM Performance Review

Nike pulled a fast one on consumers by releasing the Nike Kobe 11 Elite, announced there would be no other versions of the Kobe 11, then subsequently released a more affordable option dubbed the Nike Kobe 11 — sans the Elite.

Now, with that being said, you know WearTesters had to try out the EM version of the Nike Kobe 11 and see if they were better or worse than the ‘Elite’ version. Much like the adidas D Rose 6 PrimeKnit Performance Review, there won’t be much in written form as the shoes are very similar with only minor changes made. However, all of the information you’ll need is featured in the video below. If you wanted to check out the Nike Kobe 11 Elite Performance Review you can do so here.

Feel free to drop us a line or ask a question — if it wasn’t answered within the review — below in the comment section and be sure to stay tuned to WearTesters.com for all of your performance needs.

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Nike Kobe 11 EM Low Performance Review Score
    1. I know im not Nightwing but i have both shoes, and the Kobe 11’s feel a lot more comfortable and quality. The mentality 2’s are a decent shoe, but they feel kinda cheep in my opinion.

  1. Can’t wait to get my mamba day ID in a couple months lol those are EM right? I got the lunar and air bag in the heel setup.

  2. This is probably stupid question but how is the ventilation? I’m sure its good due to the mesh, but you did mention that you’re foot would get sweaty.

  3. Pretty much the same tech as the Mentallity 2 (with better support but worse traction) but $60 more? Hmmm… Nike just loves to pull prices out of their a$$. They should of at least included the heel zoom insole for justification. Thanks for the review. Its pretty much what I expected from these.

  4. EM master race.

    One thing I’m struck by is that I’m feeling a rise towards the lateral side from midfoot to heel in the drop-in midsole. It’s not intrusive, and easily deforms under dynamic load, but I feel it upon step in.

    As someone who teeters between half sizes, this is the epitome of TTS for me. I know I missed a few Kobe iterations that are supposed to fit well, but talk about minimalism…

  5. Nightwing,

    so, the upper looks pretty much identical to the tech on the venom this year, would you say the midsole and the traction justify the price difference ??

    thanks man

  6. Thanks for the review, Nightwing.
    Like the idea if the other EMs had the different midsole options.

  7. Hi nightwing the bhm kobe 11 doesnt have translucent outsole like the normal kobe 11 elite? Do u think it will perform traction wise like the kobe 11 em?

  8. As always, excellent work sir NightWing2303. Appreciate the work you and your team put in to help us consumers make informed decisions. 🙂

  9. Hey nightwing long time hooper in college and in Europe. Have always checked your reviews before picking my hoop shoes! Do you think the heel on the 11 EM insole will bottom out or is it reinforced to last longer than the 8/9s? Keep doing your thing!

  10. Is the Kobe 11 em draft day and aces solid traction better than the carpe diem translucent traction?

  11. Dear night wing,

    What would happen if I got a full length zoom on these? Would everything be the same? Or would it differ. Thanks

  12. Hey Nightwing, I was planning to buy a pair with solid rubber outsole. I get about 1 pair of basketballshoes a year so how long do you think the outsole will last? Im playing basketball about 5 times a week, Only inside. 🙂

  13. hi nightwing,
    I’m a point guard from England so find my choice in shoes very limited especially as I’m a girl. the only shoes I can access and try on are the kobe 11 em and elite, the kyrie 2s and lebron 13’s. I don’t like the lebron 13’s as my feet are narrow and fairly small so they look odd and feel large no matter what size they are. I cannot locate an adidas store to be able to try on d lillard 2s and would prefer to try shoes on because of my low sitting ankle bones. This is my reason for commenting; because of my ankles bones I roll my ankle easily and I’ve never had low cut ball shoes in my life and I suppose I’m worried. so are there any high cut shoes other than the kyries on the market at the minute (other than currys as I’ve worn my 2s into the floor and didn’t like them) or should my ankles be fine in the kobes as I really liked the feel of them?

    1. I personally think you’d be fine as the Kobe 11 EM has a great fit, but some people just aren’t comfortable in lows so it depends. I’d say try them out just to be sure, but I understand the hesitation. The D Rose 7 should fit your needs. They’re slightly narrow and high cut. Offer solid attributes from top to bottom as well.

  14. I noticed you showed a couple of drop in midsoles in the review. Can you buy the midsoles by themselves without buying a new pair of shoes? OR, were the midsoles you showed just from other Kobe’s you have?

  15. Hey Nightwing,

    I am planning to get these shoes for an second option for me, but for volleyball, and not basketball. Hearing that the traction is great was awesome to hear, and I just have one question. I am iDing my pair, and I get to choose my cushioning type, so should I go for full length lunarlon, or get precision zoom units? Thanks for any input.

  16. i saw that in the sunset colorway of the 11’s em the outsole is translucent , so does that means that it’s gonna suck like the regular 11’s? ( consider i play outdoor most of the time).

  17. Your review is much appreciated. Recommend the IX EM or the XI EM for an older guy who needs traction and cushion/support.

  18. Does the kobe 11 em blackout have the same translucent outsole as the kobe 11 elites which also has the same outsole? Is the kobe 11 blackout’s translucent because im having a hard time of choosing which colorway to buy and tournament is up this coming sunday. Thank you nightwing!

    1. Mine did and i got them in the summer july 2016 for moderate use smh. They ripped pretty bad all over. but I enjoyed playing in them though.

  19. Hi nightwing,
    I was wondering if you could use the 3 drop in midsoles that came with the Air Jordan 2012 in the Kobe 11?

  20. Hello, does Kobe 11 em fundamental is different to the shoes u use in the review?or is it still the same in all aspects?

    Sorry for my english 🙂

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