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Nike KD 7 Performance Review

The Nike KD 7 is one of the most well-rounded hoop shoes from Nike in quite some time… that isn’t a Hyperdunk.

Nike KD 7

Colorway: Red Blast-Fiery Red

Release Date: July 2014

Style Code: 801778-944

Price: $175

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 1

Nike KD 7 Traction

The traction was awesome, especially when comparing them to the KD 6. This is one instance where story telling patterns work, and in this case… work really well. While these aren’t as grippy as the Kobe 9 or Jordan XX8, they get the job done without issue. Maybe the occasional wipe here and there if the floor is a bit dusty, but otherwise they’re perfectly fine. Something that some people will like is that they perform well outdoors and will hold up a little longer than the Kobe and Jordan models.

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 2

Nike KD 7 Cushion

Max Zoom in the heel and 8mm Zoom in the forefoot… super comfy. I really love Max Zoom but when implemented full length, you tend to lose a lot of mobility. This setup perfectly blends the older styled Zoom with the new styled Zoom for the ultimate ride.

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 3

Nike KD 7 Materials

HyperRev up front and Foamposite in the back… thats pretty much what they remind me of. I love mesh and the freedom/ mobility it offers the wearer, however, you lose support when mesh is used from heel to toe. This is where blending the two materials works really well together. With the Foamposite heel, you received structure and support where you need it most while the mesh forefoot offers a pain-free and mobile experience. Only thing you can complain about would be the mesh and how it lacks durability… but it’s some comfortable that I’d still prefer this over Fuse any day of the week.

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 4

Nike KD 7 Fit

They literally fit me perfectly. I’ve heard that there are heel issues, pain where the midfoot strap is located and that they run big and small. But for me, they fit true to size and they’re the first KD model since the 3 that doesn’t hurt anywhere when worn. I also felt lockdown was really solid. Heel lockdown and security was great as the Foamposite restricts your heel from moving or shifting around the shoe so you’re secure while playing. The mesh starts off snug but breaks in quickly and once that happens you’ll want to tie your laces up a bit tighter which allows the Dynamic Flywire to do it’s thing.

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 5

Nike KD 7 Ventilation

The ventilation is decent. Nothing great but nothing horrible. In fact, these are probably the best use of ventilation I’ve seen without losing any structure or support – other than the UA Spawn. Heat can escape the forefoot while the heel holds in the heat so the Foam can mold as quickly as possible.

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 6

Nike KD 7 Support

The fit offers the greatest amount of support but there is also a new feature in place as well. Instead of a traditional shank, the KD 7 features support bars or beams right where your metatarsal bones are located. Basically, they mimic the bodies natural support features and they do so pretty effectively without adding additional weight or bulk.

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 7

Nike KD 7 Overall

This is my new favorite hoop shoe of the year, so far. I’m expecting that to change once I play in the XX9 but as of right now, these are freaking sweet! They are really well rounded, just like the UA Spawn, in nearly every category. I also love that they fit true to size and didn’t hurt or pinch my feet anywhere. Definitely the best KD model besides the 5, and if you’re looking for an eclectic assortment of Nike tech rolled into one model – the KD 7 does that and somehow makes it all work cohesively.

Nike KD 7 Performance Review 8
  1. As always, Great Review. True to size, Comfy as heck, great flex, and traction(not XX8/KB9 standards, but does a superb job – as stated) All in one package!

    1. Wow, just after watching your first look hours ago, you come up with a performance review. Thank your for your unnegleticable words of wisdom, Nightwing.

  2. Nice review Nightwing, you’ve come along way since the first videos you did. Nice work.

    Gonna grab a pair while i’m holidaying overseas at the end of the month, trigger finger is so itchy to cop some now though.

  3. I called it on the strap! No matter how far I pulled it over, it just didn’t feel like it had performance purpose.

    This really is a good all around shoe. It’s like a slight step up from the HyperDunk line.

    1. I oddly enough felt a tiny bit going into believing it wasn’t going to be anything. I guess that extra sized strap would of added some ridiculous price increase of +$10 haha.

  4. I did learn something that I believe NW mentioned on the 35,000 KD 7 video. Nike uses the 8mm Zoom in the forefoot instead of the larger bags to promote flexibility. Who doesn’t want that in the front for swifter movements?

  5. Thanks Nightwing. Was waiting for your review. Have to ID this model being a size 16 but didn’t want to until I saw your take. Have visited your site daily over the past year and have made multiple purchases based on your input. Not being able to try on in-store is annoying but your insights are always dead on to what I experience.

  6. I don’t think I could ever see my self playing in a shoe with that much mesh especially in the forefoot and without an normal upper with eyelets throughout the entire shoe. The Lebron Xs is probably had the most mesh I’ve ever played ball in but also had plenty of supportive fuse.

    1. You should try to pick up a pair of Hyper Revs on the cheap. I wouldn’t play in mine every time but they are a great change of pace shoe every couple of outings. The mesh is a lot more supportive than you would think.

      1. I’m not doubting the supportiveness of it I just prefer other materials like leather, fuse, hyperposite, clutchfit, sprintweb, techfit, etc.

          1. My point is I’m not playing in a mostly mesh upper. And I mentioned other types of upper technology that I would prefer on a shoe.

          2. I actually don’t really a have a problem with the mesh its just the way its supported, there is no eyelets and the lockdown comes from the flywire. The shoe its backed with nylon so if they just added eyelets like the Kobe XI EMs it would be awesome. Or if they could have backed the mesh with fuse with some cutouts like the Kobe 8 or used adaptive fit bands under the mesh.

  7. great review, just wondering when will the review of hd 2014 come? just curious bc last year it was way time before it released

  8. NW, what do you think of the material? do they break in enough to accommodate the wide footed? Do you think there would be issues if a wide footer would wear this? Like a misplacement of the foot in the shoe… thanks for the input and for the solid performance reviews.

    I’m the guy who always asks about wide foot issues by the way.

  9. As always GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB NW!!! I know you were seeing this question coming: What would you choose as a guard: JORDAN XX8 SE, KD 7, KOBE 9? 🙂

      1. I like the KD7. A really good all around performer. I don’t like the strap since I’m getting weird pressure even when the strap is loose. Strange nobody else is having issues. Regardless, these are my second favorite hoop shoe this year after the XX8 SEs.

  10. Awesome review. Thanks for the insight. I know you said the KD V you like over the VI performance wise, how do you feel about the V compared to the VII?

  11. I have a question, which shoes should I get?
    I’m a 5’3 PG ,Junior Varsity, Athletic build and I’m deciding between either the hyper rev or the kd7s
    Which ones should I get??? THANKS!!

  12. Great review, looks like they’ve stepped it up a notch on these. I recently purchased the KD VI on clearance and was disappointed, it does everything “OK” but nothing particularly well. The narrow last also wasn’t completely form fitting for me and it lacked the premium feel of a signature.

    You’ve got my hopes up about these though.

  13. Great review NW. I am considering these but there seem to be so many performers on the way as well that it makes things a bit “tight” on the funds to say the least. LOL!

  14. kinda sucks that the traction is gonna hold up outdoors, but the mesh upper probably won’t…still gonna pick up a pair of these some time, i always do with the KD line, but i’m worried about durability, for real….

  15. I kinda question, the kd 5 had a heel air max with 10mm forefoot zoom and you said that needed break-in time due due to the hard pylon and you gave that a 9.5/10..

    The kd7 had heel max zoom with 8mm forefoot zoom and ypu said it has the best cushion but you only gave it a 9/10 in fact, im kinda surpriced you didnt give any category a 10/10….. whats the reason, just curious

    1. Let me try to clear this up. Ratings are made by a person, in this case Nightwing2303. The KD V came out roughly 2 years ago. In those same 2 years, Nightwing2303 has also changed. He might have had different preferences back then. The 1-10 scale isn’t really based on anything outside of personal preference. The rating system is only there as a gauge of what the reviewer felt about the product. Use it as a guide, but remember, it’s up to you to decide what is best for YOU. We can only make suggestions.

      1. Couldn’t agree w/ this answer man Hsuperman_18.
        People also have t understand that the review for KD5 was 2 yrs ago. Things have changed, people’s bodies have changed, and so has the industry on how materials are used and how the shoe itself is built. It’s like, take it w/ a grain of salt.

        1. Yeah for Ex. phylon has actually changed just since last year and I think it fells way better and requires less breakin time. I personally thought that the kd V was hard and uncomfortable out of the box, but the kd VII felt great with no breakin. At the same time though preferences and opinions do change over time.

  16. great review as always. is the KD 7 better than the KD 5? considering the new tech involved? I would like to know what you think is the better performer between the 2?

    1. Max air provides strictly impact protection. Zoom air contains tensile fibers which spring back into form, causing a slight “spring-back” action. That is the responsiveness you feel in Zoom air. Max Zoom, like in the LeBron X or the KD 7 heel unit, is the best of both worlds. Search for both technologies on WearTesters.com. There’s always Google if you need more info.

  17. Thanks for the review. I was extremely tempted to buy the 6 on several occasions. If the Liger colorway would have been available (for retail) I would have pulled the trigger. Its great to hear that these perform well. I like both the USA and Mango colorways but I can tell that there will be a colorway of this in the future (that hasn’t been revealed yet) that will be a must buy for me. So for now I think I will wait. Being able to wear these outdoors is a HUGE plus and makes it that much more tempting.

  18. Which of these are better for outdoor usage and longer lasting- jordan cp3 vi or vii, d rose 4.5, Adidas streetballl 2.0, hyperdunks, or hyperfuse?

    1. adidas streetball 2.0, because it has “streetball” in the name. It was specifically designed for outdoor. Or the Hyperfuse. Hyperfuse was designed to be a great outdoor option. Nike saw that people in China played in all types of footwear, even sandals, so they designed the hperfuse to be a great model for both indoor and outdoor use. All the materials are durable for outdoor play. I still have my Hyperfuse, but I use them for yardwork. They’re extremely durable. Both of these are the “best” option based on your list. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks man for the help. It was really hard to find reviews for the Adidas streetballl 2s so your info helps. But which would you say is the best and can you rank my list best to worst thanks.

          1. Could u please make a list of best-worst durablity for outdoor use based on my list regardless of price. Thanks, this would greatly help me decide which one to pick.

        1. No one can give you the answers you’re looking for. How are people that don’t own the shoes supposed to tell you which is more durable? You’re not likely to find someone that has all the shoes you asked about, tested them extensively, and determined which shoe is the most durable.

          The questions and answers you want for them would takes months of testing. I think Hsuperman_18 has pretty much told you all he can. That also doesn’t account for your own playing style on the court. One shoe might be a lot more durable for one person than the next, due only to play style. There’s too many factors to give you a simple answer like you seem to want.

          It’s up to you now to buy the shoes and find out for yourself. People here can only give you suggestions, they can’t answer 100% what shoe is more durable than the next. Do you realize what’s you’re asking?

      2. Also do you know anything about the cushion, fit, support, traction, ventilation, and materials of the Adidas streetballl 2s

  19. Hey NW, great review just like always! I was just wondering how you would compare the KD 7’s to the Kobe 8’s

    1. Darrell
      The shoe is made specifically for a “BASKETBALL” player. So it shouldn’t matter the position. If you like lightweight, good traction type of sneaker, this would be it. They said it’s made for guards/forwards, but in general, if you play basketball, this shoe would be for anyone.

  20. Nightwing, how is its court feel? Is it quite similar to kobe 9? I suffered a lot of ankle sprains, so I try to avoid shoes thst aren’t low to the ground, because I feel more secure. KD7’s cushion seems a little too high for me

    Plus, in terms of support, which one would you recomend for someone who suffered many ankle injuries: xx8 se or KD7?

    1. If you go for the Ektio Breakaway like Nightwing suggested I would check your local Finishline stores before ordering them online. I was at the Finishline in the Ontario Mills Mall in Southern California and they had both the grey and the white colorways for $39.99 if I remember correctly. Online they are usually $129. I’m kicking myself for not picking them up. Money was tight that week and I had hopes to buy something “better”. Really regretting it now. It was a month or so ago so I doubt they still have them. Plus its a good 1hr plus drive.

  21. Hey NW, is the mesh reinforced with anything? or is it just straight mesh because I’m on quite a tight budget so I need something that lasts. Would you recommend the KD7 or go for something else?

  22. because i dont have the kobes how does the traction on the kd7’s compare with something like the hyperdunk 2012?

  23. Nice review.. and glad to hear that there were no pain feeling wearing this shoe.. because the last model Kd vi.. I lost my toe nail, I even went half a size up.. so much disappointed..

    1. How did you loose your toenail? Were you slamming it into the end of the shoe during play or something?

  24. i am stuck here please give me ur opinion…kobe 9 EM or kd 7 ?? and why..just your opinion i want.. i weared both of these on my feet and couldnt decide..admire ur work.ty!

  25. Hey NW! Nice review! I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while, Im confused if i should go up half a size on these coz my foot is a little bit wide my true size is 10. And base on your review, if you get the wrong size maybe heel slip may occur, Should I go with 10 or 10.5?

    1. nothing much far as my experience goes. but people who had ankle sprain might have fear of wearing low cuts.

    2. in my experience the cut really doesn’t have anything to do with how stable the shoe is, whether you roll your ankle or not really has to do with how stable the base of the shoe is, i feel MUCH safer in a flexible, well-fitting shoe with a low cut, low-profile and dense cushion (preferably foam) that allows me to feel the floor and move laterally smoothly and with no restrictions…of course an outrigger of some sort helps. a shoe like the lebron 10, while it seems to offer plenty of protection and support, makes me feel extremely awkward because of the thickness of the midsole/outsole, the extreme lack of flexibility and the mushiness of the cushion, it takes a lot more strength to get the shoe to move with your foot, and often it feels like you’re fighting with the shoes on your feet…

      i have rolled my ankle plenty of times playing basketball, but more often than not that has happened in mid-cut shoes and high-cut shoes…i assume, of course, that all of this has something to do with the way that you play the game, whether you’re somebody who likes moving around a lot on offense and defense…if movement, especially sharp, abrupt movement, is a big part of your game then i would imagine that a low-cut, low-profile shoe with a dense cushioning system would be the best bet for you. the hyperdunk 2012 low and the cp3.vi (especially the AE) are the two best shoes that i have laced up in the last few years, for example.

      that being said, if the crazyquick 1 came in a low top version i would instantly nominate it as the best pair of basketball shoes that i have ever put on

  26. Which Of The Shoes Out Right Now U Think Is The Best For Basketball? OR Which Is Better The Zoom Solider 8 Or The KD 7? i Currently Have The JORDN PRIME.FLY Black And Red There Beat Up Already So I Want To Buy New Shoes…

  27. Got myself a pair and I can’t praise it enough. Impact protection, court feel, mobility, support, flexibility and design are blended perfectly.

  28. hey im wide footed, should i get these or kobe 9 em? do i have to get half size up with kd 7? need help here please

  29. Under the Fit section YES on the midstrap they hurt so F’n much…. and they hurt your feet hurt like 2 days after. And the heel doesn’t fit they’ve fallen off me before in the middle of the game, and I have them tied tight with TWO insoles.

    BUT I’m 5’9 and they make me eye level with 6’2+ players

  30. Hi Nightwing,

    I am flat footed and I normally get a bit of heel pain. I tried this on in the store the other day, and it felt like there was great support on the arch since the side of the shoe supporting the arch is very solid unlike the KD 6.

    I want to know what you think regarding the arch support of KD 7 considering that I am not going to put any orthotics (I don’t like them) inside the shoe. Also, can you recommend of any other shoes for flat footed people? Thanks

  31. Why does the shoe finder on the site rate this shoe so low while on nightwing’s video it’s almost a 9 rating.

  32. Hey guys. I’m gonna get a pair of kd7. I’m a size 11 us but I have wide feet. Should I go half size up. Really need advice on this. Made a bad purchase with my melo’s last time due to sizing issue.

  33. What if your flat footed, does KD 7 hurt you in any way, any other shoe recommendations for flat feet? Plz and Thnk You

  34. trying to figure out the air situation here. I play in a Lebron X for the responsive cushioning and am having more and more trouble finding them in size 12.5 new (on ebay etc). the KD 7 looks like a possible option. how to the two air systems compare? big thanks!

      1. The KD6 elite would be a great option or if you want another midtop that is also much cheaper I would suggest the Hyperflight Max. Both have the heavy-volume Zoom cushioning. The KD 6 is slightly cushier than the the LeBron X and the Hyperflight Max is even softer. The materials on the Hyperflight crease easily so be careful which color you get to minimize that. Not as bad as the OG Hyperflight, Turbine, etc though. I like them more than the KD6 Elite personally. If you look speed and unrestricted movement, the KD6 Elite is your shoe. No structure or support to it though.

  35. I had my kds for 5 months and they are tearing apart they should be ashamed of how cheep he makes them he should give every a free pair to make up for the 115$ he took from people or get are money back

  36. Great shoes all around. My only critism is that it majorly lacks ankle support, I rolled my ankle 2 days ago and have been ruled out of playing for 6 weeks.

  37. Hey Nightwing I know you said this shoe is almost as good or is good as the KD 5 but I was just wandering whether the cushion in this shoe is as good as the 5th model. Great review btw

  38. Hey Nightwing2303, I was wondering how are the sizing on these compared to the KD V and KD VI Elite? Thank you

    1. i actually have the KD V and KD VI (non-elite). KD V was a bit narrow but true to size length wise so i went with my regular size (10.5). the KD VI felt a bit off and hurt my pinkie toe at my regular size so i ended up going up 0.5 size to 11. i just purchased the KD VII and after trying them on several times, i went true to size (10.5) on them. hope this helps.

  39. I bought the KD7’s for my summer basketball select team about 3-4 months ago. I wore them all 3-4 months and the first 2 games I had they worked good and fit perfectly. During my third game my feet became numb and I wasn’t able to run and get after the ball like I used to. I would run and my toes would tingle and go numb and my feet would ache after my games. If you are very active in basketball I would not recommend these shoes. I don’t think they have much support, and I believe they don’t work as well as they are said to.

  40. Damn that’s a nice colorway!! I wish I was into buying sneakers from the beginning on the KD7 as I missed out on these and Bad Apples..only ones I was able to get was the Electric Eel which is very nice. Hopefully they retro those like tomorow 😛

  41. Before i buy these, i wanna make sure i get the right size. Can someone who have these and also a pair of 7s tell me the sizes please.

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