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Nike KD 13 Deconstruction

The team at Fast Pass is at it again, this time coming through with a KD 13 deconstruction. The Fast Pass deconstructions are always interesting because they provide a detailed look at the technology and materials the brands are putting inside their best shoes.

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In the KD 13 deconstruction, we get to see the Zoom strobel in all its cushiony goodness, the shape of the newly added forefoot zoom unit (a question for many but which Chris correctly called in his initial review), the inner bootie construction, and a KD 12 comparison. We get a really good look at everything that’s new and get to see everything that changed from the KD 12. Whether you’re interested in sneaker construction in general or just the KD 13, it’s pretty cool to review the Fast Pass images.

And if you haven’t seen it, Chris already released his detailed look and review of the KD 13. In the video, he goes over everything that changed from the KD 12, how it feels on foot, and how he believes the KD 13 will play (once quarantine ends). Check it out:

If you’re ready to buy the KD 13 so you have them ready to go for post-quarantine pickup basketball runs, they’re available in three colorways at Nike.

And alright, I’ll stop blabbing. See below for the KD 13 deconstruction images and hit us up on Twitter if you have any questions:

KD 13 deconstruction open shoe
KD 13 deconstruction side view
KD 13 deconstruction inner bootie
KD 13 deconstruction insole
KD 13 deconstruction zoom strobel
KD 13 deconstruction both zoom units
KD 13 deconstruction complete view
KD 12

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