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Nike KB Mentality Performance Review

Talk about bang for your buck…

Nike KB Mentality Performance Review 1Traction – This is what I’m talking about. Herringbone, herringbone everywhere! Sure, there are some patterns that are far from herringbone that do work, and work well (Kobe 9 & Air Jordan XX8 come to mind) but that doesn’t mean that every shoe needs a story to be told… where you’ll never see it. This is a simple setup that works. What I like the most about this particular shoe’s setup is that the grooves are widely so dust isn’t a huge issue, and its a pretty firm rubber which not only worked well outdoors… but will last outdoors too. However, there is a break-in period that you’ll need to play through in order to start getting really solid grip (indoor only), but that will happen sooner than rather than later if you play a lot and for long hours. I really enjoyed the setup, it reminds me a lot of the shoes that I’d be able to afford when I was growing up. Something simple and effective.


Nike KB Mentality Performance Review 2Cushion – Full length Lunar… for $100. Just in case you missed that. Full. Length. Lunar. For $100… yeah. It’s actually the same Lunar midsole we received in the Nike Kobe 8 and the Nike Kobe 9. If you’re familiar with that setup then you’ll likely enjoy the hell out of these. I did try out the LeBron 11’s midsole, but my heel kept slipping out of the shoe so I opted for the Lunar insert, which I prefer anyway. You’ll get that low profile ride, plenty of court feel, and it’ll absorb a nice amount of impact. Lunar isn’t quite as bouncy or responsive as something like Micro G, but its a solid setup that works well. You can even just grab the shoe for the midsole so you can put it in your Kobe 8’s, use those for indoor use while using the Mentality for outdoor.


Nike KB Mentality Performance Review 3Materials – We have a typical Hyperfuse setup along the entire upper. Nothing really special or groundbreaking here. I didn’t enjoy the first couple of night’s as much as I had each night afterward because, like the traction, the upper needed a little break-in time. Not that pinching, painful type of break-in, just a normal… hey, you’re going to need to play in these for a few hours before they start to become pliable enough to not notice while moving around type of break-in. I think the woven and mesh era has really spoiled me… I love that type of setup far more than I do something like this, however, this setup is far more durable so there is a tradeoff.


Nike KB Mentality Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size, wide footers may want to try them on before grabbing a pair just to be on the safe side. But, if you cannot try them on and you already have a pair of Kobe 8’s or Kobe 9 EM’s then go with whatever size you wear in those shoes and you’ll be good to go.

Lockdown started off a bit rough, due to the awkward way the materials flex prior to being broken-in, but once that was all done everything was perfectly fine. They reminded me a lot of the Kobe 8 actually. Pretty much everything felt the same as the 8 once these were broken-in… only difference being that these don’t have a substantial heel counter in comparison… but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

Nike KB Mentality Performance Review 5Support – They offer minimal support. The heel counter, as described above, is minimal in comparison to the Kobe 8 & 9, but it does get the job done. There is no shank plate in place as well. I was told that when you have a flat bottom with a molded arch (Lunar midsole has the molded arch) that a shank isn’t really required. It’s a nice feature to have, but not a necessity. Personally, the missing shank didn’t bother me at all, the Lunar midsoles always do a great job of molding around the foot so its never been an issue. The rest of the support comes from the fit – gets better with every wear – and the wide flat base helps quite a bit too.


Nike KB Mentality Performance Review 6Overall – For $100, you can’t go wrong. They offer most of what the signature line does, with a few minor things missing here and there. This is a basic, no nonsense type of hoop shoe… my favorite kind. No gimmicks, no Flywire, no carbon fiber increasing the cost of the shoe… just a solid shoe for a decent price. Something that can be used indoors, outdoors and can be used for both throughout the year. You know… the way we had to use our hoop shoes back when we were kids… not the spoiled adults making up for lost time we’ve turned ourselves into. If you need something that will last you a while without breaking the bank, and performs well on top of all of that… grab the Nike KB Mentality.

Nike KB Mentality Performance Review 7

    1. Based on cushion for the price alone, yes. The traction is better here too, on a variety of surfaces, IMO. Fit and support probably are greater in the Kyrie though, but not enough to make me want to spend more for them.

  1. I have a question about the new grading system. I really liked when it was scores out of 10 what exactly would be the equivalent of the numbers… sixth man, starting 5 etc and why did you choose to use that terminology?

  2. hey nightwing i was about to buy this shoes yesterday but my size is 8 and they have 8.5 does the half size up an issue?and they already have the hyperrev 2015 but im waiting for your review for that one so i decided not to buy em…..good job in your reviewa..

    1. If you tried them on and felt secure in them then it should be fine, but it really depends on how you felt in them. I havent gotten the 2015 Hyperrev yet, but I will.

      1. Nightwing, which is better outdoors, Mentality or Venomenon? They are both outdoor series from nike and kobe so i dont know which to cop. Thanks for the great review though.

  3. Imagine if the drop in midsole fit in the adidas crazy light boost, I’m guessing it won’t fit as it’s more of a full midsole. Not a very cost effective thing to do though.

  4. Hey nightwing great review bro. How long would you say it takes a lunarlon replaceable insole to bottom out, like maybe in terms of hours on court. Im asking so I can priotize how I will spend money because I force myself to buy new shoes if the cushioning turns lackluster (knees.)

    1. Based on my experience with 2 Kobe 8s and 2 Kobe 9s, I’ll say they bottom out in around 80-90 hours of playing time. PS I am a 6 ft small forward.

      1. I think that including your weight would be a better indicator if you don’t mind? That way, if someone is lighter, they might have a better idea of the longevity or if they’re heavier, there’s the assumption that it might not last as long as yours did.

    2. to be honest i don’t even really know what ‘bottoming out’ means, i’m 6’0″ 175 and i play point or on the wings, put a lot of force on my kicks, am constantly in the air crashing boards, etc., and though lunarlon does lose some of its ‘bounciness’ over time (not that that’s something i’m ever really paying much attention to when i’m playing), it’s not like my legs ache after playing even if i’ve worn a pair of hyperdunks or kobe 8s for an entire season of team games and pickup

    1. I bought a pair of the kb mentality, I had to go a half size up to get the same feel as my kobe 8’s and kobe 9’s

  5. Thanks a lot for the review NightWing!
    had been waiting for this one (gotta choose between getting these or wait for the still not out UA ClutchFit Drive Low …)
    I see on the last picture the rear tongue is getting a bit “in” your achilles tendon: isn’t this a hinderance for jumping or playing?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. I think that’s probably because of how he’s sitting. He probably had that leg out in front (extended) so his foot bent in a way that makes the shoe go into his achilles like that. While wearing them in movement or standing upright, they don’t do that so no worries. I have 2 pair (4 AM and Blackout) so I speak from experience. Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks for the insight Dmarr!
        Well that’s great then (I had some issues with the Kobe 6 hurting my achilles since it was reinforced with plastic, constant jumping caused chronicle tendinites, so I’m quite weary for that part now).
        Now since you have 1st hand experience with these: how light do they feel I mean 9,7 oz : that’s just feather-light!
        I guess it’s a three horse race now for me now:
        – these (modern, extra-light, not the best tech-wise but bang for your buck)
        – HyperRev’s (older model, light, great shoe, but harder to find now) or finally
        – UA ClutchFit Drive Low (probably THE best, but still not out … And God knows when…).

        1. If you’re playing indoors mainly, I’d by far choose the Clutchfit Drive lows.

          Not sure how many NBA players are wearing them, but I think I saw Patty Mills wearing them when coming back from injury about a week or so ago. I read before the season started that he had signed with UA, but wasn’t sure until he came back.

          1. Any idea when those come out Ice? I have been trying to look out for those too but haven’t seen anything yet?

            -Trezz aka Dmarr

          2. Ice09 & Dmarr, I’ve just recevied an email from UnderArmour and according to them the ClutchFit Drive Low will only be release in…SPRING!
            So yeah, that is that …

        2. They feel extremely light. It’s hard for me to draw a comparison but they were surprisingly light. I remember when I got the 8 and thought that those were light but these definitely feel lighter…noticably lighter than the kobe 9 em which I also have. Hope that helps but yeah, they are crazy light on foot.

          1. Hey Trezz, didn’t know that was you. Maybe you should put aka Trezz after your new name for a while until people know it’s you ;).

            Not sure when the UA Clutchfit lows come out. I’d assume they’d have to be out soon, wouldn’t they? I’m definitely getting a pair. Just hope UA have decent colorways available to the general public.

            Also, would you recommend these KB Mentalitys? I’m thinking about getting them for an outdoor shoe. My main concern is the Lunarlon though. Does the cushioning last long in your opinion. I only weigh about 150lbs (haven’t weighed myself in years though), so I’m thinking that this full length Lunarlon setup might be OK for me durability wise.

          2. LOL! What’s up Ice? Yeah man, I decided to change it up. I think that you would be good with the Lunar in these. I am 5’8″ 175 lbs now and in my opinion, based on my experience with the Kobe 9 EM, they should hold up well. I also have knee issues and don’t feel as much discomfort with these at all. I say “as much” because I almost ALWAYS feel something no matter what now. Doc says I may have early signs of arthritis in the knee which is common in my family so I know that I NEED decent cushion to support myself. In these, I can move and feel confident that I won’t be laid up with ice wrapped around my legs from post-ball pain.

            I’m also looking forward to UA dropping their Low CFD. I hope that they do come out sooner than later so that we can try those out too. The shoe game sure is getting interesting.

          3. Hey man, just wanna ask what would you recommend (outdoor) this or Venomenon? Why? Thanks man. Hope you respond fast. =)

        3. hey man I’ve a long history of vertical and achilles pain, and two pairs of kobe 6s… but they got good for a long time, and came back when i got kobe 9s.. hmu, i wanna talk about it

  6. Hey NW, great review as always. As I read from your newest contributor to weartesters (duke), he swapped the LeBron IV insole into the Kobe 9…

    Just wondering if you could swap the LeBron IV insole into the KB Mentality to let us know how (or if) it fits?


  7. Great to hear that the two attributes I’m looking for in a shoe was on the “Starting Five” So it will definitely be in my list of future cops ( when the hype is over though LOL) Patience saves pockets, even on budget models like these

  8. i have flat feet, does the lunar insert have a built in arch like the kb 8 because those thing killed my feet. Also does the kobe 9 have a built arch in the lunar insert.

    1. dude. kobe 9s blow for that. I jumped straight from 6s to 9s. The 9s kill my feet. Ive only tried the 8s on, but they felt way better and i had been under the impression they’d be great for me… i guess not. but yeah, run from the 9s. Im curious about you not liking the 8s, id even heard they were great for flat feet. just curious are you an athletic type player? I am very much so, and i wonder if that influences it… i also like the barefoot shoes like vivobarefoot, obv not for ball though

  9. Hey guys,
    I had a quick question.
    I play on a team and I try to play with as much effort as I can.
    When I finish practice (2 hours or so), my feet are killing me. Its a combo of my heel especially and my legs in general are pretty sore.
    Right now, I have a pair of Melo M10s and i’m 6 foot, 155 lbs.

    Could anyone pls advise me on what to do?

    1. Maybe try out a shoe with foam cushioning. I have recurring heel pain (heel bruising) and the M10’s seemed to aggravate it. I tried out the Kobe mentality tonight and it had great lock down and impact distribution from the lunarlon. My heel didn’t hurt as much afterwards as it usually does in the m10’s. I also liked the clutchfit drives but I returned them to wait for the lows or the new curry 1’s.

    2. I get forefoot pain whenever I wear zoom based shoes. It goes away for me after a while, but does get annoying. I agree that if this really bothers you, it’ll be beneficial to swap to a foam based cushion like the clutchfit drives, d rose 5, or Kobe 9s. You can find CF drives on sale so I feel it’s better to invest a little more and get those. Best value hands down.

    3. one thing i would do is ice your legs every night for about 30 minutes. ive had leg soreness before and icing was the best way to ease the pain. for me, it was a lot of throbbing and pain with contact. yours might be different. as other people mentioned, it could be a number of different factors though.

      1. Hey guys, thanks for replying.
        I’m only 16 and I don’t have much family problems concerning the knees.
        I’ll take your advice @pomonasi and i’ll ice. Hopefully it will work out

        @ JP and tom

        I feel as if the zoom helps my feet more. I got a pair of torches along with my melos and I feel as if the melos give more cushioning.

        When my legs hurt, its mostly my heels, do you guys think its something different?

        and @ Billy Hoyle 79

        yeah my feet kill me after I play outside. that’s why I try to avoid it as much as I can.

  10. Hey Chris, would you say after the break in time with the traction that it would be sticky/squeaky indoors? That’s all I really look for in a basketball sneaker haha

    1. I agree with NW, the squeak doesn’t tell if your shoes is sticky or not, I have SF2s, they don’t squeak, but they are totally sticky 🙂

  11. @ Arco,

    Not sure how old you are but age is sometimes a factor with bball and pain like this.

    Other factors may be weight (although in your case prob not a factor at 155lbs and 6 ft).

    Another factor is the type of surface that you play on. I usually have much more pain in my Feet/ Legs after playing outdoors as opposed to indoors.

    I find you really need to have the most cushioned shoes that you can and try stretching, or maybe even compression gear for keeping muscles etc warm.

  12. Hey nightwing. Would you rather go for a Kobe 8 or KB Mentality? I’ve just come across a Kobe 8 sale offer where I’d pay the same price for it as for the Kobe 8. What would you do, which shoe is better?

    1. price being equal, i would go for the 8 off of the value alone (extra tech like carbon fiber the carbon fiber for the same price). Plus, it has the added distinction and aesthetic value of being from his main signature line.

  13. Like mentionned higher there:
    I recevied an email from UnderArmour (cause I had enquired, they happily answered) and according to them the ClutchFit Drive Low will only be release in…SPRING!
    So yeah …

    1. Wow. That is a long way away. I wonder if the Curry 1s will be released before then? Why would they wait that long to release them?

  14. So I bought one and after putting on the thicker socks I use to play, it kinda hurts my forefoot area a bit since it fits a bit tight. Did I just buy an undersized shoe? 🙁

    I decided to buy a size 10 because the 10.5 allowed me to stick roughly 2.5 fingers thru the heel area.

  15. i wish i could find these in a 12.5. This was the rare shoe for me that I didn’t feel comfortable settling for either the 12 or 13. I will say that the upper felt extremely flexible and thin which made the fact that a 12 feet way too small for me odd. The the 13 felt like there was too much space, so I guess I’m on the hunt for that elusive 12.5.

  16. Have you tried putting the lunar cushion in other shoe set ups? For example the hyperdunk, as they come with a basic drop in midsole, would the lunar midsole improve the shoe? Just wondering

  17. IS is an outdoor shoe? We play on a rubberized cement court, back then i thought the kobe8 is an outdoor shoe. i played with my kobe8 only twice the rubber on the sole didn’t last that much.

  18. Hi Nightwing2303! I’m looking for a great performance model with good cushion and traction. My picks are the KB Mentality or the UA Micro G Torch. Both cushioning systems worked welll for me in the past but i need a shoe that’ll hold up on a very dusty smooth cement surface. Plus the price point on these are really good. All i wanna know is which of these will have better traction on a very dusty smooth cement surface.

    I currently play in the UA Clutchfit Drive and Nike Lebron11 and neither did these did well on that court condition. though thery were great on the hardwood and your review was on point.

    Hope you can help me choose. Thanks!

  19. Hey nightwing! Im a guard and I need a new pair of shoes soon. I was wondering if the kobe mentality or drose 5 is better? Price doesn’t matter too much as adidas has a drose 5 brenda colorway on sale so they are almost the same. Thanks!

  20. Hey nightwing! I am a guard and I plan on buying a new pair of shoes soon. I am deciding between the drose 5 or kobe mentality? Price doesn’t matter too much as adidas has a drose 5 brenda colorway on sale. Thanks so much!

  21. hey nightwing,

    i just grabbed a pair of the kb mentality’s size 10 because thats my true size but they just feel too snug to me. my hyperrevs are size 10 too but they perfectly fit me. i have long narrow feet. is it the mentalitys, the hyperrevs, or is it just me?

    P.S. love your content. keep it up. God bless!

  22. hey nightwing,

    i just grabbed a pair of the kb mentality’s size 10 because thats my true size but they just feel too snug to me. my hyperrevs are size 10 too but they perfectly fit me. i have long narrow feet. is it the mentalitys, the hyperrevs, or is it just me?

    P.S. love your content. keep it up. God bless!

  23. hey nightwing,

    i just grabbed a pair of the kb mentality’s size 10 because thats my true size but they just feel too snug to me. my hyperrevs are size 10 too but they perfectly fit me. i have long narrow feet. is it the mentalitys, the hyperrevs, or is it just me?

    P.S. love your content. keep it up. God bless!!

  24. Great review as always Nightwing!

    I’ve always liked the way you presented your performance reviews and I am loving the variety. I’ve seen your take on some off-brand shoes like Peak and budget friendly versions of some signature shoes like the KD trey 5 and KB Mentality above.

    Your reviews helped me a lot in most of my purchases and you have my thanks. I am always on the look out for a great shoe for a good price.

    I’ve been seeing the Jordan BCT mid 3 shoes in some retails stores in our area and I am intrigued. They say it’s a training shoe more than anything else – but I could use them for basketball. The design has that 90’s feel to it and the support seems to be really good particularly in the ankle areas. (the people at the store say the ankle strap can be completely removed from the shoe if you found it too restrictive but I am not sure how you can do that). However, what really caught my attention is the price point and the soles. It has full length air for cushion and the traction pattern looks promising.

    I know you are busy guy – but if ever you find the time I would appreciate it a lot if you can give your thoughts about this shoe. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  25. hey night wing… so ive got pretty flat feet… and mine 9s have given me a lot of discomfort and pain because the arch is to high, too much support. i havent owned 8s but they feel much better. this might be hard for you yo answer if youre feet arent as flat, but whats your opinion/feel on how the arches compare between these, the 8s, and the 9s? thanks a mili

  26. Which would you recommend between these and the nike zoom run the one (prices aside)? I plan to use the pair indoors during P.E. and outdoors for pickup games.

  27. Hey,
    i was just wondering if i only use these shoes indoors for club basketball, will the grip still work really well.
    And i have bad heels so will provide enough support on the heels to help that,
    I play guard and am pretty small.
    Would you recommend these if i was looking for maximum comfort and what i have said above or should i go for something else. Cheers
    Oh and btw i love your videos

    1. They work pretty well (traction wise). Not melo m10 great, but decent.

      I would recommend microg for best cushioning. Better than phylon in my opinion. Want maximum comfort? try the clutchfits. they work great too.

      lunarlon is a decent foam though.

      in my opinion, most shoes work better indoors anyway.

    1. I doubt you could do that. Sorry 🙁

      I totally feel where you’re coming from on the cushioning standpoint. Cushion is extremely important for me too. I play on a high school team as well 🙂

      When I play for long hours my feet hurt like hell. It happened with multiple shoes. Best one for me was the Micro G torch, however other features of the torch are terrible. I would strongly recommend the clutchfit drive, curry 1 or the melo m10. the melo has very good cushioning in my opinion as well. They each have some drawbacks however, so you should check out their reviews. I hope this helps. Good luck in your games 🙂

  28. And are they actually comfortable shoes because i train 4 times a week and have 2 games a week through school and club so i need them to be comfortable

  29. One more thing, I don’t know if you’re a heel striker or not, but I would suggest taking shorter strides and running on forefoot more than heel. That helps reduce the pain on the heels for me especially when doing laps. lol 🙂

  30. Good day! Haha i love your reviews!! It gave me knowdge on what shoes to cop, anyway i just wanna ask if there’s a guide for your scoring? I dont seem to get it. Unlike before, it was a straight to the point 9/10 etc.

  31. For a small guard that is hooping outdoor and balling on a budget, Nike KB Mentality or Nike Hyperfuse 2014? in performance and durability. Thanks sir. Your reviews helps a lot.

  32. For a small guad like me who is hooping outdoor, what shoe will you reccomend for me that will perform well but still can last outdoor hooping? KD7, KB Mentality, or Hyperfuse 2014? Thanks sir NW for the reviews. Helps me a lot.

  33. These or K1X(Anti Gravity)? I’m the kid with low to no budget. I play indoor but on concrete and outdoor in the summer. I’m still new. Will these low tops offer enough support for 2-3 hours of hopping. Help me out please me here

    Thanx for all the vids

  34. I would like to know if these shoes provide great traction indoors and i play 1 man and what i look for most in a shoe is comfort, are these comfortable or not really, I prefer low cut shoes and am on a 100-125 budget, do you reckon these shoes are for me or not, i train 4 times a week with 2 games so i relly need comfortable shoes, can someone help

  35. Hey nightwing, I’ve been thinking about whether to get these, the Curry 1’s, or the Clutchfit Drives. Which one is the best? I play forward so would that matter about the decision or not? Thanks.

  36. Hey nightwing, I’ve been thinking about whether to get these, the Curry 1’s, or the Clutchfit Drives. Which one is the best? I play forward so would that matter or not? Thanks.

  37. Hey nightwing, I’ve been thinking about whether to get these, the Curry 1’s, or the Clutchfit Drives. Which one is the best? I play forward like a shooting guard so which would suit me best? Thanks.

  38. Picked these up and I was sliding around on an indoor court like I was on ice skates. The court was fine because nobody else was experiencing this. I know there is a necessary break in period for the traction to take hold, but I couldn’t even get past that for fear of an ankle sprain. I’m assuming if I stick with them they’ll eventually grip the court, but how much of an improvement are we talking?

  39. Great review nightwing! Late question, but in your opinion which shoe do you like better or finding your self hooping in more, CP3.VIII or Kobe mentality. Both are on eastbay for $99.99. I’ve been debating between the two, zoom with heel lunarlon or full length lunarlon insert, I am kind of leaning toward Kobe mentality so I can use the lunarlon insert with other shoes, such as my D Rose 4 if they fit, or LBJ Zoom Soldier 8 ‘s. But I like the design of the CP3.VIII and zoom, lunarlon combo. What would you pick in your opinion? Thanks, Greatly Appreciated.

  40. need help guys.
    i’ve recently ripped the sole of my lebron x and my lebron 11 is banged up already because i only have access to outdoor courts here in our area.
    so my question is, is this better than kobe venomenon 4 in terms of outdoor use?
    replies will be very much appreciated guys.

  41. Should I get these, the soldier 8’s, hyperdunk 2013’s, or kobe venomenon 4’s? They all cost the same (on a few websites i’m looking at) and I am a guard. Thank you!!

    1. Also I will be wearing the shoes outdoors and indoors (but only outdoors for a week), so that might change your opinion.

      1. For indoor, imo I’d probably go with LBJ Zoom Soldier 8. Great court feel, fit, great heel to toe transition.

        For outdoor, I’d go with KB mentality based on price, cushioning, and an overall solid shoe.

        For both I’d go with the Nike zoom kobe venomenon 4, as they are better balanced indoor and outdoor, as I mine have still lasted

        Hope this Helps 🙂

  42. Hey, Nw, thanks for the review. I’m on a budget, and I’m looking for a shoe to play in indoor only, I’ve been thinking about getting the Ua Clutchfit Drive Low, but I’m considering the Nike Hyperrev 2015, or the Nike KB mentality, in your opinion which would you pick, and, when are the clutchfit drive low review coming out? Thanks, appreciated. 🙂

  43. I understand that the KB Mentality can viewed as a “budget” baller shoe. However, how would it fair in comparison with the standard KD7? Without money in the discussion, should I go ahead and grab the Mentality, or take the KD’s? Thanks.

  44. I am 14, 6 foot tall, and play center. Would this be a good shoe, or is there anything better for 100$ or less?

  45. Am a big fan of your reviews. Always look up ur reviews before purchasing any new kicks esp budget ones…bought Prime Hype Df and Kb Mentality solely on ur reviews…planning to buy Jordan SF3 now, that too after watching ur review 🙂 keep it up bro

  46. the Nike kb mentality or the Nike prime hype df??

    which one would you advice? I play P.G.
    height -5.7 😀

  47. Hey Chris, I got a pair of these in the nemesis colorway which has a gum sole. Played a game once on a cement surface type and noticed that some areas of the shoe burned out a little. Does this mean that shoes with gum soles are strictly for indoor use?

  48. Hey Guys, ahm Nightwing is right i bought a kobe X last month and i bought a kobe mentality (white violet) Kobe mentality has a much better performance than kobe X the only thing that i regret is the colorway that i bought damn but its ok though plain and simple violet white

    p.s im a 6’1″ guard so for pg/sg like me i recommend this kobe mentality

  49. Hi, planning to get one, but I really want to get a size that fits me best.. I have size 9 Kobe 9 elite victory and it keeps bumping my nails… now im thinking of getting size 9.5 or 10 for KB Mentality. please advice?? I have free 5.0 size 10 and it has a small allowance between my toes..

  50. Thanks for the review!!!
    I need someone’s opinion on These mentalitys VS the 2015 hyperrev’s, which ones would be better for a quick 5’7″ guard?

  51. Has anyone ever heard of restoring lunarlon by putting it in heat? I came across a video of someone taking a drop in lunarlon midsole in 100 degrees Celsius or around 221 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. He claims it isn’t brand new but the wrinkles where the lunarlon had compressed were gone. Interesting if this could extend the life of lunarlon.

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