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Nike to Introduce New Lunar Foam with the Hyperdunk 2017

Is this new Lunar Foam Nike’s answer to Boost? The Nike Hyperdunk 2017 has leaked and it looks interesting.

Spotted in two builds, they’re fairly similar to the HyperRev 2017, but these look a bit more refined. Zoom Air is once again replaced with Lunar Foam, but this Lunar isn’t what you’re used to. At least it isn’t according to Nike.

Tech sheets read that the upcoming Nike Hyperdunk 2017 offers a new Lunar cushioning that is softer and lighter for running and impact, but returns energy better for liftoff. It sounds similar to Boost so we’ll have to wait and see how it feels — and if it lasts. The outsole is noted as being a pressure mapped design for greater traction.

Retail will be $140 for the mid and $130 for the low. The release date is still up in the air but we should expect to see them around July or August.

Sound off in the comment section and let us know your initial thoughts on the upcoming Nike Hyperdunk 2017.

Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low



Via NikeTalk

  1. LUNAR feels good until it bottoms out and compared to boost longevity, lunar is not worth the price at retail. My Rose 6 still feels good since I bought it day 1. Waiting on the CE Lows but I’m excited to see some aesthetically pleasing designs from adidas using Ultra boost-like boost for basketball shoes. CE is not a good look off court for me.

  2. The looks of this new hyperdunk are lame. But this is not a fashion shoe, the more important thing is the performance. Hope this new lunar dont dissapoint us.

  3. I’m intrigued by these. I’m not a lunar hater at all – I enjoyed the ’12-14 Hyperdunks. Hopefully the new version holds up a little better/longer.

  4. Interesting. The best lunar still can’t hold a candle to Boost in my experience. Might as well stick with large volume Zoom, which is still one of the best cushioning systems ever.

    That outsole looks a little Adidas FYW-ish. Looks like a fun shoe to play in.

  5. I wonder if they are going to feel at all like playing in the old Adidas feet you wear. they sure do look like it, with much better cushioning of course. cant wait to try them

    1. There’s no 3rd dimension in the sole, so no, they won’t feel, or function like Feet You Wear, they’ll feel like Nike FREE, flexible, but not covering pressures around the foot, just the footbed.

  6. Well shit! Nike still knows how to make basketball shoes actually look like shoes for basketball, instead of the clownish crap they’ve been pushing off as performance pieces over the past decade? Really? Damn! This is as surprising as hell! The last Nike shoe that had me this intrigued was the Nike Zoom BB, which was a very good shoe for hoops. This shoe above truly has a nostalgic appeal for those of us who don’t need Christmas themed crap in order to get us to actually want a Nike hoops shoe. This, is impressive.

  7. Considering how incredible the 2016 HD is, and how revolutionary it was compared to previous models, this leak comes as a disappointment.

    Reformulated or not, lunar should be abandoned by Nike, they need to go back to the drawing board. Lunar has inherent problems, and just doesn’t cut it. Compared with modern foams, it feels mushy and slow.

    Boost, Micro G, and Jetlon are so far ahead it’s a joke.

    Some tech stands the test of time like zoom air, air in general. It’s one thing to update something that was once good but is now dated, but lunar was never good. Its like trying to fix a lemon car.

    C’est la vie.

    1. I mostly agree but the HD16 was a great shoe but I wouldn’t say revolutionary. Zoom air in heel and forefoot and good traction is great, and they did redeem themselves from the HD15, but it’s not like we’ve never seen them before. No new foams or anything, but I mostly agree.

    2. i like lunarlon, why does everybody hate it so much? yeah, it bottoms out, but that takes a while, i played almost a full season in the hd 2012 lows and they were an incredible no-nonsense performer….it was fine in the kobe 8s, and i think it’s fine in the kobe 11s as well….is it boost or micro g? no, but it also doesn’t suck

      and how is the hd2016 ‘revolutionary’? they just did what they should have done with the previous two hyperdunks, put out a reliable, no-frills basketball shoe for a wide variety of playing styles…excellent shoe, but not exciting
      the hd 2017s at least look like nike are willing to take some risks

      1. All EVA foams eventually suffer from compression set. Since the advent and subsequent widespread usage of the material, it’s always been a balancing act between durability and cushion.

        A smaller, lighter person will have a better experience with a very open cell foam such as lunarlon. Before I got ill, I was 285lbs, 6’4″. My 2013 hyperdunks compressed to the point of almost cushionless in a matter of weeks.

        My suggestion to Nike is to increase the rubber content, and combine it with air/zoom air, because lunarlon is just not gonna be able to stand alone against the comp.

        IMO, the best foam cushion Nike has come up with was the podulon system with the hex zoom in the CP3 VII. Mine are still going strong.

        At the moment, I’m still enthralled with jetlon, and am anxiously awaiting the WT rare metal collaboration. With my birthday next month, I’ve gotta decide between those and a pair of ultra boost.

        1. the podulon system was incredible, yeah, both the cp3.vi and vii are top-notch basketball shoes, if jordan brand continued using that setup they’d still have a top-tier guard shoe on the market…alas

      2. I’m only 160 lbs and my lunarlons for all my kobes bottomed out in weeks as well. Not the most durable cushion system for damn sure.

        1. I’m 160 lbs too and had the same issue with my Kobe’s, specially with the 8 and the first Mentality. The 9 lasted longer, the mentality 2 and both 11’s (elite and EM) are still very comfortable.

  8. This is shoe is incredibly bland. Maybe its just the colorway, but this looks like something I would find at my local outlet for $50.
    The traction pattern looks interesting though.

  9. The cushion does seem interesting. If they can get it near the likes of Micro-G or Boost that would be huge for Nike. The outsole looks interesting. It seems it will either be similar to the Zoom Rev, or maybe the Kobe 9. Depends on the compound I suppose.

    And that upper! It looks like straight mesh similar to the Zoom Rev, which would be sick. Even if its just a team shoe, the Hyperdunk can really pave the way for new stuff for Nike. Seems they at least sorta seem to care now.

  10. We will see if it’s hype or not soon I hope. Nike is in a position where they need to do something, as they are falling behind tech wise.

    It is good to see the increasing number of well developed lower end shoes, which is absolutely necessary to compete. In a very short time competition has become stiff in the b-ball shoe world, and big companies have to be on their game.

    If this new and improved lunar foam is actually good (and lasts) this is a good sign.

    Hopefully in the next generation CP3, Ultra.fly, etc we will finally see them ditch that horrid zoom unit.

    Now, new lunar with zoom, oh man that could be something.

    Nike has a tough battle ahead against adidas, Brandblack, etc. UA needs more micro g and to use the charged foam from their running line.

    Excited to see what the future holds.

  11. Lunar cushioning, for me, has largely been a bust, and its primarily because of the horrid durability. It seems to flatten out in a matter of weeks. In basketball its basically designed for NBA players who get a new pair every game. But even if its new, it doesn’t feel nearly as good as boost(and not nearly as durable, either).

    If this can improve the durability by a significant amount as well as the impact protection and energy return, then great. But if its just slightly improved over the old lunar, then sorry Nike, better luck next time.

  12. Nike’s innovation kitchen needs to whip up something revolutionary, as Adidas is offering consumers full-length Boost (which is killing it recently), Nike is cheaping out on whether to give you heel zoom, forefoot zoom or skimping out on the latter.

  13. It’s a shame they keep going back to Lunar, because it’s not even close to being durable, Jordan XIV’s OG Zoom setup was ideal for a naturalist-type sole, or PODULON.
    I like the flex-sole setup, but I’m waiting for Nike to finally attempt that 3rd dimension, to create a barefoot-sole that isn’t just flexible, but also removes the hard-edges from an ergonomic footprint, a sole that covers the whole foot, not just the footbed.

  14. If Nike is going to continue with Lunar, particularly with removable midsoles, I think they need to move towards including extra midsoles with shoes. It just isn’t durable enough and if you compare lunar to Boost or Micro G, pff…

    Cushioning has become VERY important for me as I get older. I completely dropped certain brands because of the cushioning. No more UA shoes (Charged), no lunar shoes, only Boost, Zoom, Micro G and Jetlon for me.

  15. Shoe looks simple in a good way. The outsole does indeed have a pure motion look to it and the traction pattern looks sensible. Upper seems very to the point but of course we’re left guessing to what was done differently with the Lunar Foam. I mean for it to be better than past Lunar cushioning, it pretty much has to….not be Lunar cushioning. Either that or Nike believes in disposable shorter-term shoes.

  16. Almost two years ago I got the Lunar Hyperquickness, at the beginning they were so freaking comfortable both the upper and the cushion, but just six games later they bottomed out badly. Even the traction pattern lasted longer being used outdoors! The lunar foam on my Kobes has been almost the same but improved a little in every new model (the insole on the 11 EM still feels great).

  17. Can’t wait to see how these perform. I really like the look of the midsole, and it certainly looks soft and bouncy. However as with anything related to Nike, looks are often deceiving

  18. Pretty boring looking upper and midsole. Traction is intriguing. I’m skeptical about a “reformulated” Lunar foam. However, if it is durable and performs more like Micro G, Boost, or the latest Jetlon, then I will be excited about future shoes with the new Lunar. Until then I will wait for reviews.

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