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Nike Hypershift Performance Review

The Nike Hypershift is a new budget friendly model for hoopers and we at WearTester took them for a spin. Check out our official Performance review and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the Hypershift in the comment section.


Hypershift - Traction

The traction isn’t bad, but it isn’t great. The tiny little nubs that make up the outsole definitely perform better than anticipated but there are flaws. Floors with heavy dust will require periodic wiping, but I think this is something we all could have foreseen right away. What we couldn’t predict is that the traction pattern excels while in motion as each nub flexes, stretches, and bites the floor like teeth.

The downside is that the nubs take some time to grip the floor again once they come back together. So when you’re in motion you’ll receive exceptional grip. However, when you decide you would like to slow things down, maybe change direction or just stop altogether — there will be some sliding involved until the traction regains…traction.


Hypershift - Cushion

These are very low profile and ride fairly close to the ground. The only real cushion comes from the forefoot’s Zoom Air unit — which is a 10mm rectangle unit. Despite the cushion being minimal, the Nike Hypershift doesn’t feel as that way while playing. I believe this is due to the tooling being contoured like an anatomical map of the foot. Because of this, the ride ends up being extremely natural. For those old enough, think back to adidas’ Feet You Wear or the original PureMotion. Not quite on the same level, but this design offers a similar feel.

The Phylon midsole isn’t of the dense variety which allows everything to really work fluidly together — *cough* Hyperdunk 2015. To sum things up, the cushion is minimal, but effective for those looking for court feel and smooth transition. If you want a shoe with a lot of cushion and impact protection, the KD 9 is a viable option from the Swoosh.


Hypershift - Materials

Softer materials aren’t for everyone, but on a personal level…I love this setup. The upper features a mesh mixed with neoprene and super thin skin-like Fuse in high wear areas. No break-in time required, but the setup will be less supportive than more restrictive materials. Again, it’s not for everyone, but if you’ve played in similar setups and enjoyed the ride then you’ll enjoy these as well.


Hypershift - Fit

The Nike Hypershift fits true to size and should be able to accommodate wide footers with the mesh upper — if you can get your foot into the neoprene opening. Lockdown was solid throughout, but the heel area was noticeably secure, despite being on the flimsy side. The rear Flywire cable is part of the lacing system, the top eyelet to be exact, and when you close the laces up in that section of the shoe it forces the heel into the rear of the shoe ensuring heel lockdown at all times.


Hypershift - Support

Their support relies on the fit, so ensuring you wear your correct size will limit potential injuries in any shoe. The rear section has a small internal TPU heel counter, but most of the support in the heel comes from locking the foot into place. Again, wearing your actual size will ensure this feature is working properly. There is a small internal torsional plate at the midfoot and the rest of the foot is secured onto the shoes footbed by the Flywire cables and rubber outsole that wraps and cups the foot. The Nike Hypershift’s low profile anatomical tooling setup also promotes stability which is one of the best attributes a shoe can offer. If you feel stable in a pair of kicks then you’ll never feel off balance.

Nike Hypershift Overall

Hypershift - Overall

The Nike Hypershift was a pleasant surprise on-court. Traction was better than expected, even though there were some issues with it. Cushion wasn’t bad thanks to the natural ride they provide. My knees were fine after two hour or more runs at a time which is a good sign. Materials will come down to personal preference, and I loved them. Fit was exceptionally comfortable, and the support was adequate as well. Not a bad option if they offer what you’re looking for. Low to the ground players that enjoy court feel and mobility will likely have a blast playing in them.

This is Ross Klein’s first sneaker with Nike Basketball after switching over from Under Armour. It’s not a bad way to start things off, and I’m curious to see what else he has in store in the future.

Nike Hypershift Performance Review Score
  1. Man…Your scoresheet seems totally different from the reviews in which the shoe was praised a lot for traction and cushion yet such low scores!!

  2. I was expecting to have better cushion that just forefoot zoom. SMH. If these had forefoot and heel zoom id cop but then again these are “budget friendly” shoes.

  3. Nice to see that Nike isn’t going to totally ignore the budget segment and is actually going to give people a nice options in so far as that.

  4. I just purchased a pair, albeit in the dark grey/white/wolf grey color scheme.
    I agree with everything that the reviewer posted.
    The traction was generally great, but there were occasions that the heel part lost grip.
    However, I also use the Hypershifts as driving shoes (the other pair being a well-worn Adidas Samba Classic), they’re much better than the Nike Hyperchase. This is because the Hyperchase’s nubs can unexpectedly catch unto the 90-degree angled ends of my Mazda MX-5 , and makes trail braking and heel-and-toe moves difficult to perform. On the other hand, the Hypershifts allow me to drive smoothly or drive in a hell-for-leather manner, when needed.

  5. Cushion is overrated …
    If u are featherweight you can feel and don’t need (unless u get too old… Probably too old to hoop)
    Average need average but if the insole is (or feels) soft it absorbs anw
    Heavy weight champs are the ones that actually need that to avoid joint issues

    Other than that
    High flyers … Which I was until 27(am 31 now)
    It is all about strength and landing
    An awkward landing with a cushy setup can lead to an injury but could be prevented with a minimal setup .. There are better chances to save yourself with a close to natural option like kobe iv or clutchfit
    So we get to night wings words..
    It depends on what you need

    1. If it is overrated, why then all nba players have eather extra volume of zoom or custom insoles… Lands on your heels , or strikes that are little harder then usual will wear your joints down… You don’t need to feel zoom …impact protection is only thing that matters…

      1. 10mm forefoot zoom is not minimal in a way. Its actually a decent amount. What NW meant with minimal is having nothing on the heel. Problem for heel strikers but nothing a Janoski insole cant solve. Or even custom insoles with gel based heel cushion.

  6. I like the idea of this kind of traction. Maybe in the future they could try bigger nubs in targeted areas like the ball of the foot and the right outer heel.

  7. “The Nike Hypershift fits true to size and should be able to accommodate wide footers with the mesh upper — if you can get your foot into the neoprene opening.”

    Is the opening as big as the D Lillard 2?

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