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Nike Hyperposite 2

Nike’s Hyperposite line will continue with the Hyperposite 2.

This next version looks to do away with the Hyperfuse featured on the first model and focuses on panels of Foamposite… which would make them less of a Hyperposite and more of a Foamposite model. Nonetheless, these will update the cushion with Max Zoom versus the originals 360 Air Max. Traction is interesting and while the looks is strange, they could perform pretty nicely with multidirectional coverage.

Any thoughts on the latest Hyperposite?

Nike Hyperposite 2  2

Nike Hyperposite 2 1

Via NT

  1. Same cushioning as the one on the Lebron X, paired with a bit more of breathability and some nice support… this will be a nice performer IMO

  2. They dont look as great as the original ones, but could perform even better. I like the space open by the ankle so you more range of motion.

  3. well they definitely don’t have anywhere near the casual appeal of the first pair…but it’s about time the likes of aldridge and anthony davis got new kicks to wear…

  4. And we thought last year was awesome for performance kicks. This just looks like a lighter, more breatheable Lebron X with posite. This AND the XX9 already released with no details on the Lebron 12 or kobe 10? can’t wait until basketball season

  5. I can only imagine that upper is going to be crazy uncomfortable. they look cool and might actually look good in a better CW. but I see no way that upper wont kill your feet every time it bends. the flex points are going to be unbearable

  6. They got this picture from Ebay, the seller sold it for $110 dollars for the samples (size 9). I was mad that I couldnt get these to wear but I should of bought them to sell for more!!!

  7. The heel part reminds me of the AJVII, a low-top with support frames like a Huarache. Well, its nice to see that Nike implemented Max Zoom on these. These feels like a solid performer..

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