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Nike Hyperposite 2 Performance Review – Duke4005

nike-hyperposite-2-available-1Looking like the alien symbiote from Spider-Man/Venom/Carnage formed for your feet, the Nike Hyperposite 2 is a step to the future, bringing past technologies together for a killer work boot. But is it for everybody? Here…we…go…

Green Hyperposite 2

MATERIALS – Posite, posite, posite. For those not familiar, and I can’t imagine there are too many, Foamposite first appeared in the 1996-1997 basketball season on the feet of Penny Hardaway and more famously on Mike Bibby’s feet in the NCAA Championship game. If you saw that and didn’t say “what the @#$& is he wearing?” you were old or didn’t care about sneaks. Inspired by an Oakley sunglass case, Posite is meant to be a heat-forming case for your feet giving ultimate fit and protection. Forgotten for years, the technology recently returned in the Hyperposite technology found on the Lebron XI and XII. At first try, the Hyperposite 2 is stiff and protective and stiff. And stiff. They don’t get much better during play. The “heat-forming” never happened, for two reasons. First, the cutouts don’t generate enough heat build-up. Also, the fit is great from the start (later for that). In that shell, we get a thick inner sleeve that is like a foot blanket and is one of the most comfortable sleeves I have ever felt. The third major material is the 360° Max Zoom. Overall, this is a shoe built to last; it’s tough, rough, and durable–a Hummer H2 for basketball.

Nike Air Zoom Hyperposite 2 'Rift Blue' 4

FIT – Perfect. No kidding – for a shoe that should feel like a Wolverine steel toe on looks alone, this shoe locks up tighter than a preacher’s daughter on Prom night (oh wait, nevermind). The shell is cut a little wider in the forefoot but it works with the inner sleeve to fill any space and tighten. The collar is cut high and locks the ankle in. Additionally, the way the heel cup wraps into the ankle and the midfoot completely stops any movement in that area. At first I thought I probably could have went down a half size, but you don’t want Posite to be too short; that can lead to painful toe issues which are no fun. The lacing system also plays a part as it lets the wearer cinch in all areas and get that perfect fit.

Green Hyperposite 2

CUSHIONING – My favorite part, but to me, the shoe’s downfall. Confused? Me too. The shoe features 360° Max Zoom that is bouncy, responsive, and solidly stable – to an overkill degree. I love the way the shoe sinks and bounces; it lets the foot cushion down but immediately bounces back like good Zoom should. If you loved the Lebron X, these will feel great. No slow-down on reaction and no impact on your knees, the best of both worlds. You won’t find better Zoom out there. However…

The midsole is extremely stiff and never breaks in or flexes with my foot. Transition suffered greatly and my game is based on cuts and quick changes of direction. I had some extreme foot fatigue that never went away; it continued from first trip down to last game of the day. It wasn’t that cramping type of pain, more like my feet went numbIf you post up, face up midrange, or are a little older and slower, banging low for boards or you need a little more protection for achy bodies, you DEFINITELY need to check these out. No shame in playing your role; it’s even sadder to pretend you are something you’re not.

Nike Hyperposite 2 Performance Review 1

TRACTION – Suprisingly, from the pattern, traction is extremely sticky and consistent. Not much coverage, and they are similar to the Zoom 96 which I thought sucked, but the Hyperposite 2 was squeaky and sticky on my wood floors at home as soon as I got them on (you know you all do it – straight out of the box on feet in the kitchen). No matter what floor I played on, and I played on three different 24 Hour Fitness courts and a rubberized court at a church, traction was solid. It showed very, very little signs of wear, meaning outdoors you should be good. The rubber is thick and tough even though it is semi-translucent. I really like the way the patterns are broken up; it allows the foot to flex (theoretically) where the splits are. That means more of the shoe is on contact with the floor at weird angles so you never lose grip.


Support/Stability – You probably know from the fit category and materials category, but these are NOT rolling over. I think you could step on three feet and be okay. The Zoom rides low and the midsole contains it completely. The high Posite ankle cut covers you there and actually, next to Ektio, is the most support I have felt in the last few years. The lines of the Posite do exaclty what they should; they come around and over the foot to protect you from injury, from either instability/rolls or someone stepping on you. With that protection comes a lack of mobility, so decide what you need and begin. There is no midfoot shank but the full length Zoom is stiff and keeps your foot from bending down instead of flat. I love this category for this shoe. Rarely does a shoe hit a perfect mark in a category, but the Hyperposite 2 nails support.

OVERALL – Here is the kicker: I have had shoes that were greater than the sum of their parts – nothing stood out, but the shoe was great. The Hyperposite 2, for me at least, was the opposite. The parts, separately, are GREAT. Fit, cushion, traction, stability, materials – all premium and perform well. However, there is that one little transition problem that killed it for me. But that is just it – FOR ME. I am not who this shoe was made for; I rarely bang low or fight for post position. I can’t imagine a shoe better built for Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, Anthony Davis, DeAndre Jordan, Tristan Thompson, guys who play a nasty, hard game. Don’t be proud, but if that is you, take a look at these.

I know the price has dropped almost $100 from retail and for what you get, a super-cushioned shoe that will last forever, that is a steal. These are the reviews I love; a shoe I shouldn’t like, and didn’t fit my style, but I can see the effort and purpose. I can’t wait to see where the Hyperposite symbiote takes us next.

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  1. Duke great review forgot about these… If i may ask you a question you mention the ektio’s in the support section which one? The breakaway or the alexio? And any suggestion for a supportive lowtop thats currently in the market? Thanks in advance.

    1. The Ektios are about the same on support across all 3 models. The Alexia is the most refined as far as court play – upper is more flexible and cushioning is a little better.

      Supportive low? Not on Ektio level, but Kobe 9, brandblack raptor, under armour curry and spawn lows, and probably the best is the CP3 series.

  2. I have the same issues you do with max zoom. I call it my favorite cushion that I can’t play in. I have this nagging foot injury that gets aggravated every time I ball in max zoom, because it doesn’t allow for natural motion. You’re sort of fighting the shoe, not a good look for the feet.

    1. Nene – inmediarely thought of you in this shoe but it is missing the SNC series motion. If you could get around the stiff midsole you would love these.

  3. Thanks for the review, great job as always, Duke. Is that some sort of image stabilization software or a camera feature, very nice either way.

  4. I’m a big guard I play a lot of back to basket on my youth and moved to guard for team reasoning grinding back into shape these sound really fun other than the stiffness.

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