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Nike Hyperfuse Baseball Glove

Nike’s Hyperfuse material has become one of the go to materials used on Nike performance shoes. Hyperfuse is lightweight, strong, and durable which makes it perform at a high level for the best athletes in the world. It only makes sense that Nike will try to apply Hyperfuse to other performance wear such as a baseball glove seen here.

MLB prospect George Springer shared his Hyperfuse baseball glove via twitter. From the pictures we can see the glove made up of the Hyperfuse material all around. This should give the user more control as the user will most likely have better ball feel due to the thinness of the Hyperfuse material. With almost no stitching  on the Hyperfuse glove it should be significantly lighter than the traditional baseball glove.

My only concern is the cushion of the glove. Baseball gloves were invented to protect players hands from catching baseballs coming at them at high speeds. Due to the thinness of the Hyperfuse material i initially thought the Hyperfuse glove was catered toward infielders as more ball feel can improve control in fielding, but George Springer is a center fielder who often catches fly balls coming at him with high velocity. Nike is a great and innovative company and i can almost guarantee they did not overlook this aspect.

Overall this glove is absolutely crazy and Nike looks to change baseball gloves forever by adding one of their most successful technologies. Using Hyperfuse can lead to a variety of advancements in baseball gloves. Branding, graphics, colors, and price can all be improved by just adding hyperfuse. Could the next step be Flywire on a baseball glove?

What do you guys think of adding Hyperfuse to a baseball glove? let us know in the comments below.

Nike Hyperfuse Baseball Glove-1

Nike Hyperfuse Baseball Glove-2

Nike Hyperfuse Baseball Glove-3

Via What Pros Wear

  1. Idk idk idk the glove is crazy but somthing about me makes me say no no no I litterly had the idea the other day of a hyperfuse/flyknit glove. Never thought it would actually happen. Padding and the hyperfuse becoming wet and making the glove slippery are my only concerns

  2. Wow the old guys aren’t gonna like this … True older fans prob won’t like the change from the good old leather to plastic …

  3. Wow…. now they wont even put leather on a baseball glove….smh.
    I hope these new drose 5 and jw shoes play well because im just about done with nike

  4. bought it for my son 2 days ago, might be the lightest glove I’ve ever seen. break in is a little tedious. looks cool as hell. I’ll update you guys on performance at a later date

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