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Nike Hyperfuse 2014 – Detailed Look & Review

Sort of a first impression, but not 100%. I personally like this version of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, best one since the original in my eyes. They even gave us heel Zoom, after all these years. If you wanted a detailed look & review on the new model then you’ve come to the right place. A performance review will follow, but this should answer some questions for the time being. They fit true to size by the way… forgot to mention that in the video.

If you wanted to grab a pair prior to the performance review, you can do so at Finish Line.

  1. Were there instances where the plastic (under the heel zoom) on the outsole breaks? Or is it virtually unbreakable?

    1. Not a lot of torsion in the heel. I don’t think it’ll break. I burned thrpugh my Hyperdunk 2011 soles, and the pladtic windows are still there.

    1. yeah, i still have a pair of the squadron blue lows that i picekd up at an outlet for 50 bucks, and the look is timeless.

  2. The look, the way these are build, these are probably gonna be my favorite Hyperfuse ever. Loving the more organic shape of the sole.

  3. Nightwing.. my personal favorite was the Hyperfuse from 2010, the very first one. i know it was zoom in the forefoot. So is this 2014 version zoom forefoot AND heel? i saw on nike.com that it says phylon midsole.

  4. Buy these. The best hyper shoe period. It’s like a blend of 2010 and 2011 but with a mesh bootie and heel and forefoot zoom. Traction is beast. No slipping not even day one. Now the ankle padding needs about a 15 to 30 break in period depending on how tight u tie them but sfter that it’s golden. Cushioning feels good on first wear but u truly feel the zoom and other aspects after about an hour. Materials are a mix of 2010 with the mesh and 2011 with the nike sign on the side of the midfoot wrap. Big difference is the inner bootie keeps the harshness of the fuse off your foot but still does it job. The midsole looks clunky but the shoe is lighter than the 2012 hyperfuse. The midsole coming up the side is for added stability. Think of the crazy 8 without the weight. Fit is true to size. I wear a 13 and a 1e in these fit perfectly. Bottom line, it’s the best fitting, most stable, most top of the foot comfort hyperfuse with the added bonus of heel and forefoot zoom baby. 9.75 out of 10 because no shoe is a perfect 10, not none.

  5. Nevermind the right zoom bag bust on me and I’m 6 ft 3 in 195lbs. Get the jordan flight 14.5. Better cushioning

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