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Nike Air Pippen Retro 2015 – Detailed Look & Review

The Nike Air Pippen re-released out of nowhere in both original colorways, and we have a detailed look & review of the popular Black/ Red version.

Last released in 2008, this 2015 edition actually steps up the quality and uses better materials. The Air cushion still isn’t anything special compared to their original counterparts, but for nostalgia purposes… this’ll do. They’re all sold out the last I checked, grabbed them from Jimmy Jazz, but the white pair is still available in a few sizes.

Enjoy the video below, and let me know what you think of the Nike Air Pippen in the comment section.

  1. Got also the same experience with my Jordan XI IE.

    1. Walk up to the store
    2. See the shoe on display
    3. Point
    4. Ask for your size
    5. Fit
    6. Pay

    No lines, no gimmicks, no trash talking, no “But Jordan didn’t wear those 11’s…” hypebeasts. Take as much time as you want, fit a size smaller if you can. Man, brings me back to the 90’s. Only thing missing was lacing them up as soon as you get home.

    More of a Pippen 2 kinda guy but these are dope as well. Hope they keep releasing retros this way. And I’m still Waiting on the Zoom 96 Penny edition or the lambaste

  2. Good pickup NW. Those look really good man. It sucks that we can’t get the mix of comfort and good looks of old sometimes but they definitely look great.

  3. Yo Chris. Keep up the good work. You re my n.1 source of info when it comes for purchases and i am following you from your beginining. Since i am 30 we have the same needs when it comes to shoes and also same taste. I always enjoy the old school leather shoes. I play competitive basketball and i was thinking to purchase those since i found em in ebay for a good price. Are they good enough for playing or they re just cheap retros? Should i better go for the J’s XVII+ “Bulls”????
    I also found Pippen VI and Penny VI? Wat do you think about them?

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