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Nike Air Pippen 6 – Available Now

Turns out the Nike Air Pippen 6 is available, but overseas only at the moment. However, if you wanted to grab a pair then you can now from trusted eBay seller id4shoes. The total will be $162.99 if you’re looking to have them shipped to the U.S. Nike Air Pippen 6 - Available Now 2 Nike Air Pippen 6 - Available Now 3 Nike Air Pippen 6 - Available Now 4 Nike Air Pippen 6 - Available Now 5 Nike Air Pippen 6 - Available Now 6 Nike Air Pippen 6 - Available Now 7

  1. Normally I love shoes with color blocking similar to these (Jordan XII Playoffs, Jordan Prime Flight, The Glove, etc…) but these just look weird to me. The new tech parts dont flow with the rest of the shoe. Its like a beautiful woman with tattoos on her face or a server at TGI Friday’s wearing way too much damn flair. They’re trying too hard and screaming LOOK AT ME! I would also like to see an air unit similar to the Lebron X or at least KD 7 used. We might have another neutered sportswear model here. Neutered and with way too much damn flair.

  2. At what retailers have they released? Is there any information? Is it an UK release? I’m asking because I can’t find them at my normal German stores.

  3. I’ve purchased from them before to grab oversea exclusives like the Lebron Ambassadors among others. They are legit and the items get to me in Florida surprisingly fast for shipping coming from that far. I’d say within a week or so. They do make you sign for it though so it won’t be left at your door if you’re not home. I usually just pick it up from the post office.

  4. I got these yesterday and in hand they are sleeker than you think. The different textures and materials used still make this colorway as smooth as some of the previous models. Plus they are surprisingly light:]

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