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Nike Air Max Stutter Step 2 – First Look

The Nike Air Max Stutter Step was made with affordability in mind, retailing for about $85. The multi-positional shoe proved to be a good bang for your buck, as the WearTesters performance review revealed that the Stutter Step had surprisingly good traction and fit. With all that said, a new image has surfaced that shows a sample of the apparent sequel to the inexpensive sneaker. The Stutter Step 2 looks more minimal when comparing the upper of its predecessor, as there appears to be less synthetic leather.

Expect these to release sometime in fall of 2014. Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for an exact timeframe on when the Air Max Stutter Step 2 will release. Until then, comment below on if you think the Stutter Step 2 will outperform the original.

Nike Air Max Stutter Step 2 - First Look

Image via redribbonrecon

  1. Hey Nightwing i have a question not only for you but also for everyone is everything in amazon.com authentic like their shoes is it all authentic cause I’ve been hesitating cause the prices are cheap and im not sure if it is authentic or not pls give me a quick answer and thank you.

    1. The only people who can really guarantee whether anything on amazon is authentic or not are the sellers. Especially if they use stock photos, you don’t really know what you’re getting until you get it. That said, if someone has a high satisfaction rate over a large number of sales, you should be good. Just buy at your own risk.

  2. Remind me of Rhondo’s Peak sneakers. Very similar in materials and look (kinda cheap) but i know thats the purpose.

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