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Ballin’ on a budget. We can’t all afford the $150-$200 price range shoes that we’d hope to obtain. Thus, each brand has a division that works on a certain budget to give those who are watching their pockets a great performance shoe. Today we’re reviewing the Nike Air Max Audacity 2016.


Nike Air Max Audacity - Traction Nike Air Max Audacity - Cushion Nike Air Max Audacity - Materials Nike Air Max Audacity - Fit Nike Air Max Audacity - Support Nike Air Max Audacity - Overall Nike Air Max Audacity - Score Card


  1. For $100 I’d rather go to the outlets and see what they have there on sale, I never understood why people bother with this price range

    1. Not all individuals have outlets close to them, so those who work on the budget have to look elsewhere. I can understand that the shoe is not for everyone, but not everyone can afford shoes at high multitude of prices. We Weartest shoes from all brands and prices, at the end of the day, we try to give our best assessment and the experience of testing shoes to give users the best information possible when buying shoes, regardless of price.

      1. I don’t think he was questioning why you Weartest them, but rather why people don’t look a little further. Because even if you don’t live close to an outlet there’s still the online world. Just yesterday Adidas delivered my Lillard 2s, they’re on sale right now on Adidas’ own website and including shipping they cost me €49. I could’ve bought 2 pairs of those for less than the shoe you reviewed here! The only downside is that you’ll need a little patience for shoes to hit sales and to have your size, also depends on your country.

    2. But even these budget shoes goes on clearance and outlets. So it can probably be snatched down the road in the $40-$50 range. But I understand your point why pay the retail price of $100 for a budget shoe when you can get last year’s signatures and/or certain CWS of current signatures (err Lebron 13) for around $100-$125. But I’m sure there are many people interested in these boys reviewing every basketball sneakers whether it’s shoestring budget or hyper-priced budget.

  2. Interesting traction pattern but, too bad it doesn’t work. The cushioning and design for 100 is ok. Overall for 100 is solid. Good performance review by Nyjumpman23.

    1. Nate2, always appreciative of you reading and supporting. Yea, I Agree, for something on a budget, it’s not as bad as it seems,but the designer(s) of this particular shoe are listening, and they are good people. We know they’ll make the proper adjustments with the limited pricepoint they have to work under.

  3. Interesting? shoe, but finding sales on previous year models online either through footlocker, finish line, ebay etc is a much better option for people like me who ball on a budget but want good shoes.

    UA micro G pro a slept on shoe that has good sales, and the Anatomix spawn are nice too.

    loved the roller skating and ice rink analogies btw lol

    1. Some people might prefer the materials of this model over another model. Everyone has their own preference. Just because you like something doesn’t mean someone else will.
      Again, everyone’s foot is formed into a shoe very differently, so one shoe might work better than another. And also, it’s nice to see a company reference a budget model because not everyone can afford higher end costing kicks. Thanks for reading!

  4. It is BS that companies even give us budget friendly models. We should get the best they can offer at a reasonable price every time. Budget models are not there to help people who can’t afford top of the line shoes, they are there to create the idea of ‘top of the line’. Shout out to brandblack for not trying to pull this marketing scheme.

    1. Unfortunately, we all wish the same, but companies need to some how make money to stay afloat, which we understand, however, some shoes work better for others as stated above, not all shoes work for all people, some people want lighter materials, or some others prefer a Large PSI max heel rather than zoom, it all depends on the individual on which shoe works for their feet. It’s individualistic. Not all shoes that work for me will work for you and vise-versa, but definitely get what you’re saying, we all wish shoes stayed about under 100

  5. the max air in the heel is very similar to the one in the ambassador 7, which i remember you like a lot. but here you’re saying otherwise?

    1. That particular model of the ambassador 7 was 2 years ago, and my body has aged about 20 LOL.
      I really like the max, but depending how the shoe was put together certain cushions work better in certain formalities of the shoe. It really depends on the overall construction.
      The Ambassador is similar to the Lebron 8 PS with Max heel and Forefoot zoom, so it had more than adequate cushion. Meanwhile the Audacity only had Max Heel cushion. Every little bit of extra impact protection counts. This is based on what “I personally” prefer and what works or doesn’t work or me. As I get older (and ACL repair years ago), I try to find a balance between good cushion/comfort so it eases the tension on body/knees.

  6. It is an excellent shoe for those with big feet and you do not get a bigger size and is very economical in most reminds me of the old uptempo

    1. Couldnt’ agree more. For those with wide feet, it’s definitely wide foot friendly and economical. Just wish for better traction overall and better support.

  7. How do you explain that so much big men wears them in the NBA ?? (Anthony Davis, Rudy Gobert, Z-Bo, DMC used to wear them too, Valenciunas, Javaaaaaaale McGee, Andrew Bogut, Etc…)
    I mean, they are endorsed by Nike, they can shoes any model I think and those guys come and ask for a 60€ pair of kicks…even Vince Carter is playing in them…What the hell ? What’s the secret of those shoes ? ahaha

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