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Is the Nike Air Max 97 LX ‘Swarovski’ a Wedding Ring Replacement?

The Nike Air Max 97 was originally made with reflective and shiny details, but those bright details have been taken to a whole new level with the Nike Air Max 97 LX ‘Swarovski’.

The Nike Air Max 97 LX ‘Swarovski’ is a collaboration between NikeWomen and the crystal and jewelry manufacturer Swarovski. Swarovski has developed a fabric it calls “Crystal Fabric” which contains cut and uncut crystals within the fabric. The crystals shine brightly as many crystals do, and when you combine this fabric with the classic Nike Air Max 97, the shoe shines like no other.

To put into perspective how many crystals are actually within the “Crystal Fabric”, Nike states that a pair of the Nike Air Max 97 LX ‘Swarovski’ in a women’s size 7 contains approximately 55,690 Swarovski crystals. The “Crystal Fabric” contains approximately 1.71 million Swarovski crystals per square meter of fabric.

The silver pair of the Nike Air Max 97 LX ‘Swarovski’ will be available globally beginning September 7. The shoe will only be available in women sizing and there is no word yet on what this bejeweled sneaker will run you.



Source: Nike

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