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Nike Air Hawk Flight Retro

A Nike Basketball classic looks to be making a return in the near future with the Nike Air Hawk Flight returning as a Retro.

I can’t even remember what year these originally released… I want to say around 1996 or 1997, but I could be way off. However, I remember wanting a pair of these pretty badly. Gary Payton rocked the hell out of these things in Seattle, his White/ Green colorway was badass. These featured a Phylon midsole with heel and forefoot Zoom Air. They were the premier Air Flight model for the year… the perfect Guard shoe – at the time of course. No word on when or how much… but if they drop either the Black/ White – Blue or the White/ Green OG colorways then sign me up for a pair.

Anyone old enough to remember these bad boys?

Nike Air Hawk Flight Retro



  1. I had this pair (black/blue colorway)! It came out around 1997 and played in it till it wore out. One of the best kicks of the 90’s. When this comes out I’ll definitely get a pair for nostalgic reasons.

  2. Hell yes!!! I don’t recall this color tho. I remember the white with blue soles. Also, jesus shuttlesworth hoopedd in these! I was 10 or 11 when I saw and wanted these. My pops shut that shit down quit, then he took me to payless for sum air walks. That had to last the school year. Lol glad I got another chance

    1. Well, the OG had heel and forefoot Zoom. They also had a Carbon Fiber shank plate for less than $140. So I’m not counting on anything but an inflated price… I know for sure they won’t use Carbon Fiber.

      1. my question is why bring something back for people like us, but not make it the same? and for the younger people who will not get a accurate idea of what these were about. I want these pretty bad, but i have lowered expectations to the point where i feel like they will make a sexy shoe look unattractive …………… i bet that alien bubble on the side is going to be terrible to….just like the kidd joints. its to bad

        1. Good point, weather it’s the carbon fiber or the zoom or even the leather quality. It’s something our generation will be let down by. Honestly that is y under armour and brandblack and a few Chinese companies are getting the foot in the door. Any major sneaker brands now days simply cuts to many corners. I got no problems with hoopin in clutchfit drives. Lol

  3. I think that from what we’ve seen with the re release of the Nike Shox BB4, and the Flightposite 1, Zoom Flight 96, Nike isn’t going to do a accurate retro for this sort of shoe. In the BB4 and Flightposite1 they took out the “Monkey Paw”, which was supposed to be “groundbreaking tech”, in order to help with ankle injuries, which one of the Nike designers tried to argue with me saying that it does “work”, as it was supposed to “trick” the ankle into remaining stable, which was nothing but complete bull, as is most of Nike’s supposed “tech”, stuff that is left on the cutting room floor once Nike decides to do a retro of these sorts.

    I wonder what kind of material they are planning to use on that lateral support wing as well.

    Can I guess, plastic?

  4. Yeah…i’m 36 and remember this on GP, feisty and defending other guards like crazy… Should make this as OG as possible for old time sake

  5. I had these OG in high school in same colorway. Rubber sole was a semi-translucent dark green color – not red or whatever is pictured here. One of my favorite ever for hoop.

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