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Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Yeezy’ – Available for Pre-Order

The popular ‘Yeezy’ colorway has been applied to quite a few models from all brands but none have mimicked the Yeezy 2 more than this upcoming Nike Air Foamposite Pro.

Glow soles and the scale textured eyestay says it all while the Foamposite’s original sculpt looks similar to the back of the Yeezy 2 as it is. If you wanted a more durable and possibly even playable shoe that resembled the incredibly hyped up lifestyle shoe then maybe this is for you.

These are available now for pre-order at Sneaker Crew for those that wish to secure a pair. Anyone feeling these or do you need to see them in-hand prior to making any decisions?

Nike Air Foamposite Pro 'Yeezy' - Available for Pre-Order

  1. I’m not even going o try to cop these they are gonna be super hyped and everyone is going to go crazy and dive over these. I won’t be surprised when these cause riots and stuff. The air yeezy’s are cool, but they are a little overhyped. I know that people are going to get mad, but there are a lot doper shoes out there. I like the way of wade 2’s more than these even though I am a big fan of foams. The screws and the year of the horses are super dope. I love the solar red yeezy 2’s though.

  2. Why mention that they are ready for presale when they have a price that high?
    Nobody in their right mind will buy them at that price and the over hype just made them uncopable.
    There is alot of other brands coming out with great shoes.

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