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Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Elephant Print’

If you want my complete and honest opinion on these, well… here it is…These give me heartburn.

I thought that Nike took a step in the right direction with the recent release of the volt Foamposite & now it looks as if they might be taking 2 steps back. I’m tired of the graphic Foamposites. This has been said over and over again, “Nike should retro old foampposite colorways”, and after looking at these, I have to agree. I feel like Nike has been marketing more towards kids now. Nike has been releasing bright Foamposites with kiddy prints on them. They also started releasing them in GS sizes. I had to wait until I wore mens size before I could buy a Foamposite and this is all I get to choose from? I could go on and on about this topic but I don’t want you guys to be reading a two page essay so I’ll end this rant here.

I don’t think I even need to touch on the shoes themselves. They have an elephant print upper and pink soles.

Feel free to comment your honest opinion in the comment section below.

elephant print foamposite 2

elephant print foamposite 3

elephant print foamposite 4

elephant print foamposite 5

elephant-print-foamposites 1

    1. you realize that galaxys and paranormans are PRINT foamsn right? Its because of those 2 over hyped and overrated foams that nike started making all these stupid prints.

    1. true that, if i somehow got these free, i would sell them for like $200 and get something more appealing

  1. The hype machine has really done this shoe dirty..the spidermans asteriods stds, weather patterns and these amongst others have devalued a once special shoe.
    Imagine jordan 11s had this done to them. ..theyd be worse than fake.

    1. i’m with you. i like them too. will get them if i had money. so whether i like them or not, i cant afford them

  2. I feel like my eyes were just raped. I don’t use that word lightly….this is just wrong, someone should be fired for this. Burn it…kill it with fire!!!

  3. All foams are garbage in my opinion. So for me its funny to see nike release prints like these. Sucks for the foam faithfuls tho. I do feel for ya’ll.

  4. Wtf is nike thinking… Too bad they didn’t keep the print minimal like just on the nubuck area. And that pepto bismol pink makes me want to vomit.

  5. I’m not automatically against the print or the pink sole(although the pink is a bit much and would need a really good upper CW to actually look good) the two together just dont work imo

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