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Nightwing2303 Talks the Worst Basketball Shoes He’s Ever Tested

I’ve been testing basketball shoes for nearly 10 years. Here are some of the worst I’ve encountered.

Reflecting back at all the shoes I’ve tested over the years was fun. I can’t believe how many I’ve played in.

I’ve worn nearly every brand and nearly every signature model over the past 10 years — plus, a ton of team models! While looking through them all I decided to name the worst I’ve ever tested. Some are so bad I didn’t even want to reminisce *cough* Reebok Zig Encore *cough*.

While there are a number of sneakers listed, there are a number of sneakers that were not. I can’t remember the year I stopped at, but nothing really recent was discussed. There have been some bad shoes within the past five years, but I wanted to take things way back rather than stick with what’s fresh in my mind.

I do have a list of my favorites from this same time frame so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this look back and let me know if you’ve been around for the entire ride.

  1. Been watching since 09, I m glad I watched you doing all that stuff and I love seeing you talking back on what you did, your “tester deontology” 😉
    Much love!

  2. Adidas bball shoes’ been known to have inconsistent sizing for a while. Even at that, the Rose 9 fits at a full size or even 1.5 size larger than it should.

  3. aside from the payless shoes and cheap end replicas and funny knock-offs which are horrible, among the known brands, my list would be the Lil Pennies (no cushion), Adizero Crazy light (midfoot fit), Durant 9 (stupid ankle fit), Soldier 10/11 (stupid ankle fit).

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