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My Top 5 Performance Aspects to Look Forward to in The LeBron XI

My Top 5 Performance Aspects to Look Forward to in The LeBron XI

It’s finally been officially unveiled yet we’ve been anticipating them for months.

The Nike LeBron XI is the next evolution in the LeBron signature series and I for one am extremely excited to try these out once they’re available.

I receive a lot of questions on a daily basis regarding the upcoming LeBron XI so I’ll make it easy for everyone and fill you in on My Top 5 Performance Aspects to Look Forward to in The LeBron XI.

  1. I’m just curious. Why does the LeBron signature series always have a colorway that pays tribute or is related to China?

    1. Nike gives China a lot of goodies since that is where their manufacturing and majority of their customers are.

    1. The Air Jordan XI was my first Air Jordan and they are 100% comparable. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being close minded about the subject. What the XI was back then is what these XIs are today. Packed with the latest tech advancements from the brand. Nothing more and nothing less. Dont be a sneaker snob lol.

      1. Ok NW you know your sneaker history. For me the Jordan XI’s design doesn’t compare to the Lebron XI’ s because of the patent leather. It was the first time a performance basketball shoe ever had them. You look at the Jordan XI’s and see the story Tinker wanted to tell to the consumers “Jordan brand stood for elegance and performance” The elegance and performance of the Jordan XI’s was unparrelled back then. when i look at the Lebrons i just see a perfomance beast. . With the jordan XI’s. We had people in thieir wedding tux’s rocking them in photos. I could be wrong I don’t for see people doing that with the Lebron XI’s. yes the tech is on point I agree with you on that but the design and overall aesthetic of jordan XI’s blows the Lebron XI’s design out the water. Now the Kobe VI’s are more comparable design wise because of the plastic scales used as function and design to tell a story. Now I could be wrong several years down the road about the Lebron XI’s in that case I will concede and agree with you.

        1. I was never talking about design, I was talking about their performance and tech. It is true that when the XI debuted it was a striking design BUT it was also the most technologically advanced performance shoe on the market until the Foamposite One. The LeBron XI literally blows both of those shoes away when it comes to pure tech advancements. In 10-15 years, the LeBron XI might be regarded as one of the best LeBron shoes of all time – if it is or isn’t I couldn’t care less. All I was saying was that these remind me of a shoe – I used patent leather as a reference to the shoe without having to name it – due to its tech features. One last thing, the AJXI was about elegance and grace, just like the man they were modeled after. These are designed pretty rough and they just look like a performance beast… just like the man they were modeled after. Its all the same thing at the end of the day… I would never say the LeBron XI is better than the Jordan XI but that would be based on pure nostalgia and not performance. Im just willing to admit it lol.

          1. Lol I don’t know you personally so I could never take it to that level. This is a great site where people can express their appreciation for kicks. I have more serious issues like properly tax and things like that causes me stress. This is a good site to get away from all that. Keep up the stellar work NW, mad respect to your work ethic.

  2. hey nightwing, do you think the lebron 11 low will be performance oriented like this one? the lebron 11 low may look like a very cool foamposite thanks to the armorposite

  3. Just a small correction (maybe),
    I dont know if its true but I think Nike said that the Zoom bag on the sole is their first ever non-visible 360 max zoom cushion, not a regular zoom bag.

  4. I’ve been on a long drought when it comes to the Lebron signature line. Last LeBron shoe I played in was the LBJ 3s.. this could be IT.

    Looking forward for your input and KickGenius Performance test on this.


  5. they really do look low to the ground in that picture taken from the back…this could be the first lebron since the zoom generation that i will play in regularly…

  6. NW stole my baby, when he got “The Glove”…You big ole informative jerk you. I hope you never hear a butterfly sing!


  7. i’m wondering if this will be at par to the cushioning of the x. currently playing on x and my knees feel more supported from impacts with them. if this will be at par or maybe exceeds the level of support for impacts than the x then i’ll get one.

  8. Dude, Nike should have given you this shoe ahead, so when the shoe comes out, ur performance review comes out, and it helps them sell more shoes.

  9. These XIs seem to be mid cut already..if not, almost mid.. I can only imagine how the low will look like.. hope they wouldnt put on some full length max on the low version on these like they did with the previous low versions…stick with zoom

  10. 2013 has shaped up to be one the best signature years in shoe history. With an emphasis on light weight in the crazy lights, Kobe 8s, and even the Kd line. A focus on forefoot cushioning where most of the cushion is needed in running and jumping with the Jordan 28 and Superfly. An understanding of through even cushioning with the Lebron 10 full length Max Zoom, Kobe 8 full length Lunarlon, and even say the DRose line with even cushioning throughout. And finally, a push to really have a locked down feel through a variety of methods but all achieving a much better one-to-one foot movement than any shoe from the 90’s.

    I have all 10 lebrons in DS shape for collection but have never worn them because of a variety of reasons. The Lebron XI are going to be the first Lebrons I look forward to wearing. Also, the new Kobe 9 coming out that is going to be based on FlyKnit, be lighter than the Crazy Lights, while also having full length Lunar with heel and forefoot zoom which will give similar cushioning to the Lebron but without the weight and in a locked down low top.

    Overall I believe the Jordan line has had the better shoes in the past year but with the new Lebron XI and Kobe 9, I don’t know if the new Melo 10, Superfly 2, and CP3 VII can stand up to Nike’s best.

    1. May I also mention the generation shift to the acceptance and understanding the foams are the future. Much like in the world of running, air and gels at to much weight and do not give back any energy. Nightwing has an awesome article on his favorite foams and is amazing to see this technology really come center in the world of basketball as it has in the running circles.

  11. So Jason Petrie is not more the Designer of LBJ sneakers? Because i not see anymore videos of him showing his athlete new model for the Season since the #9 model. I read yesterday that (Leo Chang) was the designer of the X. So the question is… Who is the designer of the 11’s??

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