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Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.0 Encore – Detailed Look & Review

If images aren’t your thing then maybe you’ll enjoy this detailed look & review video look of the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.0 Encore. I absolutely love the shoe and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

These aren’t my shoes by the way… I was just lucky enough to get to check them out and make the video.

  1. Can not wait to get a pair. Haven’t been lucky enough to grab a pair but want these red ones bad. Any idea on release dates?

      1. Exactly Ice, if you or NW have someone you recommend I’ll go that route, but as I type this I just remembered that hi something website, I have to search the site for it’s name. I’ll just buy from them, they were just like 50 over price plus shipping.

        So thank you sir, for jogging my memory.

  2. Maybe the breds are “Code Reds?” Both pairs look clean and read what you said about the laces and the tongue. I’ll keep an eye out for a link on the Overtown 2.0 Encore if I can get them for the same price I paid for the Announcements 2.0.

    No real big deal, but I wish the breds stayed with all leather and didn’t add the nubuck.

      1. Yeah I have those, but these Encores are reversed in colorblocking and a bit of yellow could easily be “Code Red” Encores. Announcements are predominantly black, then red, then white.

      1. It feels alright, but I suppose that the maintenance of it was my issue. Actually now that I think of it, My M10s are still fresh. Nubuck also means less of that dope quality leather Li-Ning gives us.

  3. Absolutely a must cop for me. I STILL can’t stop returning to my announcements. Between the WOW 2.0’s, the Rose 4’s, and my XII taxi’s it’s hard to pick which one I like most in my rotation right now even though they all play so different.

    1. They’re Wade’s shoes and I was fortunate enough to have a friend that will be doing some custom work for him. He asked if I wanted to take a look at the shoes before he deconstructed them and I accepted.

      1. Ha, i bet that was a really tough decision!! The material quality on the 2.0s are out of this world. Thanks for the looks!

      2. Now that’s class, he didn’t even name drop, bet it’s that cat that hook up your kb8’s 🙂


  4. I’m really curious to know how these performs… in particular the traction and the difference between the black/red solid rubber and white/red translucent rubber outsole. I hope we’ll see a your performance review soon Chris 🙂

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