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Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 – Detailed Look & Review

If you’ve been wanting to know what’s up with the Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 – the shoe Wade wore during the season – then you might enjoy the video below, at least the part where the shoe is featured. It’s a pretty nice model though, especially for the price. Strange how the Wade line’s team models outshine other brands signatures in terms of material quality. They’re priced under the $100 mark too.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, they’re available now – here – or you can wait for their performance review – won’t be super soon with the other pairs I have in front of these.

  1. Night wing just wanted to let you know thanks to your recommendation I picked up a pair of the black and navy j crossover 2s and I’m lovin em

  2. Did you have to order the jacket separately? And if they were a perk using your code at checkout, where do you input the size for the jacket? Can’t wait for the actual review! God bless man

  3. Nightwing you are pulling the blade part of the sword towards you! How dangerous! Plus you use erisma sticks!

  4. Do these remind you of the White Ranger or something?

    I love how Li Ning uses quality leather. Kind of shows you that materials don’t matter much as far as price is concerned. Its more about overhead and simply charging what you can get away with (I’m looking at you Mr Jordan). I just wish Li Ning had better cushion. No interest in the Fission 1.5 model (looks like a cheap Nike team model) but I might pick these up. They would be about $113 shipped. Not bad.

    1. Damn. Looks like they jacked up their shipping costs. Its $27. So it would be $120 shipped. Still not bad but I think they had sub $20 shipping awhile back.

  5. Was on the fence on ordering this pair until this video. Definitely digging the colorway. Got the sports duffel bag as well.

  6. nightwing, they got new 808 low-top version in china, and they are in avengers style, yea i mean from the movie avenger… and li-ning just got another shoes in avengery style.. try to search for lining bblite3 they got avenger style for it too..

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