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LeBron’s Next Budget-Friendly Sneaker Has Gotten Significant Upgrades

nike lebron witness 2018
Image via @nikelebronnet

It looks like the Nike LeBron Witness, a LeBron James takedown model, will be getting its third iteration this year. If what we see in this leak is true then the latest build comes with some serious upgrades.

Last year’s LeBron Witness 2 was a rehash of what Nike started in 2016 with the lackluster $100 LeBron Zoom Witness; the Witness 2 rode atop the same traction as the original shoe, and featured small hex Zoom Air units in the forefoot. Additionally, the textile upper — which was reinforced by synthetics — was just as breathable as the first build. You can learn more by checking out Stanley T.’s LeBron Zoom Witness Performance Review.

Now, leaker @nikelebronnet has posted a first look at the upcoming LeBron Witness and wow. For the first time ever, the LeBron Witness will get what appears to be a Battleknit upper, the knit used on the LeBron 15, and beastly full-length herringbone traction.

nike lebron witness 2018
Image via @nikelebronnet

Best of all, it looks like the 2018 LeBron Witness will ride atop a full-length Zoom Air unit. Nike has been offering that full-length unit at cheaper and cheaper price points — Russel Westbrook’s Why Not Zer0.1 Low has the full-length unit and retails for only $115 — so it makes sense to bring it to the LeBron Witness. The shoe shares more in common with the LeBron 15 than the outgoing LeBron Witness 2, and that’s a good thing.

There is still no official word yet on what exactly this new LeBron Witness will be called, when it will (if ever) arrive Stateside, or what it will cost. (If the shoe retails for the same $100 as the LeBron Witness 2 it will be the lowest price point Nike has offered full-length Zoom Air yet.) Usually, these beastly LeBron takedowns like the Ambassador line are reserved for overseas hoopers so we’ll keep you updated.

What do you think of this LeBron Witness build? Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE 8/29/18: New images show “AIR” branding in the midfoot window so we may be getting a full-length Air unit.

nike lebron witness 2018
Image via @nikelebronnet
nike lebron witness 3
Image via US11
  1. Wow this shoe looks amazing! Too bad it (probably) won’t come stateside. i love the shape of the silhouette mixed with the battleknit

  2. I never cared too much about the whole spectrum of Lebron shoes and I bareley know anything about his lines. How have they been widthwise in the past? I have shrek-feet and this is the first Lebron model that got me interested in a long time.
    Damn I just searched for his entire line and came across the Lebron IV…..holy sh…..what the hell? Someone at Nike hated Lebron at that time!

    1. To each their own, but the LeBron IV was super comfortable with its full-length Zoom and the fruity pebbles colorway is classic (they’re still doing versions of that with the XV recently), and if they’re ever retroed, I’m sure some people would be looking forward to it.

  3. Full herringbone and zoom. Thats already a good thing. If this carries over traits from the last witness like outdoor-durable rubber, wide-footer fit, and an affordable price, then this could be an auto-cop for me.

  4. how sure are you of the tech specs? because looking closely, I think they just used an overlay instead of battle knit… probably still a durable upper as budget models in this range usually are fine with some sort of fuse or fuse-relative, and all the other specs look in line as you’ve listed, but the upper seems sus to me.

  5. The shoe looks cool and the tech seems really good for the price. Containment though looks to be KD 11 like… which for bball purposes is awful

  6. Knit upper, herringbone (likely XDR) and full length zoom?

    This budget model has better sounding specs than the new Kobe

  7. Battleknit, FULL LENGTH ZOOM AND FULL LENGTH HERRINGBONE FOR A BUDGET LEBRON JAMES SHOE. I REPEAT, LEBRON JAMES SHOE. This is just amazing! I just hope that what is said about this leak is true. And Im sure this will sell out

  8. Not sure if it’s full-length zoom, by the dimpled air bag look from the bottom. Looks like those thin air bag in jordan 11

    1. If thats the case, it would make more sense than full zoom, since its a budget shoe. Still dissapointing, though. It ya’ll thought a lot of zoom in shoes can’t be felt, times that by 4 in regular air units back in the day.

  9. Agree with UQK.. The bottom shows air bag similar like the one in air jordan 11 or fake lebron 11 sole.
    But if it full length it, it should perform good if not great.

  10. So surprised so few people noticed the air-sole unit(you can see through the window) and it actually says AIR there instead of zoom air.
    Still, this is probably the first time we have an air sole unit close to the outsole and somehow unlocked. These long units are comfortable underfoot for sure (AJ 2/7/10/11)

  11. I don’t think that is battleknit, it looks like the same knitted upper of the soldier 12s. The shoe looks beastly tho.

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