LeBron James Teases a First Look at the Nike LeBron 17

LeBron James takes to Instagram to give fans a first look at the Nike LeBron 17.

Other than Michael Jordan, no signature basketball player has ever had seventeen signature sneakers. It’s an amazing accomplishment within the footwear industry as trends tend to go and quickly as they arrived.

From the quick look we had at the shoe, it looks as if the upper is another new rendition of knit or Flyknit. BattleKnit 3.0 perhaps?

Cushioning is the one area that we can see pretty clearly, but we don’t have confirmation on what exactly it is. From what I can see, it almost looks as if the new Air Max units found on the Air Max 270 and 720 have been modified for performance and runs 3/4’s of the length of the shoe. The forefoot looks like it could be articulated Max Zoom similar to what we’ve received in the Nike LeBron 15 and 16.

Official release information and retail price are currently unknown, but once we see something official we’ll be sure to update you.

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the first look LeBron Jame’s Nike LeBron 17 in the comment section below.

via @KingJames


  1. I’m very excited about the new upper material. This colorway reminds me of the ashes to ashes from the 15. I feel we will be able to see many intricate designs going forward!

  2. Looks good. I’m gonna miss that articulated heel, though. It gave the shoe a nice heel to toe transition when running.

  3. Looks kinda weird in the back, but besides that I can see how it evolved from the other shoes in his line.

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