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KT Tape Pro Review

KT Tape Pro is 100% synthetic kinesiology tape that comes in precut strips. It’s designed to be the most convenient and versatile tape that KT Tape makes.

Kinesiology tape is an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. KT Tape says correctly applied tape lifts the skin and decompresses the layers of fascia. This allows for greater movement of lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic fluid transports white blood cells throughout the body, removes waste products, cellular debris, and bacteria. 

In theory, the above process reduces discomfort and pain caused by pressure from inflammation and swelling. The KT Tape also provides extra support to prevent a lot of common injuries from slowing you down during competition.

But does KT Tape work? Good question. It has a lot of skeptics. I’m not a medical professional (shocking I know) but will offer an opinion. Over the years, I’ve had various certified sports medicine professionals recommend kinesiology tape to me as a means of managing and promoting the healing of various injuries to my IT band, calf, and achilles. Overall, I felt the tape aided my IT band and calf recoveries while not doing much for my achilles. I think it’s worth trying KT Tape Pro at its reasonable $20 price point to see if it works on your specific injuries. Let’s dive into the pros and cons so you can figure out if it’s right for you.

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KT Tape Pro Pros


  • Online resources. The toughest part of kinesiology tape is learning how to apply it for each injury. KT Tape has the best (if poorly organized) resources for how to apply the tape to various body parts. The short YouTube videos and one page PDFs efficiently teach you what to do.
  • Precut strips. KT Tape Pro is precut into 10 inch strips. I used KT Tape before this was an option, and trust me, cutting your own tape stinks. The precut strips make it 100x easier to use.
  • Long lasting. The Pro version stays on for 4-7 days (if you put it on right). Regular KT Tape lasts 1-3 days. My test verified that the Pro tape lasted 4-5 days. For me, it lasted 1-2 days longer than the normal tape. Certain places, like the foot with it’s constant multi-planar motion, won’t stay on quite as long.
  • Water resistant. Sweat and showers are not an issue. The tape still sticks.
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free. Regular KT Tape is cotton-based so this synthetic version is a good option for anyone with allergies.
  • Reflective print. The 3M hits are a nice touch. They don’t do anything to help the tape’s performance but they do look cool.
  • Multiple colors. There’s 4-9 color options depending on the retailer. It’s easy to match your team colors.
  • Nice case. KT Tape Pro comes in a solid plastic case. After I was done with my tape, I saved the case to use for my normal athletic tape. It does a good job protecting everything else in my bag from the tape.
KT Tape Pro Cons


  • Effectiveness. People are split on whether kinesiology tape works. The only way to know if it works for you is to try it.
  • Learning curve. You need to be taught how to apply the tape effectively. Not everyone will want to put in the effort.
  • Ease of use. Applying the tape to certain injuries or body parts requires help. This is not surprising given the medical nature of the product but it is a negative.
  • Pulled hairs. You’ll need to shave off your body hair wherever you put the tape. It’s a pain, but necessary. If you don’t shave, pulling the tape off hurts like hell. 
KT Tape Pro Overall


KT Tape Pro can help you heal or provide support for your various sports-related injuries. If you’re an athlete, it’s worth trying. You may find KT Tape is as effective as compression socks in aiding recovery. Or you may be someone who feels like it doesn’t help at all. At KT Tape Pro’s $20 price point, I think most active people will appreciate having some on hand to use as needed.

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