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Kobe Gives a Young Fan a Signed Pair of PE’s Right Off His Feet

Kobe — the Real MVP.

Last night Kobe Bryant and the Lakers took on the Denver Nuggets. As the game was winding down and Kobe was just settling into the bench waiting for the game to finally end, Kobe took of his unreleased PE of his eleventh signature sneaker, signed them, and gave them to a young fan in the stands.

Apparently the young fan and his friend were interrogating Kobe to give up the name of one of his dogs and Kobe wouldn’t budge, but gave them one hint: his name was in a Harry Potter film. After a throwing out a dozen names the kids finally guessed Crucio — one of the three unforgivable curses in the wizarding world — and Kobe rewarded the youngster with a pair signed PE’s of the Kobe 11.

Relive the magical moment above and let us know if you honestly would have guessed Crucio in the comments section below or on social media with the #WearTesters.

Kobe Gives a Young Fan a Signed Pair of PE's Right Off His Feet-1

Image Via: Denver Post

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