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Do You Know the True History Behind the Air Jordan 1?

truth about the air jordan 1 kris arnold

Everyone knows the basic history of the Air Jordan line — Michael Jordan was a rookie, signed a deal with Nike, and then came the birth of the Air Jordan line. But even for those of us who know about the Nike Air Ships (MJ’s first Nike sneaker) do we really know all of the details?

Kris Arnold, a former employee of ProServe, the sports marketing firm that represented Michael Jordan, has shared some insight behind the creation of the Air Jordan 1. Arnold discusses how MJ signed a deal with Nike, how the name “Air Jordan” was coined, and the history of the Air Jordan 1 (how it actually made its way into the NBA and onto the hardwood).

The first video, above, details the history and development of the Air Jordan line, the Air Jordan 1, and the journey that was taken to get the Air Jordan 1 onto the hardwood. Arnold goes into more detail with a follow up video that covers information he had gathered since publishing the original video, and you can check that video out below.

Let us know in the comment section below what you learned or what surprised you in the videos.


Source: ChannelKris

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