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Klay Thompson Wears ANTA at Warriors Practice

KG, Rondo, Parsons… and Klay. These are the athletes that are currently with the Chinese brand ANTA.

There hasn’t been an official announcement about Klay Thompson making the switch from the Swoosh to ANTA, but it is happening. We are not sure if Klay is making the jump in order to receive a signature model like the other ANTA athletes, but its more than likely the scenario.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject below in the comment section, and stay tuned for more information as it comes.

Klay Thompson Wears ANTA at Warriors Practice

  1. I hate to see Klay in Anta bc havent been impressed w/ the look of the shoes. they look cheaply made to me. unfortunately Nike doesnt pay well at all unless you are a signature athlete. had to go where the money was I guess. hopefully this is just a trial to see how he likes the shoes before he gets locked in

  2. Just NO. Stick to the Swoosh it looks better on you, better yet wear Under Armour shoes and they might make Klay a signature shoe.

  3. I wish he at least opted for Peak if it had to be one of the China-based brands. They haven’t gone wrong with the TPs, and Klay would be a great long term ambassador for them…

  4. Why does anyone make a big deal that Klay chose Anta over Nike or UA? Not so much here at WT, but on IG and other forums, I see people (usually Nike zombies) going HAM over someone not re-upping with the swoosh. Do any of us make any money off of Klay staying with the swoosh? Didn’t think so. Let the man make his business decisions as he sees fit. If you don’t like Klay’s shoes when they come out for Anta, just don’t buy them. People probably wouldn’t buy his Nike PE’s except in the Bay Area anyways. A player going to an off the grid brand does not mean the sun isn’t going to come out tomorrow.

    1. Those are the Nike employee’s, wannabe “influencers”, pathetic sycophants of the swoosh that hover on sites like NikeTalk and Sole Collector, attempting to negatively influence the popularity of a player especially if they are really good, and wanting to sign with a brand other than Nike.

      The first thing they say is, “oh that other company must’ve paid him a lot of money”, if they sign with someplace other than Nike, as if Nike is the only company that makes a decent shoe.

      You’ve got to find a place where people who actually play discuss footwear, because Nike’s main audience these days are gamers, not ball players.

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