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Jordan XX9 Unveiled With First Performance-Woven Upper

Jordan Brand looks to build upon 2013’s widely successful Jordan XX8 by introducing the revolutionary Jordan XX9. The flight plate makes a return from the XX8, whereas the upper has completely changed. The woven uppers are meant to fit like a glove, while also helping the aesthetics of the shoe, as the strands are able to be woven into just about any graphic.

As always, stay tuned to WearTesters.com for a full performance review. Hit the comments to voice your thoughts on the Jordan XX9. Continue reading for the full press release from Jordan Brand:

Building on a history of pioneering innovation and craftsmanship, the Jordan Brand today unveiled the highly anticipated Air Jordan XX9 at a media event in New York. The 29th iteration of the successful Air Jordan franchise is the world’s first basketball shoe to be tailored for flight. With the launch of this year’s signature Air Jordan release, the brand continues its commitment to bringing innovation and style to the hardwood with the best on-court footwear and apparel for the world’s greatest athletes.

Each year, the Air Jordan launch serves as a platform for the Jordan Brand to push consumer expectations for the style and performance of on-court basketball shoes. Since 1985, the launch of the brand’s most premium performance product has debuted innovations such as Visible Air in the AJ III, carbon-fiber materials in the AJ XI, and most recently, Flight Plate technology in the Air Jordan XX8.

The Air Jordan XX9 is no different – featuring two revolutionary technologies: an evolved Flight Plate coupled with the first-ever performance-woven upper. This design creates a shoe that feels and plays as if it were tailored specifically to each athlete’s foot.

In a break from revealing the shoe in February in recent years, Jordan Brand introduces the Air Jordan XX9 this April to more closely align with the beginning of basketball season, says the brand’s President, Larry Miller,

“Our mission is laser-focused: We want to provide the absolute best performance products to our athletes, from elite high school athletes to professional players competing for championships,” said Miller. “By shifting to a fall launch, we ensure players around the world will have the very best in performance and style available as they prepare for the season.”


The Air Jordan XX9 features the world’s first performance-woven upper. Finding inspiration in Italy, the home of some of the world’s greatest craftsmen, the Jordan design team created an upper that provides structure, support, interior comfort and exterior abrasion resistance. Using state-of-the-art weaving machines, the team learned they could provide all four major elements of the shoe in a single layer of material.

“In the past, we’ve drawn inspiration from myriad places—everything from fighter jets to motorcycles—and have ended up with some pretty fun designs along the way,” said Tinker Hatfield, Vice President of Creative Concepts. “This year, our inspiration and challenge to ourselves was to create the best performance basketball shoe ever—and I think the XX9 and the performance-woven upper pay that off.”

The performance-woven upper delivers superior abrasion resistance, along with an entirely new look on the outside of the shoe. The structure and fit of the shoe are engineered through Flight Web tunnels, and strategic panels of stiffer and softer flex to enhance natural motion. The absence of numerous layers and adhesion technologies creates an incredibly comfortable, sock-like interior lining with superior breathability. Using webbed straps that wrap the foot and integrate with the laces, the Flight Web fit system offers superior mid-foot lockdown that moves with the athlete. Woven channels in the upper enhance the Flight Web fit system, while a double-lasted heel helps dampen the impact on hard landings. Articulated padding in the collar adds to the premium, signature feel of the shoe and helps prevent the heel from slipping.

The Air Jordan XX9 also features the newest iteration of Flight Plate. Harnessing the energy of every step for explosive liftoff and optimal energy return, the evolved Flight Plate maximizes the responsiveness of the Nike Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel through the use of a Pebax® moderator plate. The plate provides managed compression and deflection of the Nike Zoom Air cushioning units, creating a larger sweet spot for optimal performance. In this year’s shoe, the forefoot and heel are linked by a tendril – a small bridge of outsole – providing a smoother heel-to-toe transition.


Built with premium materials and an innovative construction process, the Air Jordan XX9 acts as a North Star for the rest of the brand, introducing and perfecting technology that will set the precedent for Jordan Brand’s signature performance shoes. Paying homage to the brand’s rich history of premium products, the Air Jordan XX9 features Italian craftsmanship, and a product that early wear testers, such as Russell Westbrook, say raises the bar for comfort and fit right out of the box.

“We keep hearing from our athletes: Whether you’re a big guy or a point guard, you’re going to get that individual fit that really feels tailored for your game,” said Dave Schechter, Vice President and Category Footwear Leader of Jordan Brand. “We always try to ensure that when our athletes play in our shoes, they not only perform at their best, but they eliminate distractions. We think the Air Jordan XX9 offers a fantastic, custom fit that’s lightweight and breathable, but also locks you in and gives you the right amount of containment.”


Committed to helping athletes take flight, performance is a core value for the Jordan Brand. While most signature shoes are constructed around a signature athlete’s foot, the Air Jordan will provide a tailored feel for every consumer. Be sure to keep an eye on Jordan Brand athletes during the post-season to see the shoe in action as competition reaches its peak.

The Air Jordan XX9 launches this September in two colorways— Black/White-Gym Red and Black/Team Orange-Dark Grey. Stay tuned to Nike Inc., and @Jumpman23 for more details.

Jordan XX9 Unveiled With First Performance-Woven Upper Jordan XX9 Unveiled With First Performance-Woven Upper 4 Jordan XX9 Unveiled With First Performance-Woven Upper Jordan XX9 Unveiled With First Performance-Woven Upper 3

Via NikeInc.

  1. @#$% the Kobe 9, I want several of these…That colorway……Y U GOTTA BE SO SEXY!!!
    Can’t wait to hoop in these.

  2. These will most likely be a 9/10. Fit will be awesome, traction will probably be good even though the pattern is more spread out than the xx8, cushioning will no doubt be amazing with more of the SF2 configuration, because the materials are so thin, ventilation shouldnt be bad, awesome support will come from the awesome fit, and for the price tag, I would hope the materials are durable. Can’t wait until September

    1. That traction is going to be a 10, zoom in an look at it. Odds are it’s the same material from the 28, but look at the extra let’s say vertical lines in-between the long wave(traction) running the length of the shoe. This puppy was made with defense/lateral movements in mind.

  3. These will be a lot more accessible too, unlike the 28s so that should help the everyday baller that wants to get a pair with out getting E-$#@!ed on ebay.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, if you’re in the Chicago area, I’m perfectly find with pushing grandma’s down several flights of stairs to get my breds.

    1. You are from the Chicago area? How did you have accessibility issues? lol XX8s were sitting in the Rosemont and Aurora Nike outlets for a while. The SE is sitting in the Woodfield Champs. I saw the bamboos and the Christmas SE weeks after the All-Star weekend.

  4. Liking the the woven upper but curious on how different it is from a flyknit upper.
    And I’m wondering which shoe is like the “SE” model of the two.

  5. They look good to me! I love how the black and red pair looks like the XIV’s collar and the XXIII’s toe box. As far as looks go, these are the best looking modern air jordans since the 23 in my opinion. I don’t think the zoom will be as responsive since its more recessed into the midsole, but hopefully that fixes the popping issue. The heel looks weird on the bottom, maybe no heel zoom bag to keep cost down? Cost could be an area of concern, if they’re over $180, I won’t be getting them. I’d rather but some way of wades with premium materials than these to be honest. If they can keep it South of $180, I may have just found my new hoop shoes.

    1. You buggin man. No heel zoom, no cop for me. Unless they removed the flightplate from the heel so I can feel the foam.

  6. Nightwing looks like they used the zoom setup of the SF?? Is this an attempt to fix the zoom bags from popping? Glad you could attend and bring us a performance review on these asap lol. I know I’ll be getting these on release day.

  7. woven is the new premium. has all the benefits of raw materials with none of the drawbacks of synthetics. these will be around 225 easy…Im definitly gettin these no waiting around for an se this year.

  8. I’m seeing a lot of people on other websites trashing the design of the shoe. The people trashing the shoe are probably the ones that don’t play basketball. This isn’t a shoe that you’re going to hit up the club in; it’s made for performance. IMO the design looks fly and I can’t wait to try them on.

    1. Bingo….they are for playing first….Can’t stand to see cats just rock basketball shoes as casual shoes. It’s like you are probably the @#$hat that beat me out of actually playing in them.

    2. Can’t shoes look good and play good?

      The designs alright, it’s kinda a fusion of older models. I do like the woven upper though. Hope they come out with a $150 pair

    1. Well sir, I hope you get cancer in your bawls. To you I say….”Good Day Sir!”
      Oh an which are you? The bot user/abuser or the I don’t hoop in them, just “rock’em” with jeans/etc…

      One of those will at least let you keep a bawl via Lance Armstrong, the other gets you a visit from the ether bunny.

      1. What’s wrong with you man? I know (or at least hope) you’re being facetious about “pushing grandma’s down stairs”, and wishing someone gets cancer, but don’t be an asshole. Who cares what people use their shoes for… Whether casual or performance. For the record I hoop in all the shoes I buy, but I don’t care what other people do. Grow up man, or probably boy.

        1. lol Glomb love how you think you know me, clearly I won’t be pushing Grandma’s down stairs. If you don’t like what I have to say, skip to the next comment.

          Bob you do whatever you want, long as you’re happy, I won’t lie I wasn’t about to read your life story when I was just messing with you. This is the last reply either of you get from me, Unbunch the panties and press on.

      2. Im the guy who works his ass off for what he has gets up early and goes and buys what I want. Which is why I have what I want.I dont complain about what others have. Ill bet 90 percent of the folks here have more kicks than I do…I dont care. Im not the guy who has to keep checking down the front of my pants to make sure I still got a dick. I know what Igot and what Im worth. I hope nightwing bans you, youre contaminating the intelligence in the thread with your stupid.

  9. The fixed podulation and flight plate should make performance better then the XX8(and it’s hard to complain about the xx8 and se model). The woven basis on upper that helps keep the foot at bay is going to be key in terms of the way aesthetics will be used and performance basis behind it. Supposed to be no break-in period at all. This shoe is going to be the one to keep an eye out for.

    1. And based on the fact there’s no heel zoom. I wouldn’t even consider these to be a big improvement from SF2
      Design-wise, too many Jumpman logos, nothing really special.

  10. wuke, thse remind me of when back in the day tink would alter a shoe slightlyy and make it better, the three and four…six seven and eight…so and so…none too different. Just slightly better!

  11. The design is meh to me, but I am looking forward to hooping them…not exactly sure what the difference will be between woven vs knit but I will say I was strongly disappointed in the Kobe 9 elite for having all that fuse underneath the flyknit. It really took away the performance aspect of the flyknit…so I’m hoping nike doesn’t fuse the hell underneath these…as for being woven in Italy ….who cares if you weave synthetics in Italy? Lol…weave it china where it’s cheaper plus china puts their money in tech not hourly labor pay.

    1. Yeah I agree, the design is mediocre at best, but these look like 10/10 performance wise. Can’t wait to see if that tendril thingy is actually useful for smoother heel to toe ride

  12. I’d wish it were September already, but I don’t want to miss the playoffs 🙁
    Can’t wait to see the colorways both of these spawn.

  13. I feel like this is going for more of a glove like fit while the kobe is going for more of a sock like fit

  14. Hope when they put it out for I.D. they give a lot of options to do with the shoe. This looks like a pair you want to have a few styles and I.D. a couple.

  15. I definitely like this shoe. The only flaw would be the heel, but I like it and gives it’s homages from the Air Jordan III’s and XIV’s heel. My only changes would be less lacing and a high to low transition cut on the upper. Overall, I must cop ’em but at a lower price of course 😀

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