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Jordan Trunner Dominate Pro Performance Review

A super in-depth written Performance Review won’t be done this time around, mostly because I feel I took care of the review fairly well in the video, so I will just give you a summary below. This is the first time I’ve performance tested and reviewed something other than a hoop shoe though so keep that in mind.

My recommendation for the Jordan Trunner Dominate Pro is that this is a great TRAINING shoe but it’s not a basketball specific shoe. Definitely can work on-court if needed but they were meant as a multipurpose trainer for the track, field, gym etc. Cushion is unbelievably comfortable and responsive while the fit and ventilation are both strong points. Traction is good for training but on-court they were only decent – lateral movements were covered but other movements… not so much. Support overall is good if you use the shoe properly. Again, this is a Trunner which means training and running… not hooping.

For training purposes, these are awesome. Very comfortable and lightweight with plenty of flexibility and freedom for movement so whether you are on the track, field or at the gym… these will work beautifully.

Hit the jump if you’d like to watch the full video review and thank you for all the support! I hope I reviewed these properly… again, I’ve never reviewed anything other than a hoop shoe so this was a very new experience for me.

  1. lol idk why people say u have wierd form. Its picture perfect. its just the choppiness of your release that makes it look funny

  2. its not his form, your form is great. it doesnt really matter but what makes it look weird is the fact that he jumps like half an inch

  3. Hey Nightwing. I’m looking for a good all around training shoe, to work out in and do some running. Would you suggest these or the Nike zoom Revis?

  4. Great review as always Nightwing. Are you planning on doing anymore training shoe reviews? If you are I think it would be cool to get your opinion on the Nike CJ81. They look fantastic and who knows, the traction could work on-court. Plus they’re low top which I know you prefer.

  5. 2 shoes that I would definitely cop are the Trunners and SuperFly 2. not disappointed that the Soldier 7, KD 6 came out disappointing. made my selection much easier.

  6. Snap – i just picked these up and hooped in them. THESE ARE Dope. The New Zealan All Black CW. So comfy and they held up no problemo. Thses remind me of a Nike Football trainer i used to hoop in back in 98 – i dont remember the name of those kicks but they out perfpormed all my hoopin shoes back then.

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