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Jordan Super.Fly 5 Performance Review

It’s only been five years since the first Super.Fly debuted, which when you think about it, seems way longer than it actually is. The shoe has almost always been a good performer (ahem* Super.Fly 3 missed), taking the main tech from the signature line and making it more affordable for team options and Blake fans (or Dr. Drain fans). For the last three years we got unlocked Zoom and Flight Plate, which always works, but this year? Well, there is Zoom. But how does the rest of the shoe measure up? Let’s get it…



It isn’t herringbone, but not bad. The pattern is set up in various quadrilateral shapes (knowledge, kids) that run like a map of the foot. The shapes are a little tighter in pressure points — under the ball of the foot, lateral side of the midfoot, back of the heel — giving better dig power in spots where it’s needed. The rubber is a good medium hardness, but the treads aren’t exactly deep, so on smooth tennis-style outdoor courts they should last. On those rough courts, beware. Indoor, nothing special, but not bad (a common theme so get ready). The Super.Fly 5 isn’t a “breaking ankles” court grabber but while playing there were no slipping problems either. It’s just solid.


Super.Fly - Cushion

Boo. Boo, like, mother-loving BOO. C’mon, was Unlocked Zoom really that expensive? Still nothing in the heel and the forefoot has an oval Zoom unit that feels…okay, but nothing special. Surrounded by Phylon, it takes a few wears to break in and feel the little response there is, but eventually it does become serviceable. Not good, but serviceable. There is no real Zoom feel, much like the Ascention.

The heel is strictly foam, again, but without the cored section in the middle for compression. Again, just Phylon, and again, it does a decent job of impact protection, but is lagging far behind a shoe with Boost, Jetlon, or a good Zoom unit. That said, my feet felt good after playing and I didn’t have any additional fatigue or aches from playing in them. The Super.Fly 5 just feels…normal.


Super.Fly 5 - Materials

Based on the looks and the materials of the Super.Fly 4 last year, the mesh looked soft and pliable. The eyes deceive because the forefoot and midfoot use a thick stiff mesh more along the lines of the Super.Fly 3 or Hyperdunk 2015. This material transitions into a synthetic leather lateral ankle and heel wrap that is more pliable than the forefoot (that’s about backwards). The detail stitching on the mesh is just that — purely for looks with no performance benefits, but it does break up the look.

A fuse layer covers the toebox over the big toe for, you guessed it, toe-draggers. There is a full-length split sleeve (it splits right at the ankle) to keep the inside soft and cozy, while the ankle has the same fit pad system as the Melo M11 (WAY better than the Jordan XXX). The tongue is super thin and @#$&%!* SHARP on top so don’t wear ankle socks unless you like bleeding. However, it’s well padded with good ventilation through the body. Overall, the materials are nothing new, and seem to be stiff, but the lacing system lets you pull up snug and they are durable as hell. 


Super.Fly 5 - Fit

Fit is really, really nice. Shoes with stiff uppers tend not to bend and move with the foot, but the internal bootie and lacing system hold every time. The ankle pads are placed perfectly to stop heel slip and the forefoot has a little empty space — nothing too bad to deal with. The lacing system is the superstar here: seven lace holes for plenty of adjustment and the second lacestrap actually ties directly into the heel counter and pulls the shoe all the way up. The shoe should fit wide footers well without going up a size. If you have a really narrow foot, maybe a half size down, but with the shoe able to pull tight TTS should be fine for most.


Super.Fly 5 - Support

Like all of the past Super.Flys, support is a definite strong point, and again, it all ties into the lacing system and fit. There are no special support features and Jordan Brand even deleted any sort of midfoot shank from the blueprint. However, the Phylon under the midfoot is sculpted under the arch for a little bridge. The heel counter is pliable but runs almost all the way back to the midfoot, and when coupled with the fit strap, really wraps the heel and works to hold the foot upright. There is no outrigger at the forefoot, but the Super.Fly 5 rides low (remember, small Zoom) and the base is wide. 

Jordan Super.Fly 5 Overall

Super.Fly 5 - Overall

It’s a difficult shoe to review. The Super.Fly line started out as a very good performer, and was an honest team option for Jordan lovers (or if you didn’t have $200+ for the signature shoe). However, the Super.fly 5 is a step back from the 4, mostly because of the lack of Zoom. The 2, 3, and 4 all had the FlightPlate/Speed system coupled with Unlocked Zoom. For the 5 to go back to a thin oval bag seems very…telling.

Normally we don’t consider price in reviews — only if the shoe performs — but the price increase for less technology can’t be ignored, especially when other brands, including Nike, are bringing shoes out at the same price point with vastly superior technology. If the Super.Fly 5 was priced in the $90-$105 range it would make the performance easier to swallow.

Overall, the Super.Fly 5 is a “sum is better than the parts” shoe as no category stood out as masterful. For the market demands today it just doesn’t hang. Good luck next year, Blake. 

Super.Fly 5 Scorecard
  1. Great review as always! Does the retail price matter anymore? Most performance basketball shoes go on sale pretty quickly, especially Nikes and Jordans. The only sneaker, and I’m talking about performance, that did not go on discount that quickly were Currys. However, I think the Curry 2.5 will be there soon as I don’t see many ppl wear them and are widely available. These Superflys will most likely drop to $120 in a month and then to a low of $65-80 range, which IMO, is still pricey for a mediocre performer. The psychology of getting something like a Superfly for 50% off does not mean much anymore.

  2. Great review man. I just had to read it even though I knew exactly how it would turn out. I wouldn’t get them even on sale because I know that better performers would also be on sale soon enough. Thanks for putting in that work though Duke. Always appreciated.

  3. Thanks for review Duke!

    Most of the shoes coming from Jordan and Nike seem to have poor performance reviews EXCEPT the KD9,

    They seems to be satisfied with the idea that most people still buy the swoosh or the jumpman,

    Adidas looks like to be the one who is going all out in giving Bballers performance shoes, GREAT JOB ADIDAS!!!!!

  4. Thanks for another good review Duke. These sound pretty lame, which is a shame considering how good the previous Super Fly were. Can’t understand why JB priced these out at $140 with this level of tech. Can’t see them moving many units at full retail. This probably should have been $110 like the Rising High 2s (which look to be better performers).

  5. Good performance review Duke. Superfly 5 should be priced at 100-110. Look at the value of the Lillard 2’s. I think the Superfly2 were the best and then slowly started going down hill.

  6. Appreciate how you addressed the price issue involved with the tech!

    Great review, keep it up.

  7. Jordan Brand is not giving good tech on low budget kicks. If you want signature proformance then pay signature prices. Half the kids that play ball buy the shoes of their favorite athlete. The 30 y.o. plus ballers don’t have a two foot vertical to grab a rebound. Box jumps will tell you the truth about your declining ability. No shoes are going allow you to jump from the free throw line. It all about comfort and design.

    1. What. The. He’ll are you talking about? It’s like listening to a shotgun blast all over. The point is the shoe is priced higher than most sigs with less tech. And yeah, I do box jumps and lift as well as ball, so… next?

  8. Seems pretty basic. Thats not a bad thing if the shoe was priced right. As Duke said, if this was $90 out of the gate, this would be a sleeper. $140 is a joke, though. And they should probably not call this the Superfly if they downgraded it this much. Let the line rest in peace and call it the Megafly or something.

  9. Hey duke, could you re-upload your old CK reviews? Maybe if not all at once, a throwback review once a week? I was looking to read the supernatural creator review but it’s gone haha

  10. Hey duke, do you think you could re-upload your old counterkicks reviews here? Maybe if not all at one time you could do upload a throwback review once a week or something – was looking to read the supernatural creator review but CK is gone.

  11. Sir, may I ask what if that my original size is 10. 10 is a perfect fit for me, but my sister bought me a size 10.5. I haven’t received it yet because she bought it online from nike and I will receive it next month. My question is that will the fit be okay or will it be too long for my feet?

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