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Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review

Jordan Brand is set to release another performance beast. This time around… it won’t put such a huge dent in your wallet.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 1

Traction – The traction is great… period. Not really much to go over at this point. There is some additional information in their Performance Teasers (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) but really, the traction is phenomenal.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 2

Cushion – Just like the Air Jordan XX8, it’s amazing. It does take a little getting used to because it protrudes out slightly but it only takes a few minutes until you feel perfectly normal.

The score was dropped by a ½ point based on the fact that there is no cushion in place in the heel, however, after giving it much thought… I find these to be more comfortable than the XX8’s. I prefer this sort of soft/ bouncy Phylon they used. I think it feels better when coming down from landings or while in motion. Some may disagree but that’s my take on it.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 3

Materials – The materials are pretty much the same as the Air Jordan XX8 but without the shroud. I personally loved the shroud but I hold nothing against these for being sort of a naked version of the XX8. Overall, the materials are light and durable and that is where the XX8’s shroud fell a bit short… the toe was just a bit too weak for rigorous on-court play. These will hold up well no matter if you hoop inside or outside and that is something a lot of hoopers will enjoy.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 4

Fit – They fit true to size and lockdown is great. The Dynamic Fit system is awesome and really wraps around your foot and holds it into place. The Air Jordan XX8 had the same basic structure but these take the Dynamic Fit to another level since they are attached within the shoe and onto the strobel board… this brings your foot into the shoe and keeps it there. Heel lockdown isn’t a problem at all. I was able to lace them up all the way and just before the last eyelet without compromising the fit at all which is great if you like a little extra range of motion.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 5

Ventilation – Pretty much on par with the XX8 when it was zipped down. The body of the shoe doesn’t breathe at all but the tongue does so that’s a plus.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 6

Support – Most of your support comes from the awesome fit but the Flight Plate adds a bit of support as well since it acts like the shoes base and torsional shank plate. The only area that is truly flexible on the Flight Plate is located at the forefoot… and that’s right where you need it.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 7

Overall – Would I choose the XX8 over the Super.Fly 2? If I had an unlimited budget, I’d go with the XX8 because I love zippers so damn much but performance wise… they are nearly identical minus a few things here and there. The XX8 has a decoupled heel and forefoot and that is their one attribute that has kept them at the #1 spot on my personal list of top performance models for 2013, however, the Super.Fly 2 is so good that you could go either way and most people would never know the difference.

Jordan Super.Fly 2 Performance Review 8

    1. well it wieghts 130-140 bucks lol… theres a discount on some colorways at finshline for only about 110 plus 5 dollars for shipping.

  1. These would have made the top ten list. Will you ever put it back up ? Sorry to be a pain in the butt but I love the top ten list.

  2. Great review man, i’m definitely looking forward to these. The only thing that I noticed is that the price & weight are reversed on the final score sheet.

  3. Very cool shoe! Thanks Nightwing for the great review like always! I love the fact that the shoe is soo flexible. But I still don’t like that’s there is tpu on top of foam in the heel. They should of had the flight plate start from the arch to the forefoot if they weren’t going to have zoom air in the heel. I always thought that the flightplate was designed for zoom air??? If they would of had zoom air in the heel then I wouldnt mind the tpu in the heel since you would be protected by the zoom air. I know the foam they used is nice but after a while you will feel the tpu in the heel once to foam bottoms out.

  4. Hey nightwing, love the review and its comparison to the xx8. By any chance do you know of any website that has the xx8 still in stock? Specifically a 9.5 would be cool. If not i may have to just pick these up until another xx8 colorway hopefully drops. Thx in advance bro

  5. Nightwing, which would be better for a guard (in terms of flexibility and overall) these or the hyperdunks?

    1. He said in the vid that the only reason it didn’t get a 10 is because of the lack of tech in the heel. Otherwise, it would have gotten a perfect score.

  6. Great review. I wonder if JB is going to make a low version of these like last years Super Fly……

  7. hey nightwing,
    I’m playing as a playmaker and using Adidas Rose 3.0 now, however, I noticed that I’ve got a backache after a decent game. That’s why I’m planning to buy another shoe with better cushioning. Do you think that AJ Super Fly 2/ Hyperdunk 2013 is a good choice?

  8. First I wana say thx and great job for these awesome reviews!

    I’ve got a question..
    At indoor conditions,hows the traction performance on the Asia version(with XDR)compared with the normal version?

    1. XDR have wider and smoother surfaces, so they likely won’t grip indoor courts as well. Clean courts should be fine. Dustier courts will give you a bad time.

      1. Thanks for explaining that. Still learning what makes the XDR versions different and what is more suitable for indoor Vs outdoor play.

        1. Also, do the XDR versions of shoes sold in Asia have the same traction pattern as the US version?

          Is it just the rubber itself that is different?

          1. Depends on the model. Some, like the Kobe 7 or 8, have the same pattern. Just slightly thicker and flatter. Some models, like the HyperEnforcer, have a completely different pattern. the HyperEnforcer XD has the Nike Blade Traction pattern.

  9. Great review as usual! Thanks for the XX8 comparisons. The SF2 seems like a great shoe to ball in! I like the style and look of the shoe, JB’s shoes always have a unique but functional look. I will pick this up for sure. All my purchases have been JB in the last 6-8 months except for the great pairs of Under Armour Spine Bionic.

  10. Ey Nightwing, should I get these, kd 6 or hyperdunk 2013? I play SG, PG. I’m 5’10 and quite quick on my feet

  11. Guys don’t ask nightwing “which shoe is better or which shoe should I get,” use your head. Pick the attributes the you need most, for example mine is traction and fit, and compare the scores. Why do you think he does these indepth reviews and detailed scores? Use your brain and pick based on YOUR opinion! Not nightwing’s opinion.

  12. How does the zoom feel in the Super.Fly II compared to the XX8 and LeBron X in terms of how springy it feels?

  13. Nightwing, you wouldn’t recommend these over the Kobe 8 for a pg would u? Even though these look like an awesome performer I want to know what you think. Im having a hard time deciding between these and the Kobe 8

  14. Hey Nightwing…I can almost dunk but my shoes are keeping me from dunking. My Lebron 10’s are too heavy. My Kobe’s are too light so I feel out of control in the air. My Melos are too cushy so they absorb all of my jumping energy. Do you think I will be able to dunk in these?

    PS…Just joking! Thanks for all the great reviews!

  15. -____- !!!
    You kids need to make your own decisions. Unless you truly have health issues, dont worry about the cushioning and all that. Just play the game. Whether you play in some Crocs or in some XX9 samples, you’d still get your ass kicked regardless so just shut up and play. NW wore the adiPower Howard, a center shoe, and he is CLEARLY a guard. Ronny Turiaf and Demarcus Cousins wore the CP3.6, and they are clearly centers. Rondo wore Hyperposites, a big man shoe, even though he is clearly a guard. Make your own decisions and don’t worry about the shoes too much. I’m sure NW gets annoyed by your lack independence.

    1. I think they’ll rank a hair above the superfly 2 and pretty much even with the xx8. Only reason being the decoupled zoom setup gives it a small step up (which NW talked about in this review).

      I feel the xx8 would have a slight advantage b/c the zipped shroud gives a slightly tighter fit.

      Either way, all 3 shoes are probably going to be pretty close in performance.

      1. The Super.fly 2 has a better dynamic fit system than what is used in the XX8, so we’ll have to see if that has been changed or improved on the XX8 SE over the regular XX8.

        You never know, the Super.fly 2 still may end up being on par with the XX8 SE.

  16. I have to agree that this is becoming more and more ridiculous. which is a better shoe for a particular position and so forth and so on? fact is, you can wear any of these shoes. it would just depend on what particular preference, looks, materials, add-ons, brand, style and medical or foot comfort needs.

    seems like more and more posters are becoming more like lemmings. you guys are embarrassing.

    1. man… I bet 90% of these kids asking dont even play competitive basketball. all these tech stuff were meant for legit competitive hoopers. Spending wads of cash just to shoot around in park or in your driveway is so useless lol. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t really matter what you wear. Tech will not matter on the driveway. For looks, you can wear WHATEVER you want. Performance-wise, save your self some money and grab a Nike Overplay or an Air Max Visi Pro. If you are good, then you are good. If you suck, then you suck. Shoes will not change that. Sorry for the tough love but you kids need to wake up and realize that it is not always about the shoes.

      1. Some of these questions are not my taste either, but people have the right to ask and there is no need ridicule them. I hope that it doesn’t go unnoticed that Nightwing chooses to answer the questions that he wants and not insulting the others. This is a site where we discuss kicks, plain and simple. No their isn’t any tech to make anyone better, but we all could be shooting in the gym right now instead of blogging online about shoes. Leave the “90%…” alone.

      2. I’m really not a big fan of the two shoes you mentioned lol. And I didn’t know we needed special certification to buy kicks. The reason I’m into performance sneakers is because I want to be able to have the latest and greatest shoe. They are available to purchase because there is a demand and all the “tech stuff” should be available and affordable for everyone. And everyone wants to wear what their favorite players wear, that’s never gonna change. I do agree that the questions can get annoying, but its understandable for the younger generation not to know much about kicks.

        1. Yeah I feel you on that one lol. I think those 2 models are ugly as well, but they get the job done for people that don’t care about looks and just want a shoe that works. My outdoor shoe right now is the adidas ProModel 08. Indoor are AJ2010 and adidas ProModel 2010. Pretty much middle-tier shoes. No Max Zoom or MicroG or any super fancy tech. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad games in them. I am extremely fascinated with the tech as well, that’s why I visit this site ALOT. I read the teasers and watch the reviews. I then go to the store to try them on. I am always contemplating on buying the kicks, but then I realize that my current lineup is still holding up fine. Gotta prioritize the money ya know? (Still waiting for a AJXX8 colorway that isn’t ridiculous lol). I admit that I was kinda harsh on the “90%”, but hopefully they will learn as they age. Yeah, people can buy ANY shoe they want, for whatever reason. I am not stopping them. I just have a pet peeve when people ask ridiculous questions lol. When I read some comments, I’m like: “Cmon man, use some common sense”. It’s good to know that we can have peaceful, civilized conversations with each other. You should have seen those other threads where people get butthurt and they start dissing each other lie crazy. I’ll try my best to ignore the “90%” next time.
          Wow… my post is probably too long and off-topic. Sorry about that lol. You guys in the Chicago-area by any chance?

          1. Kids can be soo disrespectful :stephen a. smith vioce: lol Yeah I definitely understand that you get tired of hearing the same questions. And you’re right all you need is some common sense so you don’t have to get the most popular shoe out there and just get something that works for you even if its an older or cheaper shoe.

      3. Wait..wait…wait…so you’re telling me if I buy the 28’s I won’t play like Mike? No no no of course not, he never played in those, to play like MJ in a shoe it has to be one he wore or the magic isn’t there. So I have to go with anything other 13 and can’t touch the X’s….

        Thank you for clearing that up man. I was so lost, but you were the light at the end of the tunnel, edging me to move on. You sir are a Scholar. 😀

  17. I agree. I hooped in my Brooks running shoes the other day and had one of my best games ever. I love shoes and all, but at the end of the day it’s not going to make that much of a difference

  18. Good points. My son played just as well in his Under Armour Spine Bionic I bought clearance for $40 as he did in his Jordan XX8 (GS) for $125 or his Melo m9. Three different pairs of shoes, but the feet in them and the skill and talent along with them is the difference.
    I often feel these kids are so caught up in their shoes they don’t focus on their game. Put some good $50-$60 shoes on a kid and train them!

  19. For people who are still worried about the heel cushion, a great alternative is the SOFSOLE AIRR INSOLE as it is the only insole I am aware of that has zoom air type cushion built into the heel of the insole.

  20. having thought about, it is somehow good and smart that people before just bought shoes for the sake of simply having the accolade of owning a signature shoe.

    1. Well that shoe won’t be coming out any time soon. Also the superfly 2s seem to have a better forefoot cushion setup in my opinion.

      Can someone confirm which shoe has better forefoot flex the superfly 2s or the jordan 28? Because in Nightwing’s video it looks like they flex better than the 28s.

      1. yes I have seen the m10…google is a wonderful and powerful engine…guess what? you can even see the cp3 vii 🙂

  21. hi Nightwing, in terms of width, are these able to accommodate a variety of foot shapes? or these run narrow? i am a wide footer.. damn i hate having wide feet..
    im considering on buying this model however i still do not have money up until September.
    still thinking about this or the KD Vs,..

    Thank you for all your work..

    1. Just try going a half or one full size up if yoy have with wide feet. I wore a size 10 in the hyperfuse 2010 but they were a little snug now I wear an 11 in the original jordan superflys and the cp3 vi and for most shoes unless they run big length wise.

    2. I have wide feet too. I’m an 11.5 and luckily found a store here in the Philippines that sells 11.5 (Supernova CW). Tried them on but the Flight Plate (Pebax) hurts the lateral side of my feet. Just below my pinkie – right where the word “FLIGHT PLATE” is.

      Tried a size 12 and it STILL hurts (I’m beginning to hate that “FLIGHT PLATE” portion of the shoe now).

      I want to know if the Pebax can be “broken in”. Checked their site and it says that it’s elastic which probably means it can’t be. Bad news for me since i’m a huge BG fan and i’m throwing my LBJX for these kicks.

      After a while of playing, does that triangle portion (where the “FLIGHT PLATE” word is) give in?

      Excellent review and keep up the hard work, Wing!

          1. They should probably make it a little more rounded or less prominent, and use other materials like phylon and rubber for lateral support.

          2. They could of also tried what they did with the the melo m9 with the lateral tpu support on the outside of the midsole.

  22. Awesome review man. Might have to pick up a pair of the black/cements for days I want a little more heel comfort away from the XX8s.

  23. Just tried these on at footlocker and the review was on point. For those wondering how the court feel is… It’s NOT that great. Nothing compared to the Kobe 8 which I personally think has one of the best court feel and comfort combined. which are my favorite attributes btw.

  24. Hey nightwing, i’m looking for a shoe with great cushion, that is lightweight & breathable. I currently ball in my air max hyperposites which has great cushion and decent breathability but is heavy and stiff. Would the superfly 2 fit my needs? And how would u compare the fit of the superfly2 to the hyperposite?

    1. well, it really depends on what you mean by ‘great cushion’. i think lunarlon, podulon and cushlon are great cushioning materials, and i even like the phylon in the air penny 2 forefoot, the hyperfuse 2012 and the superfly 2 heel quite a lot. as far as i’m concerned the kobe 8 ticks all of the boxes that you mentioned- it has full-length lunarlon (my personal favorite cushion), is incredibly light, stable, flexible, low to the ground and built for speed. but if by ‘great cushion’ you mean cushioning that you can feel with every step, i would say that the super fly 2 is probably the best as far as responsiveness goes, and it is built for people of all positions, pretty much.

      it’s not especially light and not extraordinarily flexible (you should probably look into the hyperdunk 2013 or something for the latter), but having played in it for a while, i have to say that it is up there with the KD V in playability. and that’s coming from somebody who insists in playing in lows most of the time.

  25. it’s interesting how many times you said you like these better than the AJ 28 and yet they cost nearly half as much…just goes to show, the rest of the time they’re ripping us off.

    1. I wouldnt say they are ripping us off. They set the prices and you either pay up or pass. Its all a choice. I love the 28s and I love these… do I like these a bit more, yes. Is the price the reason, maybe a small part but not the entire factor. What adidas has done with their Crazyquick then coming out with a lesser priced model following soon after with near equal performance can be considered getting ripped off as well but again, its all a choice. As long as people review the shoes honestly and let consumers know what is what then they can make a decision that they can be happy with no matter if they spent $250 or $140.

      1. couldn’t agree more.AJ 28 cost $90 more and does it worth it? sure, b/c it’s 2 different shoes and nightwing love love zippers ,so even it cost 300 he would still buy it! AJ11 cost 300+ a lot people still buy it, even it doesnt perform half as good as SF2 on court, and it cost more than double, is it a rip off? no, poeple would spend 300+for a AJ11 and be very happy with it for a long time. like he said it’s all about a choice

      2. NW FOR PRESIDENT OF ALL SHOE COMPANIES….did you guys red that? if you did or didn’t read it again, than cut off all the lights in your house and music…..Stop, breathe…..just let that sink in.

        It’s all perspective people…then again so is life 🙂

  26. Tried these on the other day and they felt great. Trying to hold off on buying a pair until the black and red CW gets released.

  27. nightwing, are these really true to size? cuz mine just arrived and got my usual size but it seems like it has half an inch of room and my foot moves around every time i push off. just wanna clarify if u feel the same or maybe my pair has a defect. thanks

    1. Mine fit me perfectly. I’ve hear others say they run large and some even say they run small. Not sure to be honest bc my sz 9 fits perfect and my friend has a pair and his fit him perfect as well in his true size.

  28. KObe 8 and Lebron wearer here.Tried these on at the store, as well as Hyperdunk 2013 and 773 2. First i thought the 773 2 would be on top as i liked their fit before, but once i slipped these on, i immediately fell for the dynamic fit feel and support. Socklike. Materials also seem more durable.

    The arch support and shank were important to me, as i recently developed Plantar Fasciitis. These were perfect as my worn Kobe 8’s became too flexible and with less arch support.I have really high arches btw. Awaiting cw and it’s bye bye budget.

    1. Can you tell me where you found the XDR retail version of them? I noticed that the sole color is exactly like the retail version – if you choose the XDR version from the NikeID, there is only one color for the entire sole, yours has the dual coloration of the retails.

  29. I’m a fast-paced PG and I’m considering getting the Jordan Superfly 2 or the Nike Hyperdunk 2013. Which one would you recommend for a player like me?

  30. Hi nightwing, thanks for the great review, as always.
    I just found that there is one colorway which released today in Taiwan.
    It is all UNC blue so I gotta have it~

    I have a question, when you say the fit is true to size, is it base on wearing nike elite socks? Coz I tried this once when wearing normal socks and it’s kinda run a bit large at the toe area thou..

    1. Ended up buying these, and I had to go down a half size. Had the same experience (The blk tie). I’m using normal socks.

      Thanks Nightwing for a great review!

  31. I want to know if anyone has run into the same issue that I have in these? After playing some serious runs in these, the toe box has been chaffing the skin off the top of my toes. I usually wear Elite socks and I have been being a knucklehead by keep playing in them thinking it’s just the break in process.

    Nightwing what causes toe box chaffing? I have to ask because I’ve never felt chaffing in that area before in all of my years of hooping.

    1. These shoes are very close snug height-wise so you have if you having hotspots on the top of your feet then you need to wear thinner socks or go up in size since that will give you more room height-wise for your toes.

    2. The chaffing happened to me on my pinky toe. Left a blister. I suggest you tape your toes and hope that the shoe breaks in. It broke in for me and now the shoe feels phenomenal, with no chaffing.

      I think the chaffing happens from the roughness inside. If you feel inside the top of the toebox, you’ll notice a rough surface that’s like a line that goes across the toebox. Really perplexing that they would leave that there for people to suffer. A little rigorous play and that thing rubs on your skin like there’s no tomorrow.

  32. Dear Nightwing,

    I am a PG and usually around this time of year I get the latest hyper

    dunk model. However this year the hyperdunk didn’t change much.

    So I’m now deciding between the CP3.VII and the Superfly2.

    Any suggestions?

  33. I really want to get these but people saying it’s chipping, outsole easy to peel, I can’t decide now. Should I pick XDR outsole in NikeID?

    1. I’ve read one person say that their outsole peeled on them. Where would the outsole peel exactly? Also, can you elaborate on the chipping issue? Do you have any links that I can read where people are having problems with theirs?

      1. Nightwing, I don’t want to be like all the other kids asking which shoe is better but in all respect I may have to. I’m a small forward [small since im like 12] and I have like a joint problem and me joints on my legs always hurt so even though I’m 12, cushion and other attributes are a huge necessity! Sf 2’s or Lbj 11’s? I know that you do these reviews so we can pick for ourselves but I need a little help from the G.O.A.T!

      2. My outsole peeled off from the rest of the shoe on the outside of my left foot from the top of the pinkie toe down under the flight plate. Also, the coloring of the flight plate does peel off for easily. I sent them back to Nike and got a refund. It really sucked because the shoe performed so well. But 1 month and a sole peel like that when I played wholly indoors is kind of ridiculous.

  34. Love these shoes, only problem for me is that the toebox is a bit snug and I’m more of a 13.5 than a 13 and with an ingrown toenail it could get painful. Overall great shoe and this review made me buy them, thanks nightwing!

  35. Hey NW !
    First of all thanks for your great work in performance testing various hoop sneakers 🙂
    it has helped me in many sitiuations when I am granted permision to buy a new pair of bball sneakers by my girl. (Denmark is very expensive place to buy sneaks).
    Well my Q: Im consedering buying these in nike store with translucent outsole,
    do u know if that will have a effect on the traction?
    Is there any of u Guys that have customisted these badboys? any answers will be cherised 😉

  36. hey NW!!
    i am a big fan from spain! i always look your page before buy a shoe! keep it high! good work!
    i woud like to ask you what shoe would fit better in me, i am a power forward that like driving and jump for the rebound a lot, i actualize have a d.rose 3,5 and i dont know who shoe to buy now, super fly 2 or kobe 8 system, thank you!

  37. Hey NW great review!! I watch all of your performance reviews and always refer to your videos when I’m hunting for a new shoe, keep up the great work!!!

    I was wondering, I am quite intrigued by your Under Armour Anatomix Spawn review and I am looking in desperate need of a new shoe. What do you personally prefer compared to the UA Anatomix Spawn, Jordan Super Fly 2 and the Jordan XX8 SE? I understand the XX8 is one of, if not the top shoe of 2013 but

    1. Sorry accidentally posted -.-…. But overal what shoe do you personally prefer and what are the “pros” of each shoe that you would consider when it came to purchasing of of these shoes? For example the unlocked zoom unit for the SF 2 or the cheap price of the UA or the decoupled heel for the XX8.

      Id love to hear your suggestions and reasons.

      Cheers NW!!

      1. I just got the SF2 and I absolutely love them. I got my firs two-hand dunk in them and they feel great. He puts up his performance reviews, and it is up to you to decide what you are looking for in a shoes. I personally would stay away from the XX8s because ive heard a lot about the zoom bags popping. But all I can say is if you like being heavily cushioned and locked in, get the Super fly 2s

        1. Thanks for the input hunter I appreciate it heaps!!

          My current shoe that I wear is the m9 and I really love the shoe and only just noticed that the m10 actually come out the start of January (not including the Xmas edition set to release Christmas Eve day)

          I am leaning towards possibly getting this shoe because I had such a good experience in the m9’s and also the fact that the m10’s are leather which is a big plus in my books.

          What do you think about the m10? Would love to hear NW’s thoughts too!

          Thanks again!

  38. Nightwing do you happen to live in sunnyvale cause in your video i saw you playing at columbia middle school and at fremont high. I was just asking cause i noticed the court cause i play basketball for columbia’s 8th grade team

  39. How the SF2 would compare to the Fly Wade 2 Ev? The latter are my outdoor sneakers while I have the Adizero Rose 1.5 and Anatomix Spawn for indoor play. Looking for another outdoor sneaker (I had the Adidas Pro Model 0 for outdoor but they’re too harsh on my knees) and these look pretty durable and comfortable for harsh landings on the concrete…What do you think? Should I stick with my Fly Wade 2 Ev?
    Thanks in advance!

  40. Great review, I got a pair a few days ago. So I played with them at a practice for my school team for an hour and a half. The next day I had a sharp pain in the back of my foot, right above my heel and I was wondering if that could be because of the flap thing that is in the back of the shoe (don’t know what it is called). I don’t remember injuring my ankle during practice but I could have and didn’t notice it. Do you think that the shoe could’ve caused this? And I also noticed that I was slower and couldn’t jump as high. I know how you have to break in your shoe, but does that really affect your vertical or speed?

    1. Hey Aaron I got a pair a few weeks ago and had my first practise in the last night, i had a pair in my left ankle which is my only ankle that i haven’t broken, i had the pain similar to rolling an ankle whenever i landed on it. Is that what you felt? or do you men you have hurt your achilles heel from the achilles pillow (the flap)?

  41. Hey I just ordered the jordan prime manias it was a new 2014 release I was wondering if anyone has any performance information on them they are said to be a mix with the superfly 2s and aero manias

  42. This shoe is on sale in a mall here. Think of buying these.. Performance wise. It’s that time of the year, when I buy a new shoe. I know there is a lot of new option like the KD vii or the kobe 9s. But then again my budget is on the low side. That’s why I wait for a sale of the later models and skip on the new releases. Priorities first.

    Anyway, i know this review was so last year, but I did not find anything in the thread regarding widefooter problems being answered. i mean does the SF2 break in for a wide footer? Is there any pain in the lateral side of the foot because of the flight plate? These questions were not answered above.

    Just love your reviews Nightwing, the best part is, I can watch it again after 1 year and still is impressed with the in depth review. Thanks a bunch, hope someone can answer my question.

  43. hey nightwing. i hope you can read this comment. i just want to ask, jordan brand said that unlocked zoom is a zoom bag that sits directly below your foot right? i just look at the dismantling of the jordan super fly and i’ve seen that the the outsole is below the zoom bag. i’ve seen the dismantling of the zoom i get buckets and i’ve noticed that it was just the same as the super fly. zoom bag is above the zoom bag. is that the same as unlocked zoom?

  44. This is why this place needs a proper forum. I don’t like posting questions in older posts as you’re not likely to get a reply since people tend to only focus on the new topics, and that sucks and kind of brings down the site a little bit IMO.

    I hope you guys get a reply to your questions.

  45. Has anyone experienced the zoom popping on these?

    I know the super fly 3s are out but these are on sale and have been for quite sometime.
    I’m just wondering if the forefoot zooms pop like the xx8’s do.

    I haven’t bought any performance oriented shoe from JB and I’m thinking of pulling the trigger this year by purchasing something last year since last year’s tech was “the big change.” Flight plate and all.

    I’ve narrowed down my choices xx8SE, CP3.VIIAE, Superfly 2PO.

    If you could just place your inputs in. I’m not asking which shoe is better. I’ve tried them all except the anything from JB.

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