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Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review

Lightest Melo to date.

Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review 1Traction – Similar, but different, when directly compared to the Air Jordan XX9. I personally found it to be a little better given the court’s condition. Much like the XX9, when dust was present, a quick wipe and you’re good to go. However, 24 Hour Fitness courts tend to be so badly kept that you’ll need to wipe much more often to maintain solid grip. I was surprised to have them perform better outdoors than they had on the 24 Hour Fitness court. Just keep in mind that the rubber is a little on the soft side, so if you do hoop outdoors then it might not last too long.



Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review 2Cushion – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Unlocked Zoom is far superior to any other current Zoom setup around. Much like the Super.Fly 3, I found the Zoom Air to feel slightly more responsive than the AJXX9. Heel tech still lacks, but that hasn’t been an issue for me at all. For the occasional heel strike there is a cored out center to help with compression so it shouldn’t pose a problem for most.




Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review 3Materials – The materials will vary between colorways. If you prefer actual leather then the Christmas colorway will likely be your best option, however, I found the synthetic leathers on the other colorways to mimic leather well enough. The synthetic uppers also don’t show wear as much… more so with scuffing, creasing is still present and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size, slightly snug up front. They felt the same each time I put them on, so unless you get the leather upper version… I wouldn’t expect the fit the widen up much. Wide footers will definitely want to try them on. Once you get your size down, they lock you in perfectly. I enjoyed the built-in Phylon heel counter. It’s supportive while reduced their weight quite a bit… these are actually the lightest Melo’s to my knowledge, and they weigh just under the XX9 which was a surprise.




Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review 5Support – They offer support in all the right places. Lateral outrigger, built-in heel counter and Flight Web all do their job. What I like most is that they support you without feeling bulky or heavy… the past Melo models all had a certain weight to them where you could tell they’ll accommodate a larger player while us smaller guys could get away with wearing them because they played so damn good. These still play damn good, they just do so in a lightweight package.

Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review 6Overall – Much like the Melo M10, the M11 takes what made the XX9 so good and beefs things up a bit. More support in all the right places for players that require it, yet they aren’t as restrictive as the Super.Fly 3. I personally loved the fit, and while the performance woven upper of the XX9 will accommodate a wider variety of foot shapes, I prefer a narrow fit and love raw materials… so it’s a win all the way around.

You can’t go wrong with the Jordan Melo M11. If you are having a hard time choosing between the M11 and the XX9, just know that these will offer you more support along the upper while the XX9 is a bit more free in terms of upper mobility. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, you can grab them now at Finish Line.

Jordan Melo M11 Performance Review Score

  1. I’m glad I ordered the Christmas cw. I got wide feet so I need that leather to break in. Great review as always. Can’t wait to play in mine when they arrive.

  2. Perfect timing with the debut release in the morning! I literally just clicked “Submit Order” about 7 hours ago for the Christmas version. I couldn’t find a size 12 anywhere in my city.

    I really wish the sneaker companies would break you off early more often like they did these so people can be ready to pull the trigger based on performance review.

      1. Will there be a nike id Jordan 29?
        And even though the brandblack j crossover 2 got not as good reviews, you said it was your favorite shoe of all time. Will you be able to do a performance review on the hyperrev soon?
        Great performance reviews though. Thx

  3. Nightwing, since ventilation isn’t included in your reviews anymore, I just wanna know if these have adequate or above average ventilation. I just want to hear your opinion on the shoes’s ventilation usually because most Melo models don’t ventilation at all

      1. How about comparing to Melo 10s? They really have no ventilation at all. That’s why I’m considering but Melo 11. Thanks.

    1. Totally different shoes IMO but they satisfy many of the same needs and are both versatile. That said if you like being lower to the ground and having support on pivots, go with the CFD. If you like a ton of forefoot cushion and explosive steps, go with the Melo. Both provide great lockdown, good support and good traction.

  4. Melo was always a shoe that I wasn’t really aware of (maybe its just me) so I’m impressed with this version. Not just a good shoe but also a great design and some good colourways on release!

  5. Melo line hasn’t always looked good but they play great. Can’t for the life of me understand why Nike doesn’t put them on NikeID.

  6. I have the Christmas colorway and played in them for the first time last night. Personally I feel they’re breaking in much quicker than the M10s. The zoom felt great under my forefoot, the traction was on point, and I really loved the fit. Great review as always.

    1. They break-in way faster than the M10. These are pretty lightweight, but pack a big man’s performance punch in terms of support. Not restricting though, which is nice for smaller guys like myself.

    1. Special Edition
      That is typically a take down model to cut costs on certain materials, but basically the same shoe.

      1. It’s funny how marketing works… SE means “special edition” but is inferior to the original, i.e. 28SE, 19SE

        1. oh man, no wonder the SE version looked and felt cheaper!!!! i thought special edition would be better!!! thx for the education!

  7. I would love to get these but I don’t like Melo at all and I think that he sucks on defense and is just a plain shooter on offense so I don’t wann get his shoes no matter how good they are lol

    1. Very ignorant comment. He definitely doesn’t sick on defense an isn’t just a plain shooter, you should watch more basketball

      1. Melo’s a very interesting case.

        I think he’s been a poor leader for most of his career, average defender and not the greatest teammate (seems to have gotten better the last couple of years as a team player).

        He’s a really, really good offensive player though. He has a great arsenal on that end of the court. He can shoot the ball from mid-range and the outside, and he can also go inside/down low with some pretty good footwork too. If you’re a small forward, his offensive game is definitely one you would want to study. I’d rate him a top 3 SF who you’d want to study for his offensive game.

        1. I think melo has just been screwed with his poor teammates lately, he took the knicks to the semi finals with decent surrounding players an the nuggets to the Western finals with a pretty good team, he needs to be surrounded with shooters, defenders an rebounder, much like ai

  8. great review nightwing, quick question, these don’t have the bag popping issue? my m10’s just burst.

    1. Man, my M10s popped within a few weeks. I have a feeling my replacement pair is not gonna last so am considering these if the issue is fixed

    2. Watch the XX9 review, same outsole. Jordan brand has advised that they had fixed the issue, i have had the XX9 since release and the bag is still fine.

  9. Could you explain what I’m guessing is a new rating system, the starting five and wear testers hall of fame picture at the bottom of the post?

  10. Awesome Im just wondering if unlocked zoom in these are better than the full length zoom unit in the most recent air Jordan 12 retros because those two shoes are the two that I’m deciding between. Keep up the good work Nightwing

    1. very sorry for using greek but … καλησπέρα, Έλληνας ? άρα είμαστε 2 που γράφουμε εδώ? I think that the p.o. version would be made if and only, melo goes to the playoffs.otherwise why would they bother doing it?

  11. Hey nightwing im a big fan! Great video as always,do you think the m11 will no longer have the zoom popping issues?

      1. thanks for the reply….good to know because im finding a shoe to play in right now and i dont have the luxury to buy more than two pairs per year thats why i am curious of that zoom popping….more power.thanks.great job nightwing….

  12. Got my Christmas pair today. Tried them on. Toebox is really stiff. So is the forefoot cushion. Medial and lateral leather seem like they’ll break in quick. And like Duke said, the heel feels like a crashpad, literally. Really looking forward to playing and breaking these in. Feels like I’ll be in for a treat.

    1. Oh man I can’t wait. Mine are due tomorrow, but I’m positive that I’ll miss UPS while I’m at work as usual.

      1. Don’t they drop it off if you’re not home? FedEx does that for me.

        Forgot to add, the leather is decent by Nike/Jordan’s usual standards. But I wasn’t impressed at all. I’m thoroughly spoiled by Li-Ning. The M11 leather feels like cardboard in comparison to the usual leather by Li-Ning. I hope that’s not their “remastered” quality that will be on their remastered retros. I expect better.

        1. Yes they did exactly that and I don’t like my merchandise left outside unprotected. They did that with my Legend Blue 11s and they did it with both my M11 and another pair of XX9s. I leave notes telling them to go to my next door neighbor’s and leave with them, but no….

          I like the look and feel of WoW leather and I like the feel of the leather on the M11. Supposedly that is the remastered quality. We’re getting that type of tumbled leather. Look out for the Legend Blue 4s in a couple of days.

        2. I actually don’t mind my package left at my house. It’s usually safe around here.

          I think it’s good JB is improving quality. Personally, I’d rather throw money at their performance shoes, wades, and kobes. I don’t have that nostalgia for retros

          1. Apparently the shipping companies determine if your area is “Drop Zone” where they take a calculated risk of your merchandise being left unattended at your residence. My area is ok too, but if you were lucky to get a pair of limited shoes and some knucklehead just randomly decides to score an unguarded box, then I’d be so pissed. I know I’d get a voucher, but it still isn’t the same when you almost had them.

            I have so many Kobe’s that I just can’t seem to wear casually. I want to hoop in all of them except the EXTs.

            How is your play time in the M11 now? I’ve logged about 6 hours in mine and I’m loving them. They’re my go to shoe until further notice.

          2. My area is definitely a safe zone. 6 houses and a temple nearby lol. But yeah, it just takes one knucklehead to ruin it. Got my mamba moments coming in tomorrow. Now I’m paranoid.

            I logged around 3 hours and I really like them even though they’re not fully broken in. The cushion definitely needs to break in more to be comfortable. These are my go to shoe too. I was pleasantly surprised, even if I heard it, that these were so light. Never expected it.

  13. This shoe just knocked all the others out as my #1. I feel the forefoot cushion bump back like I did with the XX8, but I was thinking that I relaxed more not thinking I was balling too hard and would pop the zoom like I did a pair of XX8 SEs before.

    Man they’re so much more sleek, slim, and firm than the M10. You have to really feel them on feet to understand how light “light” is for a Jordan shoe.

    NW I get it now why you praise genuine leather so much. I don’t mind fuse or any other material, but these feel so supple on foot it’s crazy. I’d pick leather over the XX9 woven because of the placebo effect of having more protection/support. Both of the uppers feel amazing, but factoring the price differential tips the scale to the M11. I might be acting like I’ve never played in leather before after running in the Kyrie 1s lol.

    Just think, the way Melo is playing right now with the tanking Knicks and slow sales on his shoes will drop these badass performers even lower than $160. Oh man will that be the time to snatch up as many as possible!

    1. All Melos hit sales racks, and hopefully they go for around $80-90 in a couple of months… Patience!

    1. The M10 was a misfire, the hard heel counter and lateral outrigged smashed your foot into the shoe, ruining the outstanding feel of the tooling. I loved the XX8 and liked the XX8 SE, so what went wrong with the Melo? The materials also stunk, I had the light blue ones and returned them. They didn’t breathe and they felt uncomfortable around the top of the foot. Conversely all the material combos I have had in the M11 have been great, the heel is firm but juuuuuuuust right, the lockdown is awesome and the fit is secure without restricting motion. Less heel cushion but they keep you on the balls of your foot and toes anyway. Very good shoe

      1. Personally I find that the XX9 has a little slippage, not so much at the heel but forward into the toe box. The M11 has better lockdown. For sheer comfort and casual wear, obviously the XX9, for hoops the Melo is more durable and offers a better fit to me.

  14. Hey guys headover to endclothing Melo 11 Xmas is on sale 54pounds.
    I bought 2 for under 240Aud. Real steal as Aus retail price is 250.

          1. Boost is bouncier, it’s also more located towards the heel though.

            So it’s a choice of stable-forefoot, bouncy transition(Rose 5), or bouncy-forefoot, firm transition(Melo m11).

            If you want to save money though, look up Melo m10 on eBay(half the price on both), they’re firmer than the Rose(durability), and better than the m11.

    1. M11 feels a bit lighter on the foot, not sure if they are actually lighter or not. I think the cushioning on the Rose 5 is more effective and also more responsive, but it is close. The comfort of the upper of the M11 is so much better than the Rose 5 though, it is really a huge difference.

  15. Hi there, so I bought a pair of M11’s recently and I’ve only worn them a couple of times and I think the zoom bag in the left shoe has moved/wasn’t in the right position. When I’m wearing them the larger zoom bag in the left foot is more pronounced than the right foot, i.e. there feels like there is a bump in the left foot where the zoom bag is compared to it being flat in the right foot. Has Nightwing2303 or anyone else experience this?

  16. Does the melo m11 are bouncier in the forefoot than the d rose 5?????can you reply please from france it takes time to buy shoes????

  17. Being a normal Adidas guy I loved the feel of the these. I got the M9 later and really wanted to try the Flightplate. I Really liked the look of this years Melo didn’t plan on it. Fantastic review. Is Nike using anything similar to the FlightPlate technology? It seems to be the driving force behind Jordan brand right now, the 14.5 a great cushion system but it pretty much a forgotten shoe with Jordan Brand buying a shoe without the FlightPlate doesn’t seem logical. Of course at the gym, there’s a lot of Retro J’s and Kobe’s, Lebron and Durants seem to be the top selling shoe with younger players- but without a Flightplate technology are those signature shoes kind of like the 14.5- it seems like a solid shoe that in years past with the colorways would of sold well, but no unlock zoom. I also feel ie the Zoom Soldiers could use unlock zoom and would of sold better. Curious how long they wait before adding unlocked zoom or if it’s even needed to sell Nike’s. It’s been a first look back at Nike& Jordan for me here recently,

    1. Not durable at all! Mine fell apart after only once a week usage. I paid to ship them back after seeing many other reviews of folks who had the same problem and got the below response from Nike.

      Hi Bryan,

      CLAIM #: CL150313042212

      We’re always excited for the opportunity to help you become a better athlete.

      Unfortunately, after a thorough inspection of your product, we’ve determined that the issue is a result of normal wear and tear. With that, we can’t consider this a material or manufacturing flaw, per our return guidelines, and we’re unable to issue a product voucher.

      Per your request, your original product will be recycled through Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program. Please reach out to us at 1-800-344-6453 (7 am–4 pm PT, Monday–Friday) with any additional questions you might have.

      We’re sorry for any inconvenience the situation may have caused, and we thank you for your dedication to sport and loyalty to Nike.

      Yours in sport,

      Nike Consumer Affairs

  18. Melos are poorly made and fall apart long before they should. You will find this time and time again for those who review who have had the shoes for a while. When the bottoms split apart after once a week usage and only on the gym floor I mailed them back to Nike and got the following response:

    Hi Bryan,

    CLAIM #: CL150313042212

    We’re always excited for the opportunity to help you become a better athlete.

    Unfortunately, after a thorough inspection of your product, we’ve determined that the issue is a result of normal wear and tear. With that, we can’t consider this a material or manufacturing flaw, per our return guidelines, and we’re unable to issue a product voucher.

    Per your request, your original product will be recycled through Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program. Please reach out to us at 1-800-344-6453 (7 am–4 pm PT, Monday–Friday) with any additional questions you might have.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience the situation may have caused, and we thank you for your dedication to sport and loyalty to Nike.

    Yours in sport,

    Nike Consumer Affairs

    1. Basically this means that you claim the shoes fell apart when in fact you wore them out. Its hard to believe, honestly, but we have a forum with a reader performance review section. You can upload pics as well. So if this is true and the shoes arent trashed then you can prove your claim there so others can see. Otherwise its just hearsay.

  19. Nightwing! Big fan, you got me to buy a lot more shoes then I normally do after reading your reviews.

    Question: I always hear you mentioning about certain shoes being for larger players and smaller players. I am not sure if you meant by position like pg vs pf. or height or weight? I am a 5’9 188lbs, plays guard. I am a on the heavy side but short, what would you consider that as? Thank you in advance this let’s me know what shoes I should aim for.

    Question 2: I also have major flat feet & super wide feet, any shoe that you’d recommend? I loved playing in the Jordan xx8 and xx9, could not play in the Lebron 11 or KD 6.. Love the curry ones, but not enough cushioning for my weight. Let me know!

    Thank you!

    1. What do you mean by not enough cushioning exactly? I’m around 200 lbs and I find the Curry 1’s cushioning pretty decent so I’m curious as to what for you is enough cushioning.

  20. Why couldn’t Jordan Brand have made all the Melo11 with leather uppers? It seems Nike is just churning out bad quality with cheap materials and charging more. Leather is always superior to synthetics. I haven’t seen a single Nike basketball shoe with leather this year or last.

  21. Nice read. I just started playing in these, have put in maybe a dozen games in them now. I had already played about twice that many in my XX9s.

    I like the structure and support these offer. Not only did I find the lateral support lacking on the XX9, the loose upper (which feels *great* for casual wear) made my foot left slip slightly toward the lateral side, causing some discomfort in the front part of my foot if I played for any length of time. That’s something for people with wide feet to consider (I am not super wide, around E/2E).

    This is in contrast to the M10 and XX8. After a very short break-in, I thought XX8 felt great in the toe box and gave a great ride that was uninhibited by the light but still form-fitting upper. The XX8 SE was a little too rigid for me up top and the Melo M10 was honestly painful for me to play in; I returned them. They never loosened up in the toe box really, the heel counter was too aggressive and the upper didn’t offer enough flexibility, despite it not really giving much more support. It also seemed heavier to me than the regular XX8.

    I think the M11 is my favorite Melo to date, the M9 was also decent but it it seemed only average in terms of arch support, it didn’t offer as good of a Zoom setup and, aesthetically, it looked cheap by comparison to the two models that succeeded it.

  22. I consider to buy it but….

    Since M11 use similar technology as XX8, i am afraid the Zoom Air Sole ripped as many XX8 does. What do you think Nightwing2303..will it ripped easily ? My friend’s XX8s (3 shoes) all got ripped.

  23. This shoe is awesome. Last two shoes I played in were Rose 5 and XX8 SE, and the M11 blows them both away in terms of comfort. Both the R5 and the XX8 had amazing tooling but uncomfortable uppers (r5 because of stiffness, and xx8 because of hot spots), but the M11 tops them both with amazing tooling plus soft synthetic leather backed by a thin layer of padding covering the entire inside of the shoe. YES THE ENTIRE INSIDE OF THE SHOE IS PADDED, AND IT IS FREAKING AWESOME. The padding makes the shoe feel a little tight at first, but breaks in so nicely. My feet haven’t felt so coddled in a basketball shoe in a long time. Everything else is top notch…traction, support, cushion, transition are all great, and the shoe feels light in the hand and also on your feet. True to size for me (size 10…had to go down to a 9.5 in the Rose 5, and also 9.5 in the XX8 SE), and I have a medium width foot. Remember that the inner padding will mold to your foot, so don’t worry to much about the snug feel when you first try them on. Find them on sale, and pick them up…you won’t regret it.

  24. Has anyone tried these in the White/Game Royal colorway with the clear traction? Its the cheapest option for me at the moment, but I’m worried that the traction on the clear bottom may be different than the other colorways as that has been the case with a handful of shoes in the past.

  25. Hey guys I just wanted to ask if any of you have experienced chaffing on either of your toes when playing in these? I’m a 5’7 135Lbs Shooting Guard and wanted to know if any of you have experienced the same chaffing which lead to blisters on my right pinky toe. These are pretty awesome and offer great impact protection up front and they are pretty bouncy as well although they kinda lack a little bit in the heel department in regards to cushion which isn’t really a big deal, I’m just not used to it.Thanks in advance for any replies.

  26. Hi? can anyone give me an advise for buying a pair of shoes for balling I am 5’9.5 77kgs and I play all around player here in the Philippines Thank you. I hope I receive a reply cause I really wan’t to try Jordan Brand shoes and I’m choosing between0 Jordan Melo 11 and Air Jordan XX9 Thank You.

  27. I have played in a single pair of these (have four) more consistently of late. Here is what I can say. These are the best of the three shoes that use this tooling. XX9 has a fancier upper and looks better (in the big Jumpman colorways) but it doesn’t offer the same lockdown, it’s more expensive and it’s not as durable. Its fit, support and durability also make it a super option to the Superfly 3.

    For people saying these are cheap and fall apart, please, like I said I have four pairs, three of which I have played in, one of which I have played in a lot. Right now I have ZERO defects or signs of serious wear. The tread has held up well outdoors with the exception of some wear around the ball of the foot. That is my only area of complaint in general, I feel like for a shoe this secure and this good for power wings and bigs, there is really junky support around the pivot points of the foot. Because of the secure fit, it’s more noticaeable than with SF3 and XX9, though obviously those could improve in this area as well. I can play 3-4 hours in these with no trouble, but afterward I do experience some minor discomfort in the ball of my foot. This is unusual for me, I usually only have that issue playing in a cross trainer or something. That said it’s very minor discomfort that subsides within an hour and overall this is a great shoe, easily the best in the Melo line to date.

  28. The lack of heel cushioning has complete destroyed my legs. The shoe performs well except for the fact that I’m left with major plantar faciatus and pain in my knees..

  29. Would these Melos be good for flat feet because I have flat feet and I don’t know which pairs are good for flat feet

  30. I picked these up because they were in top 5 performance pick for guards from weartesters. I really wanted to like these shoes because they were light and looked great. But Performance was disappointing and here’s why: I found my feet sliding on hard stops. Traction indoors was very poor. Heel was high. Upper materials were soft and did not secure my feet on lateral movements. This was a miss. Still looking for a shoe as good as my old hyperdunks and clutchfit drive. 🙁

  31. hey im just wondering if its normal to feel the zoom more on one side than the other? on my pair of melo 11 i can feel the zoom more on the left than the right but i didnt pop the zoom unit6

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