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Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV Performance Review

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Traction – Much like the original Fly Wade 2, the Fly Wade 2 EV offers a great traction surface which will be suitable for quick players. I would have liked the smaller traction pattern carried over to the medial section, especially seeing as how this is supposed to be an upgraded version, but nonetheless it still provides solid traction once broken in.


Cushion – They have a slightly softer step-in feel than the previous model but I don’t believe the Lunarlon was modified in any way. I assume the change of insole is what is giving the softer feeling once they’re on your feet since it’s a lot softer – sort of fluffy – when compared to dense Ortholite used in the original. I personally loved how the original insole found in the Fly Wade 2 had molded to my foot but these worked out just fine as well.


Material – The materials have been changed and are much more flexible than the Fuse. It has held up perfectly fine so far and requires practically zero break-in time so that’s a huge plus. Nothing is better than pulling out a brand new pair of shoes and being able to play in them comfortably right from the start.

Fit – From the midfoot to the heel, the fit remains the same. The forefoot seems to have been slightly widened out a bit so those who have a wider forefoot may want to try these on and see if they’ll work out for you. Since the material is thin and flexible, the snug feeling you receive upon first try on will loosen up a bit and begin to contour around your foot so if they aren’t ‘perfect’ at first just give them some time and it will work itself out.


Ventilation – This area has taken a few steps back in my opinion. The Fly Wade 2 offered quite a bit of air flow within the shoe while these end up falling short… air flow is only offered in the forefoot’s perforations and the mesh tongue. Whatever they have done to the side walls during the manufacture process has seared shut the mesh windows making them obsolete.


Support – The support is exactly the same as the Fly Wade 2 and I’m glad it hadn’t changed. With the premium midfoot to heel lockdown coupled with the Achilles notches keep everything in place and secure. Along with that, the TPU frame offers additional arch support and rigidity to the thin exterior so they don’t fold under pressure.


Overall – I really loved the Fly Wade 2 and I have enjoyed these just as much. For those of you who NEED ventilation the original version will be better suited for you however, those of you with a wider forefoot may actually have the chance to finally play in a pair comfortably so it really depends on how you look at it. The areas that weren’t changed performed just as well as they had before – although I do wish they would have re-worked the traction a bit – so overall they are a great purchase if the previous model did not suit your needs as far as foot shape is concerned.


  1. Hey man,

    Just wondering, what do you do with your shoes once you are done reviewing them? Do still get a chance to use them again with all the news shoes you are getting and reviewing.

    1. I usually dont get a chance to wear them again on court, one of the reasons why i decided to review the wade 2 EV… Gave me an excuse to wear the wade again. Some shoes ill wear casually after im done w them and some just go back in the box.

  2. THnk you. Good review.

    Just wore both. The EV is really a better fit for me. The first ones dont work for me at all. Really tight fit. Both fit tight, EV I think I can wear. Neither felt as normal as I hoped, then again I did not play in them. The new one is a bit more money. I get first one for $77 vs $101 with friends didsount. Im poor. I also tried Rose 2.5 and loved those. My GF aIso tried all 3 and she likes Rose 2.5 best then EV, but not regular Wade. I just really wanted LunarLon, I want that plush landing. For now I’ll stick to my Air Max/Zoom Lebron Soldier5, as again Im poor-ish.

    What do you think about Max/zoom vs. lunarlon vs. Rose 2.5 Eva?

    Thnk you.

    1. Ps. Me and my GF are 5’11- ish and have same size length (not width) feet. Is it bad if I wear her kicks a little? We both love the fit of them. She is looking to get Rose2.5 as womens kick selection sucks.

      1. i wish me and my gf have the same foot size. lucky dude. my gf wanted the all pink drose that came only in gs sizes. she’s a 5.5 in gs. i’m a 10.5. i think you’re good with borrowing them from time to time. as long as she orders a men’s size. the cushion would wear out faster thought as i am assuming of course you are heavier. and the midsole may conform to both yours and your gf’s feet, so you may end up with a slightly awkward footbed. i would suggest if you borrow them try putting on a different insole and not use your gf’s stock insole. so her insole will conform to her foot and not yours. i have a soldier 5 and wade 2. they are very different. in my opinion the wade’s are definitely softer and plusher and is surprisingly very responsive at the same time and really almost doesnt tax your knees and heels. i think i have a heel spur and the lunarlon def help alleviating the pain. they have a marshmellowy feel but it goes away in a couple of weeks but still retains the cushion for idk how long though. tech closet said you can wash the ortholite and may bring back the step in cushion. even with not washing the ortholite, the landings feel evenly distributed on the area your foot makes contact. they would still feel like your not making contact with the ground. i tried washing it and it did help bring back the marshmellowy feel. the soldier 5 though feels a lot different for me. its higher of the ground. heel cushion broke in at 3 days, i only play 2 a week. i wore them casually 1 time and played in them 2 times. i feel the the heel springing back more. the soldier 5 feels upon impact, it doesnt let your foot sink in too much rather it springs your foot up instantly as you made impact. its like a spring. upon impact theres a contradicting force to your foot and it does not spread the impact well unlike the wade 2 that lets my foot slowly sink in then springs back when impact done. i hope you got what i’m saying. both are responsive but i prefer the lunarlon, softer yet still responsive. i havent played in a drose yet. nightwing can give a comment on that.

        1. thnk you. I do need to take care of my body. I think the EVs can work well for me. Maybe I can have all 3 from time to time. lol.

          1. also both have a marshmallowy forefoot. you can feel in between your toes the sockliner too. i think its also ortholite like the EV a flat one but im not sure. your welcome.

  3. Great review. I felt the same thing when I checked these out during the weekend, they felt a bit more forgiving to my foot & a bit on the plushier side. Great timing that you got this review up, just in time since I was really considering on getting this pair as my next hoop shoe, and this might have just sealed the deal.

    One question though, do you think that this would experience the same problem like the M8’s where the shoe was not ventilated enough that it caused the upper to be “deformed?”

    Thanks and more power!

      1. i was actually thinkin to use these only during tournaments becoz
        Ive got three other pairs of shoes

  4. if you were going to play ball right now (and weren’t testing another shoe) would you wear these or the Lebron 9 elites?

  5. Awesome review!

    I’ve been always curious tho, should I buy a shoe that fits exactly to my feet? or should I buy half or 1 size higher for allowance / space and will it affect my game?

    although for the wade 2s and EV buyers should have the same size with their feet (correct me if I’m wrong)

    I always get a shoe half size higher than my feet.

    Thanks for the awesome reviews!

  6. Hi, great review!!
    Difficult question: Which sneaker would you choose between this Fly Wade version and Jordan 2011 Q Flight? I read Q Flight are still awesome performance sneakers but they have poor midfoot support. THANKS!!!

  7. I don’t know what it is but I hate the Fly Wade 2 so far. I just got a pair of the red Christmas day ones and after playing in them a couple of times my feet paid the price. My toes hurt from the stiffness of the front of toeboxes. And my heels on both feet are scraped up from the “cushion pads” in the back. Feels almost like theres a wire rubbing on my heel. I usually wear cotton ankle socks with all my shoes and I NEVER had problems like that with my other sneakers I hoop in. I tried tying them looser but those pads still scraped up my heels. Maybe the EV’s are better but they still have those same pads on the heel. What kind of socks you wear with the shoes NW? I got some Nike Dri-Fit crew socks but those don’t help easy the pain.

  8. Is the fit really that much wider on these (in the forefoot I mean)? I have the regular Fly Wade 2 and they are very tight on my feet…tried to break them in, but it isn’t really working out so far. Would you recommend these to wide footers? And if not, are there any other performance sneakers that come to mind for wide footers? Thanks!

  9. Hi Nightwing2303,

    Great review as always!

    I got the fly wade 2 in blk/wht and thinking of grabbing a pair of EV version as well.

  10. Hi Nightwing 2303,
    i watched your early release vs retail release jordan 11 cool grey comparison video and one difference is that the “fake” ones were finished within a month whereas the Nike approved ones took 3 months,.. when i checked my fly wade 2’s (not EV) it was also within a month, is it possible that i have a fake pair? how long did your fly wade 2’s take to construct?..

    thanks man,. the site’s always helpful for sneakerheads& players.

  11. hey man, thank you soooo much for your vidoes
    i have sone questions for you tho, and it would be really great if you answrred them..
    im a shooting guard, and im thinking of buying NIKE HYPERDUNK 2012 or JORDAN FLYWADE 2 EV, but i cant really decide on it.
    so first of all, which one is more durable? like i mean which one ‘s grips last longer and dont rip or break easily? and secondly, which one is suited to a shooting-focused player like me? and last of aall, which one is better, just in general?
    i would love it if u could answer these questions asap. thanks

  12. i think the reason why they put the flywire on top instead of the perforation on the upper because the normal fly wade 2’s toebox is ripping sometimes

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