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Jordan CP3.VII AE Performance Review

Playoffs baby.

The Jordan CP3.VII AE is pretty similar to the original CP3.VII so instead of going through the usual write-up, I’ll just fill you in on my thoughts.

Traction and cushion are the same. Point blank, period. I did experience pain under the ball of my foot where the Zoom units are located, something I did not experience with the original, so I assume that this issue is a hit or miss between pairs. It goes away after some break-in time but while the issue was prominent… it was pretty painful.

Materials are slightly more durable here but they fail to wrap and move with the foot the way the leather panels had in the original model. This created a bit of dead space at the forefoot which caused some internal slipping. Lockdown from the midfoot back was the same awesomeness that was the CP3.VII.

Ventilation was pretty much on par with one another but the original CP3.VII had actual ventilation points or perforations thus allowing some heat to escape whereas these did not. Nothing that I found to be too detrimental but its something worth noting.

Overall, I feel the CP3.VII is greater than the AE version. They break-in quicker, fit better and they are now cheaper than the AE. Some may prefer the look of the AE over the original but I would rather have leather panels and overlays versus Fuse… but that’s just me.

Not a bad shoe but not as nice as the original, unfortunately… I guess not everything can be a hit. If you were interested in the shoe whether it be for on or off court usage then you can grab them now in a few different colorways at Finish Line.

Jordan CP3.VII AE Performance Review Score

  1. Great review Chris! A little disappointed in the ae version, but I did experience the pain where zoom air units were planted with my original version. Even with elite socks on, it hurts like crazy…

  2. had same problem in the og with that met zoom bag where the balls of feet were burning after 1st and 2nd wears… now they feel better but only slightly. i still enjoy wearing my vi ae more. these ae’s just looks cheaper with the fuse material. jordan did the total opposite with the vi ae and vii ae… fuse in og vi and “premium” materials in vi ae vs. “premium” materials in og vii and fuse in vii ae.

  3. I had that pain in my originals for a bit but with more use, it went away completely. I’d say that after 3 or 4 good games of 21, I didn’t really feel it anymore. That’s just my experience. I wondered if anyone else felt that or if it was just me.

  4. breaking the forefoot zoom is a pain in the pass. I would loved it if they went full length zoom instead of target ones. Cushion with the orig cp3 vii is very adequate, or dead-like. It’s an okay cushion with an okay fit. I want to throw mine away.

  5. Love how the advanced version featured forefoot pain and less playable materials. They are however a bit lighter after I cut the decorative string off the sides.

    1. The originals gave some people pain as well, not an isolated case by any means. Materials are playable as well, many models feature Fuse nowadays. It was the fit/ last with these materials that didn’t work out well with each other. I should have explained it better/ more clearly. This is also the AE (artisan edition) and not an advanced model. No clue as to why they’d use AE but they did.

  6. One cannot simply buy a sneaker before listening to nightwing.with that being said, did anyone else have a similar problem with the forefoot zoom in the kd6? On my left shoe it pushes under the ball of my foot but I still havent played in them.should I break them in and find out or return the pair? What do you think

  7. Nightwing im having a hard time choosing between the cp3 vii or the d.rose 4.5, u rate them right next to each other . with the new material and little stuff which one do u think i should get aestheticily, performance and money wise.

  8. I am a young guard and i want a low top shoe. I want to keep the price low but i have a little bit of flexibility. I have looked at the Nike Zoom Crusader and the Kobe Venomenon 4 so far. It would be for mostly indoor but maybe a little outdoor. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. Just wondeirng if you think its possible to cut the web/cords off the side? Do they hold any support or strength value to the shoe?

      1. Did watch the vid, thanks for all the info, but it was a matter of will it destroy the shoe or not.

        I cut the cords and the shoes feel 10x better as the laces pull on the fuse and mould it to you foot rather then tightening on the cords and having untightened flywire under neath if that makes sense.

        i play about 10hrs per week of pickup and havent had any issues so far.

  10. Hey Nightwing, I just got these on sale and have been playing in them for a week now. I am having a different issue though with the Podulite, it’s not the Met-Zoom bag that hurt my foot but it’s the pod where the big toe sits that gave me pain. It’s a lot less painful now but it still hurts from time to time. I’m wondering if anyone had the same issue as me or if it’s just an isolated case to my pair.

  11. got these half a size bigger after trying on, had no issues except that I think that the outrigger is a little too small for my taster and the traction isn’t so great and I end up sliding sideways when I try to grip the court sideways, play mostly outdoors, and I’ll say that the cp3.7 ae is a great performer but not the best out there, love the look though

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