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Jeremy Lin Hits Game Winner Against Toronto

Last night the New York Knicks went on the road and faced off against the Toronto Raptors.

While I wouldn’t call this game a definitive “Linsanity” moment as he has been very consistent over the last 5 games … it was something to behold as the Raptors took a shot at Lin every chance they could while he surpassed each and every obstacle they threw his way.

Bringing in a total of 27 points and 11 assists, Lin stay poised on the road and the crowning moment of the night came within the final 5 seconds of the night as Lin boldly took the potential game winning shot… and made it.

Call it what you will; love him or hate him. However, you must give credit where credit is due. Lin was – and still is – an underdog… and underdog on a team with three of the best 4 & 5’s in the game and has seemingly become the missing piece to the puzzle.

Only one question remains… can Melo come back and play alongside Lin? I personally don’t have any theories on this since I’d prefer to wait and see what happens after a few games with Melo back in the lineup but what are your thoughts?

Via Y!

  1. melo would fit. lin will find melo wherever he’s comfortable scoring. as long as the point guard does his job they will fit in just fine. last year with the nuggets melo just played ball hog to frustrate the team to trade him. he wont hog the ball again.

  2. man i like lin when he was with the warriors. i didnt think much of him then but these last couple of games he’s turned me into a believer.

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