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How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Basketball Shoes for Your Style of Play

Looking for that perfect pair to suit your style of play and needs? Need some sound advice on what you’d typically require or want to look for?

Head over to Sneaker Report and check out my write up detailing How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Basketball Shoes for Your Style of Play.

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Basketball Shoes for Your Style of Play

  1. nightwing i didnt find this helpful|
    all it said was cushion fit traction lockdown for all
    so only materials and ventilation were left out
    AS a POSt player i find traction and fit to be the most important
    i wanna bee planted and not move whiele being backed down
    dont wanna slide

  2. bro do u realize you just told people they basically don’t need you your reviews or this site? gotta work on ur people skills, that “if you don’t like it too bad” attitude will turn people off. give the consumer what they want even if it seems stupid to you

    1. That isnt what I said at all. I said Its a How To which means I am attempting to teach you what you can or should look for when choosing a shoe – the info is provided within the reviews that will help out.

      Dont read into things that arent there bro. Its pretty clear that I am only trying to help with everything that Ive done so far… just trying to lead a horse to water instead of giving him one drink.

  3. What do you recommend for someone who just camps at the 3pt line and does nothing else like me? Hahaha kidding. I don’t really fit into any of the descriptions but your reviews have definitely been a big help in me choosing my hoop shoes. I still wait for your reviews before deciding but I can definitely pick out what I need or want when I have to. Thanks for all the great work you do!

  4. Guys nightwing is trying to teach you how to pick your own shoe. If you’re not using his advice that’s on you not him.

  5. Foot size/shape along with gait/foot strike has more of a factor on proper shoes than which position you play, IMO. However major shoe mfgrs cannot market as well as player endorsements. New balance tried this a while back but never succeeded, except Matt Bonne. Now we’re left with PE’s as top feature rich models, usually overkill for most players but hey advertising and marketing works, including me.

  6. Decent piece. Just want to say that NW is just trying to give tips on how to pick a shoes that fits you, like which attribute matters more to different types of players. There’s also the personal preference which differs from person to person. Imo, people just have to try some shoes out before knowing which shoe fits them perfectly. I heard people praising Lebron X a lot but when I bought it and tried it out, the cushion was too much for me since I was a cutter and a slasher. It all depends on you. NW is just trying to help.

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