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HoopTracker – Basketball Shot Tracking Watch

Look, I understand that some of you guys don’t like the gimmicky things that are invented for basketball.

Personally, I fine some of them cool but this – to me – is the coolest. I never keep track of anything when I’m playing, I’m always too submerged in the game to pay attention to anything other than the task, which is to try my best to win. This little device is pretty cool since it keeps track of everything for you and there are some neat training games you can play to help yourself stay motivated to improving your game. Not sure how practical this is for serious game play since you’d need to put the sensor on the hoop before the game starts and most leagues/ pickup players would never allow it. But, if you hoop with friends on the regular or you practice a lot then I can see this being a pretty useful tool.

At least I’d be curious what stats were like. Let me know what you think of the HoopTracker and if you want to learn more then just visit their website; hooptracker.com.

HoopTracker - Basketball Shot Tracking Watch 1

HoopTracker - Basketball Shot Tracking Watch 2

HoopTracker - Basketball Shot Tracking Watch 3

HoopTracker - Basketball Shot Tracking Watch 4

  1. Which wrist should it be worn? At the shooting hand? I hope not because that will really mess up my accuracy.

  2. I wonder how reliable it is. Like would it register a miss if I went up for a block using the hand with the wristband

    1. This is more of a shooting-practice/drill kind of training tool. Looks like it records “shots” based on up-down movements, so if you attempt a block, it probably will record it as a shot attempt.

      1. You’d have to make the basket in order for the sensor on the rim to read a made shot. They explain it in detail in the video with visuals and all that. Its def a training tool but itd be cool if you could use it in a game and have actual stats like you see in NBA games. The watch probably senses where you are on the floor while the rim attachment reads misses and makes.

        1. neet but it looks like onlly 1 player in the game could wear it at a time and if a league with most rules that guyy will be stiing out fot at least 20 minutes. i’m sure the traansimetter is paired to a single wristband which renders the tool lame. 10 people on the court and only half the time will stats be recorded unless you swutch the transmitter at half time. Soundedd promising but – swing and a miss.

  3. Ah ok… Looks like the diagram is based on HS courts. There seems to be some type of radar in the watch and mount to detect where you shot from. Watch has a speed sensor or a motion detector (like a pedometer) to detect shot attempts. This is genius. I kinda want one badly now! lol Now only if I have a court all to myself…

    1. I was typing this before NW replied to my comment to kRaww -___ I feel dumb for repeating something lol

  4. man that’s genius…i had this same thought a few weeks ago, but had no idea of how to even remotely implement…i figured one button for makes and one for misses, but no way to graph it…I need one, no idea where to mount the apparatus (public courts only around my way) but it looks boss!!

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