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History of Flight – The Air Jordan Project

Up until this point, I have really only done Performance Reviews on the latest basketball products on the market. One giant aspect of this market is the Retro… which are typically used for casual use nowadays yet – way back when – players from all over the world would anticipate the latest installment of the Air Jordan Legacy so they could lace them up on-court just as Michael Jordan did every night.

One question that is consistently asked… are Air Jordan Retro models good to use on-court? I have had many personal opinions on this subject both neutral and somewhat negative but starting in March 2012, I will be going back in time, so to speak, and performance review each and every Air Jordan from I-XX3.

Once a month we will bring you a new performance review, starting with the Air Jordan 1. This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time and now is the time to make it happen.

I wanted to thank everyone for the support over the years… I appreciate it greatly. With this I hope we can shed some light on the performance aspect on these sneakers and take things back to how it used to be… when people wore basketball shoes inspired by the greatest player ever for their intended purpose… to play the game of basketball.

  1. Dang what a great idea. Definitely looking forward to this. I just don’t understand how you have the time to do all this on top of the 5+ performance reviews you have on hand right now. But you find a way, and I’m looking forward to it. Keep up the great work!

      1. I really hope that someone at Jordan Brand, or if possible, Mr.Jordan himself, would see your vids and our comments and realize that there are still people who want to play in the models they used to love and stop cheaping out on retros. Bring J’s back to where they belong, the court!!!

  2. really appreciate for doing this.all the time i have been wondering the performance of the jordan retro serie.i need a shoe both for performance and casual,but the retro serie is not cheap.so,i cant risk my money.thanks for doing this.just cant wait for your review

  3. performance sneaker-head department I should say, btw those 2010’s…they’re just incredible, not pretty, but wow…best basketball shoe Ive ever worn.

  4. Very good idea! And it will help a lot, for many of us! Just want to know, how good the AJ 2010 will be on the overall list, cause it my current pick up of Jordans! Do you will rate them 1-27?

    1. Yes, thats what i said in the video… A full 1-23 performance review. CP3s will be after the kobes. Be patient, i play in shoes for 40+ hrs before the full review.

  5. (Good luck with not being biased indeed 😉 You will wear some ankle protection, right? Because what I remember from many many many years ago, the ones I had, the IV and V’s didn’t offer good stability/ support. Same with the VII’s which I borrowed from my brother. (And the insoles/ cushioning of the IV and V was very soft. Not responsive at all.)
    Also wouldn’t you think the trainers of, for example the Pacers (P George) and the Pistons (G Monroe) would disapprove their players from wearing those retro’s if they were bad for their feet?

  6. One more thing, I think you should include the year of the retros. From what I’ve heard, retros of the same model from different years might perform differently.(don’t know if that’s a fact or not)

  7. My first and only Jordan sneak is this years first Jordan retro release. The X Chicago, I’ve played a couple of games in them, can’t wait to see that review. Most of all the VI being my favorite alongside the XI. Do you have the DMP’S of them? Great sneaker vids keep it up!

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