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Glimpse at the Potential Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2017

2017 - Nike Zoom Hyperrev - Side

The Internets are brutal when it comes to giving glimpses of possible upcoming releases so don’t shoot the messenger. Now, we get a quick glimpse of the potential Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2017.

While last year’s model was one of our favorites here at WearTesters (I mean, we’ve had more reviews on that one shoe than almost any other) are ecstatic to see and hopefully test the new upcoming model.

2017 - Nike Zoom Hyperrev - Angle

While there’s nothing visually standout-ish at first glance, looks can be deceiving. Remember, we care about performance first. This features an all mesh upper with fuse overlays on high-wear areas, something Nike has somewhat perfected. The shoe also uses Nike Zoom Air cushioning but it’s only visible on the forefoot. We hope Swoosh didn’t skimp on the cushioning because the 2016 Hyperrev featured a heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushioning set up which we all gladly enjoyed (our knees were thankful). The outsole utilizes a traditional herringbone setup with an interestingly leveled layering of the outsole. We’re not sure how this works, but if none of us are slipping or sliding, and we stay on the ground, we’re all for it.

There is no tentative release date or price yet so make sure you keep it locked here on WearTesters.com for the most updated information. In the meantime, how do you like the look of the updated silhouette? Do you miss the velcro strap from the 2016 model? Are you hoping for heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushioning like we are? Let us know what you think down in the comment section.

2017 - Nike Zoom Hyperrev - Angle2

2017 - Nike Zoom Hyperrev - Size4

2017 - Nike Zoom Hyperrev - Outsole

2017 - Nike Zoom Hyperrev - Tongue

2017 - Nike Zoom Hyperrev - Side

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  1. Do I miss the strap? HELL NO! It was impossible to keep those straps on during gameplay. It ruined a perfectly performing sneaker.

    1. I really wanted to get a pair, but the straps stopped me from doing so. I read/saw a few videos where people said those straps came undone. I didn’t want to take a chance on that because that would have driven me insane.

      Is it possible to get a pair where the straps don’t come undone?

  2. These look great esthetically. I am also on team no-strap for hoops shoes. That rippled outsole though, wondering how that’s going to work.

  3. Reminds me of a sleeker kyrie 1 but with the wavy sole. If the waves compress well, along with the herringbone, it could be great.

  4. Looks basic and no frills, which is alright to me. I hope they didn’t remove the heel zoom, but it looks like they did. Camera phone, though.

  5. Looks like the Kyrie 1. Cushion seems lacking and the weird wavy outsole seems sketchy. Last 3 Hyperrevs have been good, I hope these don’t end that trend

  6. I think they definitely removed the heel zoom. THAT is “the Nike way” (reference to the TrashTalk a while ago). I think this traction with work pretty solid, just not as good as if they didn’t ripple it. Seems like another solid budget model for the HyperRev line as long as they keep the price low.

  7. I LOVE the performance and styling of the Hyperrev 2016; this looks remisncent of quite a few shoes Nike has done before, but I’m all in if it plays like its predecessor. That outsoles pattern worries me, because the swoosh loves nothing more than to screw up great traction in order to ‘tell a story’?

  8. Still have 3 pairs of the 2015’s, my favorite shoe to date. Did not play in 2016’s though. I would be more interested in the 2017’s if they featured flywire again.

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