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Get an Updated Look at the Nike Hyperdunk 2016

The Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 got most of the shine when unveiled, but there is a slightly less expensive version of the Hyperdunk set to release in the coming months.

This version will not feature the FlyKnit upper and compression ankle sleeve, but it shares the same tooling. Traction looks impressive, as does the Nike Zoom Air cushioning. Although, we thought the Hyperdunk 2015 was going to be awesome for the same reasons and it failed to impress. The upper looks pretty basic. Mesh and Fuse with large open mesh sections for ventilation. Not quite as innovative as the Elite model, but should be more than functional on-court.

Enjoy the updated look at the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 below, and let us know which version you’re more interested in trying out once they release.

Get an Updated Look at the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 1

Get an Updated Look at the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 2

Get an Updated Look at the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 3


  1. Still believe that this version is heel and forefoot zoom and that the elite is full zoom because we can’t see the zoom in the middle

    1. Agree with you right there. But not all elites have a different cushioning setup like the Kobe 9s and KD condoms so lets just wait and see when they release. Excited bout the zoom. The last great zoom product and hyperdunk for me were the 2011s.

    2. I dunno.. Another site had additional sneak peak photos, and one colorway was like the one above with the middle section hidden, but another had it revealed and it looked identical to the elite.

      1. Just to expand.. one colorway had all the zoom windows covered with this black check pattern. I believe its full length zoom, with just different aesthetics.

  2. is there going to be first release of this standard version , or we are going o get with elites , the same time? don’t like this separated cushioning, only full length …

  3. The Elites have full length Zoom. The Zoom branding is seen on the midfoot on that version. Standard edition will have heel and forefoot. The branding on that version is placed right on the heel window and the differentiation between the heel air unit and the midfoot is very noticeable.

    1. Its possible. It’s unlikely that Nike would spend the extra money to alter tooling like that on every size rather than keep the original tooling with a FlyKnit upper. But if one is full length and one isn’t that that’s dope.

  4. Great that they have a mid. Its not full length like the elites, though. It still better be good zoom, because if its that ‘barely feel it’ zoom they like to use, then they shouldn’t even bother putting it in there.

  5. I want a pair of every option…Elite, standard, and low…i havent enjoyed many nikes lately besides the kobe 11

  6. Those windows don’t seem to be shaped strategically for articulation imo. I’m sure the upper flexes well enough, but that’d be because of the material. My main peeve is it doesn’t look like a complete effort for function. I’m not even sure there’s much ventilation given the bootie underneath.

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