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FootJoy Pro SL Sport Performance Review

FootJoy Pro SL Sport

The FootJoy Pro SL Sport is one of the brand’s biggest successes this year. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s a reason FootJoy claims to be the #1 in golf shoes.

While the FootJoy Pro SL Sport looks rather unassuming, under the hood there’s a lot going on that contributes to an overall awesome golfing experience. 

FootJoy Pro SL Sport

Release Date: June 2022

Price: $170

Weight: 12oz

Sizing: True to Size

Buy Men's at FootJoy Buy Women's at FootJoy
  • Rundown: Nothing about the FootJoy Pro SL Sport should turn you away. The combination of killer stability and a plethora of options for women and wide-footers make this shoe a must-have.


  • Stability
  • Waterproof Upper
  • Inclusivity


  • Cushion
The traction and stability on the FootJoy Pro SL Sport was excellent.



The FootJoy Pro SL Sport is the most stable golf shoe I’ve ever tested. The wide, almost squared-off base and rigid spikeless traction combine to provide ultimate stability. 

Take one look at the bottom of this shoe and tell me you’d find yourself off balance while wearing it…there’s just no way. 

In everything I did, I was completely confident that I could exert as much power as necessary and transfer all of my energy into the ground without slipping, sliding, or falling off balance. If you need something stable, the FootJoy Pro SL is the shoe for you. 

Waterproof Upper

Yes, most (if not all) of the golf shoes that I’ve tested are waterproofed in some way, but whatever FJ did for the FootJoy Pro SL Sport was just awesome. 

I spent a lot of time in the mud and dirt while rocking these, and because they’re white, I was extremely worried about how they’d hold up. Despite this, the waterproof coating repelled all of the dirt and debris. 

Any stain or dirt on the shoe was wiped clean with just a towel or my hand. The peace of mind that the FootJoy Pro SL Sport will keep you clean and dry is a win!

Hitting out of bunkers was no problem in the FootJoy Pro SL Sport


FootJoy has long been the most inclusive in golf…because they have so many offerings. The FootJoy Pro SL Sport fit perfectly for me, but if you’re a wide footer? They offer it in a wide version. Narrow feet are your problem? They have it narrow, too.

And guess what? They offer the Pro SL Sport in Women’s sizing too. That can’t be said for a lot of the shoes I’ve reviewed recently. 

You can’t be mad about anyone and everyone being able to get their hands on a shoe that performs this well. 

The FootJoy Pro SL Sport is a great performer on the golf course.



Okay, I’ll admit: it’s not that the cushion on the FootJoy Pro SL Sport is bad, it’s just not the same experience I had with the FootJoy Fuel

Both feature the same StratoLite Foam midsole, but to me, the FootJoy Pro SL Sport felt a little firmer than the Fuel. I’m going to chalk this up to the implementation because to me it seems that FootJoy cut back on the amount of StratoLite Foam on the Pro SL Sport, and opted for a beefier insole instead. 

I found the StratoLite Foam to be plenty comfortable for walking, and it felt responsive throughout my swing, but it just didn’t have the same volume as the FootJoy Fuel. 

If you’re one who likes good, but minimal cushion, you’re going to enjoy this one! The cushion is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it just left me wanting a little more.

The FootJoy Pro SL Sport is overall a fantastic shoe for the everyday golfer.

FootJoy Pro SL Sport Summary

Killer stability, solid construction, and mainstream availability are what make the FootJoy Pro SL Sport one heck of a golf shoe. 

Anyone (women included) that picks up a pair of the FootJoy Pro SL Sport will be blown away by the stable, solid performance, and won’t have any issues with comfort, either. 

Total Score


  • Stability
  • Waterproof Upper
  • Inclusivity


  • Cushion
  1. What the heck does Inclusivity mean? Is this a new material on the shoe or does this just hep the stability of the shoe. Maybe it refers to air flow or better waterproofing?

    1. In this case it means fits a large variety of feet and that there’s a wide version available as well.

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