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First Impression: Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer


Nike’s latest Fuse based performance model, the Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer, has landed at retailers so lets break down the latest rendition with a first impression.

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Traction – Full length herringbone pattern has made its way onto the outsole after many complaints on the traction-less outriggers of the past. The grooves are thick (not as thick as the Hyperfuse) and widely dispersed, this would make for a great outdoor performance sneaker.


The heel has an oval shaped area with little rubber bumps that are very flexible and shaped inward into the heel. I’m not sure what this is for exactly as Guards don’t typically use this area but if you prefer forefoot cushion in a lightweight package while being a Small or Power Forward, this could be a useful tool in post maneuvers.


Cushion – Same exact midsole and setup as the original Hyperfuse & Hyperfuse 2011. Forefoot Zoom Air is placed under the forefoot which feels just as you would expect.


The rest of the midsole I thought would be Cushlon but its been stated that its just your ordinary Phylon.


The insole is also the same as the previous two Hyperfuse models… just a thin foam insole that’s pretty basic.


Material – Flywire & Hyperfuse are combined on a model that retails at $110.00… not bad in my opinion.


The Fuse upper is nearly the same as it was on the previous Hyperfuse models, nowhere near as flexible as whats used on the Fly Wade 2 & KD IV. It’s not a big deal as it is fairly flexible yet durable so it will retain its shape well.


The eyelets feature a typical Flywire setup, wrapping around the eyelet and running down the structure columns for a secure fit.


Fit – These run small, big surprise, so I ended up going ½ size up. There are two sections at the base of the midfoot with small notches cut into the material for additional flexibility.


The heel is built much better than the original Hyperfuse with decent padding in the collar along with sculpted heel padding to help keep your heel locked into in place.


Ventilation – This was disappointing… while the tongue has perforations, the mesh side panels are lined on the interior with fabric which is something I still find baffling even though I’ve been seeing it more often. Not even a glimmer of light was able to shine through the fabric lined interior which will hinder the shoes overall ventilation no matter how it seems on the exterior.


Support – This is the area of the shoe I was most impressed with. The lateral side has additional panels in place which feel like they house a thin TPU frame in between the fused materials which adds rigidity.


The medial side also has this in place but its shape is a bit different. Where the additional material rounds out towards the arch of the foot is placed right where the back end of your arch sits and you can feel it pressing against your foot. I think the two TPU support frames should have been placed on the opposite sides with the rounded design being featured on the lateral side for some structure and support against roll overs while the medial should have had the more narrow frame for some support while promoting flexibility.


There is also an internal TPU heel counter as well.


I think these will play well overall but there are already things that I can see and feel upon try on that I would have done differently. That isn’t a bad thing but in my opinion the small mistakes that are present should have been corrected prior to being manufactured. Traction looks beast though which is something I am excited about.

  1. The traction looks freaking amazing! But still shocked how there’s no ventilation. Lunarlon needs to hook up with Zoom Air!

  2. Hahaha…when I first saw these and I knew it right way that you would totally thrill by the traction including myself! Man I can’t wait for you to hoop in these and review. Ps. How is your ankle feeling? Peace bro!

  3. I thought they have Zoom in the heel?! On the Phylon cushioning, how long does it take till the cushion is there? I have my Hyperfuse 2011(played 5-6 times), but the heel is still very hard, I think. It’s my 1st Phylon based cushioning shoe.

    1. Nope just forefoot. They should be fine but you can also buy an insole with heel cushion. Theyll have another version with heel air max and foam in the forefoot like they did with the hyperfuse and air max fly by.

  4. Hey Nightwing,

    Would you consider the hell area of this shoe similar to that of the Lebron 9? do you think that the Support is somewhat similar? coz it looks the same with the “wing” support of the Lebron 9.

    1. Similar in a sense but its a totally different support system in general since the materials make the structure work differently. I will know once i play in them whether its as good or better than the lebrons.

    1. Plenty of things are coming so stay tuned! Jordan 2012s are top priority right now but the KD IVs are gonna be ready before then.

      1. Ok.thank you.one more thing,which is more durable on terms of cushioning,zoom air or foam cushioning,the reason why i am asking all of this because i play 90% on outdoor,so i need a shoe that is durable.thank you nightwing!

        1. The newer foam tech is pretty durable. Its all mixed with phylon which is pretty dense so it holds up better than the original lunar foam. Zm is also very durable but often times loosens up inside the footbed and causes squeaking but still does its job.

  5. Hey Nightwing
    I was just wonderin
    if you were to choose a size 12 Hyperfuse or a Hyperenforcer (same size), which one would you choose? Do you have any idea which one is lighter?
    I had hyperfuse before and it felt a bit heavier than any other shoes, so yeah.

    1. I dont know the weight, i could check later this week and weight them. But at this point id go with the hyperenforcer, havent played in the yet though, based on traction design and coverage along with the additional medial and lateral support wings placed at the heel/ collar area.

  6. When you finally review these Hyperenforcers You GOTTA compare the traction of these to the kobe iv’s! The kobe iv’s really did have Impeccable Grip. We neeeeed to know if nike finally got beast traction again in comparison, not many shoes can compete in that category. It would be a sick surprise if they did beat them.

  7. Hey nightwing, I played with the hyperenforcers today for the first time and I didn’t get much traction. The court is semi dusty but overall is pretty good for Indoors. For me I get the best traction on my kobe vi’s and my hyperdunk 2011. I thought the hyper enforcer would fit great and have traction like the hyperdunks but to me it’s not good at all. Towards the heel cup I didn’t get great stability and traction was awful (I had to keep wiping the dust off my shoes constantly) Any thoughts on the shoe and how it fits you?

  8. Enforcer vs. Hyperdunk 2011 ..from a guard’s perspective? Which allows faster and more flexible foot movements, has better cushioning and support? thanks

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