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First Impression: Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low


The Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low is one of those shoes that is requested quite often. While I usually don’t like to review the same shoe twice, even if its a lower cut version, these are different enough to warrant a full review.


Traction – The traction in the Hyperdunk 2011 was great and since these are the same surface, it’ll pretty much offer the same grip.


Cushion – Forefoot Zoom Air is in place just as it was before so forefoot comfort will be responsive and comfortable while keeping you low to the ground… as low as possible at least since the midsole is fairly thick.


The heel doesn’t have Zoom Air in the low model. Instead the Phylon has been changed a bit and is now much softer and plush feeling. While its technically less cushion, I personally like this setup better because of the softer foam.


Material & Fit – Materials are fairly similar as far as what they utilize, however, they are far different in thickness and feel once on foot.


While the Hyperdunk 2011 had a somewhat stiff upper with the layers of Fuse & Flywire, this version slims down the material thickness quite a bit and its very pliable. Personally, I like this setup better than the previous and it reminds me of the Zoom Kobe V.


Fit is true to size and because the materials are more pliable they feel awesome fresh out the box. One thing that is noticeably missing are those wonderful little heel notches that hug your Achilles… I wish they had kept those in place… I’m really going to miss those little guys…


Ventilation – The Hyperdunk 2011 was pretty well ventilated as it was but again, the upper has been slightly modified and the perforated sections of the material allow for a great amount of heat to escape while also allowing air to flow inside of the shoe.


Support – The heel cup and midfoot shank are still in place but have been modified. Since these are priced lower than the higher version they opted to replace the glass based Carbon plate with a TPU plate. This doesn’t bother me much as they can both do the job.


Lighter, lower, softer and more pliable… despite a few slight modifications I think these may perform slightly better than the higher cut model. I’m still going to miss those little heel notches though…

  1. Nice preview as always…they have some on clearance (Hyperdunk low) @nike clearance section

    BTW got the Fly Wade 2 ver 1…very happy with them.

    At first I was disappointed on the “hot spots” and then I re-watched your review on Wade 2 and loosen the lower section of the laces..bam..just the right fit…

    Next stop Howard 2s for me

  2. I want to try playing in my HD2011 mids but without using the top 2 eyelets. You think that’s safe/ok? I hate how the tongues slide in the mid so i want to play it like it’s a low top. In any case, i’ll watch out for your review on the lows and see if their worth the purchase. I’m torn because there’s no zoom in the heel 😐

  3. Hey man! Nice quick review as always..

    BTW, my foot is size 10, should I get size 10 also? or is it advisable to get 10.5? I use to run for fastbreaks and transition defense. My past basketball shoes(reebok) is size 10 and it hurts my toenail. Just wondering if this 2011 lows have some space in the front?

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