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First Impression: Nike Zoom Huarache 2k4


The Nike Zoom Huarache 2k4 is one of the most highly acclaimed performance models from the brand other than the Zoom Kobe IV.

This is my first time owning a pair so I’m hoping they live up to the hype…


Traction – Herringbone is the primary source of traction while the ball of the foot features a triangle pattern. The herringbone should be solid enough so long as the court conditions aren’t too dusty.


The rubber feels good, so it should do well… this is just an assumption but I almost feel as if the triangular pattern may hold up very well on a dusty court whereas the herringbone may fall a bit short.


Cushion – The heel has a Zoom Air unit in place while the forefoot houses a Met bag like most Kobe models of the past. Personally, I couldn’t really feel the Zoom under foot – I can visually see it so I know it’s there – and it doesn’t give you that step-in comfort that I’m used to having on a Kobe model although the foam midsole felt very nice.


The reason may be from the insole used. It’s fairly thick and has additional padded sections in the heel and forefoot. This type of insole has been used on the latest Air Jordan XIV Retro… I’ll show that to you when I get to those later on this year.


Material – With each colorway you have different material options. This pair has a leather upper while the others I had seen were a suede or nubuck. I went ahead and grabbed the leather version because I feel it will retain its shape better while being used on the court but it will require some break-in time.


The surface layer placed on the leather is textured and feels almost like vinyl. I don’t really like it too much but again, this should retain its shape throughout the course of a game versus higher quality leather or a suede/ nubuck.


Fit – The overall fit was very impressive given they were designed quite some time ago.


Once fully laced they provide a snug and secure feeling thanks to the Huarache inner sleeve.


Most Huarache models are low top shoes in a high top shell. These are no different and there is an additional lace loop within the shoe that provides a very secure fit as it keeps the heel in place.


One thing that actually does work quite well – at least when trying them on – is the strap placed at the top of the collar. The Huarache Free Bball 2012 didn’t offer a very secure feeling once they were laced up completely. These not only offer a better overall fit but the strap harnesses the foot into the shoe much great than the flimsy wings featured on the original Huarache & Huarache Free Bball 2012.


Ventilation – The medial side panel and Huarache sleeve are perforated which will allow for some air flow. It isn’t great but it pretty much meets the standards that most of today’s shoes utilize.


Support – The external heel cup should offer similar support found in the Kobe line as well as the Hyperdunk line.


The strap, as I said before, actually keeps the foot in place so it should work well with the external heel cup.


Carbon Fiber is also in place at the base of the shoe for some rigidity along the arch furthering the support.


Overall, I can’t say at this point that these are the greatest hoop shoes ever… mostly because I haven’t stepped out onto the court in them. However, they look promising and quite a few features were carried over to the Zoom Kobe line – which I love – so these will hopefully fall into that category for me as a top performance model.

  1. have you ever considered reviewing one of the Li-Ning sneakers?? I’d really like to hear what you think about them… thanks

  2. Oh and what is Zoom Air supposed to feel like? I am just interested to know what feeling you get from wearing a shoe with Zoom Air as I have never had a shoe with Zoom, just Air and Air Max.

    1. zoom air its like having a soft bouncy feel to it… its a lightweight cushion system…you move quicker during cuts and running unlike the max air… its absorbs shock or impact… or think it this way.. max air=bed matress, zoom air=trampoline

      1. if you can find a pair of huarache 2009 – they have Zoom and are like a dream. So soft and last a long time.

    2. Its more bouncy… If that makes sense. It compresses them returns to form which give you the propel feeling. I have a post on here somewhere about zoom air by just4kicks212 and he explains it in detail.

  3. hey. i know this isn’t about this shoe but i have a question. you know the upcoming nike hyperdunk elite, the black/white gold ones? are they going to come out as limited editions or just normal release? cause i was wondering if we have to wait like the night before to get them or if you could just walk in some store to buy it. thanks.

  4. Thanks for checking these out. You could find many inspirations used from Huarache 2k4 into Kobe line probably because Eric Avar who designed it besides designing ZK III-VII so far.
    Kobe did say this was his favorite Nike basketball shoes if I am not mistaken.

  5. What is a Met bag? So this shoe does not have a Zoom unit in the forefoot? Can’t wait for the full review.

    1. Met bag means the forefoot Zoom Air bag is only cover the ball of of your forefoot. The spot or the bone of your foot right before your big toe. The met bags were used in Kobe IV,V, and VI. Kobe says its helps with his reaction time and the way he cuts will make the typical full length forefoot Zoom bag( covers side to side of the forefoot) to blow up.

    1. Man my my feet hurt because of the lace pressure coming from those lace loops within the shoe. I could feel the laces bulging and rubbing against my feet.

        1. Do you have this shoe? I was wearing thick socks. loosed up the laces a bit, still it hurt like hell. I do not plan on using those lace loops anymore since the fit is still superb even without it.

          1. You’re welcome man! Maybe your feet hurts because the shoe runs very narrow at the toe box and you have a wide feet, maybe you should take a half size bigger. I hope I help this time 😉

        1. I usually lace up my shoes as tight as possible. After the first game, I loosened it up a bit but it was too late. The feeling did not leave my feet. Next time I’ll try to loosen the lace from the get go, see if anything changes.

  6. There is another lace loop on the strap too. Can that be utilized to improve the fit? Maybe that’s for casual wear purposes only?

    1. There is a bungee thing in there but its not for laces. Not sure what its for honestly so i just use it to tuck the strap inside when i lace up and unlace the shoes so it stays out of the way.

    1. i think this was supposed to be the zoom kobe 1 but when nike signed kobe his marriage scandal was brought up so they had to reassociate the shoe so it would not be to much associated with the kobe line and affect sales.

      1. Yes – Consider them NIke Zoom KOBE “0.5” you know he almost went to Reebok? I couldn’t imagine sleeping in line for Zigs

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