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First Impression: Nike LeBron 12

Was able to get a pair of the LeBron 12’s in and just wanted to share a detailed look along with my first impression on their features. So far, I really like how they feel on-foot but time on-court will be the deciding factor as to how good they are. Stay tuned for their upcoming performance review and thanks for watching!

  1. i feel like the shape of the outrigger might cause problems. so I’m curious to see the performance review on these..

  2. Traction scares me, I had the kd vi and it first was amazing, but then it cpgir way too inconsistent. Along with that, do you think somehow the wing might break off? You said that its thick, but it looks really thin in that one section

    1. Cause it’s a superhero dude DUH! It’s one of the perks/sarcasm off
      If you’ve been here awhile you’ve seen him and this site grow. It’s on the major shoe companies radar now.

      Just proof that you can do what you love, and be paid to do it. NEVER SETTLE!

  3. Curious to see how the Hexagonal Zoom works. Last LeBron I used was the 10, and while cushioning’s good, it was very restrictive, that’s why I always preferred my Melo M9s.

  4. I’m curious how this pod system set up is different from podulon that Chris Paul has in his shoes. And I wonder if the posite material and set up is like his lebron IV.

    Instagram – retrokid23

  5. I love them and was ready to get them fully pumped being the day before my birthday but they go pushed back due to cosmetic issues don’t know what that could be. They do look great I am very curious as to how that setup will handle lebrons weight but I know he has slimmed down considerably. Can’t wait to get them though when is the new release date.

    1. How much weight has he dropped? Is there a number out there on his current weight Vs last years? I’m not a fan of his so I haven’t been following him. I saw a picture of him about 1-1.5 months ago and he did definitely look slimmer.

  6. I love them and was ready to get them fully pumped being the day before my birthday but they go pushed back due to cosmetic issues don’t know what that could be. They do look great I am very curious as to how that setup will handle lebrons weight but I know he has slimmed down considerably. Can’t wait to get them though when is the new release date. Nick McVay instagram acc

  7. Nw you are awesome!! Jk just said that cuz you said not to. Anyways the shoe looks fantastic. Side panel looks almost like the carbon fibor on lebron 9 elite which i enjoyed a lot. Seems like a great performer! Even better than last year. Just when we thought they couldnt top that.. Nike did it again

  8. Megafuse part got me rollin! But seriously, these look to be quite good. I was not sure if you mentioned anything about ventilation; the performance review on Anatomix Spawn 2… I don’t think you’ve ever had a worse experience in a shoe where you had sweaty feet. I can’t wait for your performance review on these Lebron 12s… I passed on the 11s because they were tight and I have a normal width foot.

  9. Its cool to see how you get your hands on before lots of people. Really looking forward to the hexagonal zoom though tbh. It looks like a great new way to implement zoom. Looking forward to see your review on the shoe and how you feel.

  10. I’d you want to lace swap, slide Bobby pounds in the lace loops to keep them from sliding down. swap laces,remove pins. your welcome everyone, and feel free to use that method yourself nightwing, it works really well!!

  11. Hey Nightwing I think you blocked me in IG, is there any way you can unblock me? @H_Huffstetler and if you did, why?

  12. Does the insole have the rubber print grips? Ever since nike came out with the rubber like kobe insoles I thought they would integrate that into Lebrons shoes since they were well received. ie nike roshe.

  13. They are definitely not for outdoor balling. The rubber is so thin. Would wear away really quick. I guess a Nike id XDR outsole would do the trick though. I’m really curious on how the hexagonal zoom will work. I think it would be similar to unlocked zoom on say the air Jordan 28 but just in many different spots. Which would be amazing. I wasn’t too impressed playing in the Lebron 11, they were nice, but not $200 nice. I’m definitely gonna get a pair of these, hopefully they feel better then the 11’s . Instagram: ejav23

  14. Looking forward to these so much. The traction is my only worry as I tried the kd 6 but it couldn’t compare to my 28’s. I’m not sure why nike doesn’t put more effort into their traction. Storytelling traction has never given me good grip except for the kobe 9. Nike should at least put full herringbone on their shoes because I’ve never purchased a shoe based on the way the traction looks. Performance over looks. Instagram: @wstorey20

  15. Hey Nigthwing compared to the kd 5’s or the d rose 773 2 how is the fit, is it wider or narrower compared to the Lebron 12’s. keep up the great work from Australia

  16. Dang, showing love to the youtubers but no one on his own site. Lol whatever though, I need these to release on Nike iD already so I can try making a blue based shoe, or decide on getting the new kobe 9 elite legacy. I don’t know what the options will be but I absolutely have to hide the lateral side posite-swoosh. It’s too out of place and awkward looking.

    1. I do plenty on the site that doesnt make it to YT. I assume most of the readers hear found me on YT or have a YT account as well, you do if you have a gmail account, so I didn’t think anyone would complain about it.

      1. I wasn’t trying to complain about it, I just use your wesbite instead of youtube. And I didn’t find out about it that way, Niketalk was where I found out.

          1. People mention you every now and again, whenever someone asks about how the shoe would be to play in. And even for any sort of related news it would make sense too, I used to use sneakernews way back but I was tired of them trying to hype any and everything. You, and the other writers on here actually have a point of view on things.

            1. Well that’s cool. We try our best to be objective – in a positive way – and share our thoughts on things we post as news. Press releases are the only time when a brand is really able to tell their ‘story’ with the product so I allow that, but everything else I want to be from a normal consumer’s point of view.

  17. I wonder if the the zoom psi levels for the lebron 12 is the same setup as in the zoom hypercross trainer….

  18. Only thing im worried about is you cant loosen the laces lile on a traditional shoe to make it wider. Becaause its one piece does it feel anu different?

  19. I really am curious to see if there is good responsonsiveness in the hexagonal zoom units. I bet there going to be interesting as they are bulging out like unlocked even though they aren’t

  20. I wonder how the fusion of mesh and hyperposite feels on foot..liked the revs before but i really never had the chance to play in the foamposites either..Im leaning towards the tech of the 11 and the kd7s but i am hesitant just because of the tech itself..i usually pick pairs based on what works but i never had a chance to try other models. my current rotation is the UA anatomix spawn 1 drose 4.5s and the kobe 8 purple gradients

  21. I’m really liking everything about this shoe. Strangely I’ve never had to worry about traction so it doesn’t bother me as much. A lot of people have been hating on the design, but I really dig it. Few years from now people will be shitting on newer models and probably bringing up the 12s as a dope design.

  22. I think these things will be a great performer, however as what Nightwing has stated in the video, the traction doesn’t look promising due to the experience with the KD6 which feature a similar traction pattern. I am also particularly excited with those hexagonal zoom pods, and how it will compare to regular installed zoom and unlocked zoom. My current rotation for indoor basketball right now is the Kobe 9 ELITE, Jordan XX8, and LeBron 10 Elite. If the review is good, i may add these to the rotation as well.

  23. (Nighwing2303)
    I know you wanted comments on the video about the new lebron 12 and yes I’m so stoked and excited to own a pair, hopefully won’t be as mushy and clunky as his 11s, still have difficulty wearing them due to the fact my feet with cramp up but it’s probably due to the fact I switch out shoes consistently and not stick with a pair for a while. But the reason I’m leaving a comment is because the fact you have the “Tommy Oliver” power ranger collection and morpher, my respect for you is through the roof man!!! Awesome!!!

  24. Really looking forward to the LBJ 12. Wondering how the transition from heel to toe will be with the zoom pods. They look like they are maybe bottom loaded as well? The older I get the more I need more cushion but never want to sacrifice the transition. Very interesting set up and plan on picking up the trainer tomorrow to try since the LBJ 12 is pushed back. @mxsx341 Twitter and Instagram

    1. The trainer doesn’t have heel zoom, and seeing that made me not want to pick them up because I want cushioning too. There’s still a bump there, but it isn’t zoom (the crazy colored pods are the zoom. Such as on the lebron 12, it does have heel zoom).

    2. Also if you watched the whole video he said more than a couple of times for *youtubers* to like and comment for a prize. That’s why nobody has left anywhere for him to contact in the comments, and I posted what I did earlier. Either you’re being greedy or you didn’t watch the entire video.

  25. I’ve been intrigued with the LeBron 12 since WearTesters first displayed images of it. I’m not a fan of the shoe aesthetically but I’d sacrifice if the shoe preformed well. Especially as a guard, I like the lower profile setup and I’m very interested to see how the hexagonal zoom plays. As a guard I’m very skeptical about the traction though. Hope the review proves me wrong though!

  26. I really like the looks and the tech is definitely there. I think the zoom pods will feel better for heavier players – I’ve heard that they don’t respond as well to lighter guys.

    The only thing that worries me on these are all the sharp angles and layering of materials – I wonder how things like that outer posite panel and the inner grip piece that runs up the side of the toe area will hold up over time, and whether they’ll eventually break/peal apart from the shoe.

  27. Is the fuse strong to hold your foot and not rip like the AJ 29 ?
    And does the pods in the traction not pop like the AJ 28?

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