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First Impression: Nike Kobe 9 EM

Not much has changed between the Nike Kobe 9 Elite and the Nike Kobe 9 EM but the small tweaks they did make might have a pretty significant impact.

This is my first impression on the Nike Kobe 9 EM and I can’t wait to play in them. Since they are nearly the same shoe as the Elite, it shouldn’t take me long to feel the differences between the two so stay tuned for a performance review after they’ve been wear tested.

  1. Never doubt the fatasses in ‘Murica NW, one of them will break that tpu, as J. Rose would say “you heard it hear first!”.

    I love grantland 🙂

    Glad you like the shoe.

  2. I tried two different pair on today and both pair were crooked and wobbly…like they werent made correctly or werent in square? I dunno I didnt buy any though. Would have been my first kobe too.

    1. I don’t believe that FL has the contract to sale the Kobe collection; they haven’t ever carried any as far as I know. What is that smell in every FL I go in to?

    1. Could be the color blowing, it really does wonders. The fact that he said this shoe has better traction than the kb8….I still can’t believe it. I might have to be one up just for that. The only shoe in my rotation that bites harder than the kb8 would be the 28’s and bron xi.

      1. I hear ya. I also own a XX8 SE, I definitely enjoy playing in them. Just looking for another pair of sneakers to hoop in that are light and durable with the right amount of lockdown

        1. The Kobe 9(either pair) won’t pull you away from the XX8 SE. I really believe that we as consumers finally won on Nike for getting those at $150.

          1. That’s all I had to hear, I’m going to buy whatever 28’s are left at my outlet. I figured that was the greatest shoe to ever grace my foot. I’d have like to try the elite, but I won’t be S’ing and D to get it sir.

            The fact that nike knows there’s bots, an what people do to get these shoes, like people getting adult sizes for their “kids” in a raffle, an tipping to have that ticket pulled….man F nike.

            I’ll cop all I can to stock up on the 28s and retire. 30 plus kicks will last me till I die. Not even counting the pairs I had before this site so that’s easy 50=60 kicks.

            Thank you sir DIME!!!!

  3. in a few months, i can see NW posting a vid of all the CWs of these 9 EMs like he did when he revd the purple gradient 8s and having a difficult time coosing the best one. ha ha ha

  4. Can’t bring myself to bite the bullet with these, especially since I know that the fly knit lows are coming out soon….

  5. Just glad the hype beasts laid low on this release as I was able to nab a pair in Santa Monica at 9pmand I tried 3 different sizes on, went a half size down on these ladies

  6. Isn’t the lunarlon midsole on the kb9 thicker than the kb8(which was disgustingly thin)? If you switch to the broken in kb8 midsole you’ll have some dead space.

    As for traction, I’ve seen two people straight up eat it while dribbling towards the basket without being touched wearing the kb9.

    1. Kobe 8 midsole is barely thinner than the 9s and I said I was going to use my broken in Kobe 9 midsole with these, not the Kobe 8. Traction is perfect for me, some of the best I’ve ever had. Either the court they played in was horribly condition, they have sloppy footwork or they’re flopping. Everyone I’ve talked to w the Kobe 9 said the traction is almost too grippy.

  7. $160, ouch, although this shoe and the Melo m10 are probably justified for the cost in the quality you are getting

    Seems like Nike is always pushing the limit, adding higher and higher premiums on name brand gear. $275 for the Lebron 11 Elites?

    That’s why I like balling on a budget, you can find hyperdunks for under $100, already snagged a pair

    1. It will continue to rise till people, let them hit the outlets. People won’t, because in general people are dumb. A person is smart.

      Like it or now 200 is the new 100.

      1. That’s true to an extent HNIC, but you also risk missing out on the shoe altogether if it doesn’t make it to the outlet. I really wanted the CP3 VII Bel-Air debut colorway when the priced dropped and some other OG XX8s; ghost like Casper because I slept trying to save money.

  8. @nightwing or anyone else can answer too,I know this is kinda not the same but should I get the jordan 11 low, or kobe 9 em for basketball. The green colors for both shoes are coming up in a couple days around my birthday. April 28. So which ones. I’ve never played in a jordan so I might get those but right now I’m playing and kobe 8s and I really like em. Obiously the kobe 9 em is better than kobe 8. So what u guys think. For indoor basketball.

  9. Hey Nightwing, what’s the most reliable websites for copping kicks online? If you could give me a couple of legit sites you order from that’d be great!

    1. Hey Nightwing, what’s the most reliable websites for copping kicks online? If you could give me a couple of legit sites you order from that’d be great!

  10. I’ll wait for the flyknit lows, I just don’t feel these are worth $160 when IMO the xx8s and m10s are superior kicks and in the same price range.

    But I will say this: you guys have to try the kobe 8 and 9 with a full-length zoom midsole man and I’m not talking about the hybrid one from the lebron XI. I pulled the midsoles out of a pair of LeBron IVs and holy crap the experience has been nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend it for those who want their Kobe’s to have a Lil bounce while keeping that low to the ground feeling.

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