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First Impression: Nike KD VI Elite

Just my first impression on the Nike KD VI Elite. Feel free to share your thought in the comment section below.

  1. These only have flywire in the lacing system…SMH at least the Hyperrevs had a strap, will these even have decent heel lockdown? Why didn’t they just make these with an upper like the Kobe 9 EM Lows?? I don’t see myself ever wanting these. I loved Zoom Max on the Lebron Xs and I really wanted to try a more flexible version. Good luck reviewing these man, but they don’t look very safe to me.

    1. I think the whole upper is made of the foam material found in the hyperevs heel and ankle parts, so it’s not like your playing in a shoe with no structure or support

    1. I dont get to use shoes once Ive tested them due to the amount of shoes I test per year. Unless I like them enough visually to rock them off court, I give away locally to kids that need shoes.

  2. I think they’ll be fine, in part bec NW said that the midsole really wont let your foot move a lot. but we will see soon enough.

    1. Don’t matter to me even if the flywire works well, because I prefer having an actual upper like the Lebron X or XI. Seeing shoes like this makes me want to swear off buying shoes that have flywire in any form. I just don’t trust that some of the cables wont rip, which wouldn’t matter much if they were part of an upper with eyelets.

      1. i understand to each their own. It would be interesting to find out what the breaking point of the cables would be… lol tryin to imagine lebron in these haha

      2. I think the upper is made up of the foam structure found in the heel and ankle parts of the hyperevs so it’s not like you are wearing a shoe with full mesh upper, the mesh only covers the foam structure.

  3. Hey NW! This is way OT but, did you have a lot of retakes during your intro part of your latest vids? when you changed to WT.com

  4. nightwing dude, could you also cop a hyperflight max and compare it to the kd vi and lebron x? i’m curious as to how the zoom max unit on these perform.

  5. I saw a “deconstruction” of these when Nike was talking abouthem in a post somewhere and you are right about the lower profile there was one pic i saw where the heel area of the max zoom apparently has no foam that covers it(some what like the forefoot zoom in the kd v) i couldnt see if the same was the case with the forefoot here tho. but i still like them, they should perform beastly and since im not much of a dynamic olayer i think these can contain me lol. Aldo what you do with your reviewed shoes is a wonderful thing.

  6. Tried these on at my local Niketown today. The midsole is very stiff. Not digging that all. Zoom felt okay. Hopefully these break in quickly. Fit was pretty good. Definitely didn’t need to spend $200 on them. Would rather grab another pair of XX8 SEs…

  7. The main structure of the kobe 8 is hyperfuse underneath,
    The structure used here I think is the foam structure used in the heel collar are of the hyperevs

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