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FILA Jamal Mashburn Retro – First Look

FILA Jamal Mashburn Retro - First Look-4

To everyones surprise, here is a first look at a retro version of the FILA Jamal Mashburn.

Back in the day when Reebok was king, midsole graphics were all the craze, and this Jamal Mashburn model showcases that 90’s trend. Featuring a swirling 90’s pattern on the midsole, contrast from black to white does most of the work, while a splash of color is added on the tongue. While I won’t deny that this is a unique design, I’m just simply not sold yet. While the 90’s nostalgia is definitely there, i honestly didn’t know these existed until these images surfaced, but who knows; maybe they will grow on me.

Expect the FILA Jamal Mashburn Retro this Fall/Winter season. Stay Tuned to WearTesters.com for any upcoming info, as well as any of your performance needs.

FILA Jamal Mashburn Retro - First Look-3

FILA Jamal Mashburn Retro - First Look-2

FILA Jamal Mashburn Retro - First Look-1

Via The Shoe Game

  1. It wasn’t the best time in the NBA back then (possibly one of the worst periods with Mr. Jordan wearing a Wizards jersey). Although to give some props Mash was indeed an allstar. Still seems crazy now that he had his own signature sneaker. Oh Fila…. there was actually a time when you mattered. Now I place you only slightly above Payless or Target shoes.

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