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Evolution of the Nike LeBron VII-XI

We are steadily approaching the release of LeBron’s 11th signature sneaker… that’s a pretty good amount of signature models and that isn’t even counting his team series.

The LeBron line took off with the VII. Say what you will but only real LBJ fans and basketball players were buying LeBron’s kicks while the rest of the product was outlet bound. The LeBron VII not only broke ground with tech and design but it was the multitude of colorways that really set everything into motion and had the hypebeasts drooling. Fast forward to today and the annual 4 colorways are not more… now we have double digits and it all started with the VII.

With the XI right around the corner, what better way to prepare than to re-familiarize yourself with some of the most innovative and tech driven signatures in recent years… all side by side.

If you wanted detailed information about each one then head over to Sneaker News’ SELECT section and soak in some extra info to boost your LBJ knowledge.

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 1

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 2

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 3

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 4

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 5

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 6

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 7

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 8

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 9

Evolution of the Nike LeBron Signature 10

  1. I agree with M pierce. After almost five years, it’s time for a change. The Kobe 8 SYSTEM and the LeBron XI are leading the charge as far as comfortable removable midsoles go. I own a pair of the Kobe 8 SYSTEM and I thoroughly enjoyed the removable Lunarlon midsole insert. I’m really looking forward to the LeBron XI, as long as they’re somewhat flexible.

  2. I hated playing in the vii viiis were ok . I too enjoyed playing in the lbj ii even though it was heavy. Still my favorite to play in out of the sig lbj line . Soldier vi takes the cake though

  3. the article at sneaker news worshipped petrie a bit too much. i think it’s lebron eventually winning BIGTIME that caused everyone to look for his shoes

  4. Speaking of sig lines NW do you know if/when nike will be releasing a penny vi just wondering cuz the vs were pretty good preformers and some of the color ways sold pretty well too.

    1. all good, Rest assure that the LBJ line up started with #1 “Zoom Generation” (like new generation of hoopers). NOW, Like a Reaggae artist on a Take Over “WHEEL IT!”. This Segment Dropped the ILL MF’n 6’s with a Heel Zoom unit and a full Length Zoom on top that went from Heel to toe and the grip on that kick was the Shiznit. We had Christ the King, Saint Mary’s, Super man’s first Appearance, East & West,Hornets debut, Chalks with the wood grain Midsole, Custom Family Guys with Stuie!! Retro Cav’s. Performance Beesties, We had the Big Apple reds, the pre release with the Business select models with Coordaroy and Fuzzy Felt… I m rockin mine tommarrow. The 7’s had cool CW’s also – but what hit it off was that Tron like Dunkman – VOLT and Black – nuff said on Style. Performance wise… they sucked. Traction was gargbage pale kids. I do have my christmas kicks with that pretty fade from Black to Maroon and Peep that the latest installment of CP3 AE’s have the same CW available (even the neon orange accent which was a bit hidden in the LBJ’s) The 7’s have probably the BEST Curb appeal of all the LB’s – The lines on that shoe are timeless (except for the first bull CW where the black patent looks Sloppy) on the latest XI’s, the Foam looks great but sitting on that Red Rubber outsole looks lame. Red on Red on Red – you need the same Color red – a miss in my mind but im sure that other CW’s will be Stupid Dope. My top curb appeal LBJ’s easily the 3 black Crimson and the 7 White and black – CLEAN!!!. Time for another DUVEL.

  5. The zoom generations will always be my favorites…got mad buckets in those, and the wheats were fresh off court…

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